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  • oceanbutnone

    the day is getting hotter,I just saw some so-called fashion girl's instagram ,she is chinese and study in Australia (so many chinese kids go to Australia for study)all the photos are about herself ,dress ,bags ,shoes .and people leave messages about "beautiful,beautiful beautiful.... " i think this is so weird ,it's a personal show . I don't know why people would like to show themselves pretty and nice and everything seems perfect, as to me it is not about art or beauty ,it is affectation.And what is interesting ,she should not show off her english ,she said "what u wanna tell me " and "amazing tour here,feels home" == wow ,what did she study for ~I don't like to judge but I don't think this kind of value is something good. I will attend the vintage market again but I did not develop many. I have a new series of necklace, with feather and bottle I will take the photo tomorrow.

    4 jui. 4h11m Répondre
  • oceanbutnone

    glad to hear from you again ~! summer has come I guess it must be so nice in Sweden ,China blocked google ,that is really awful ,must be some political events -.- ,I recently heard some schoolmates went to Beijing, I really want to visit beijing again ,kind of old and modern. Half of the year has been past how is your life going ?

    1 jui. 3h42m Répondre
  • oceanbutnone

    Hi long time no speak ~ I've got some new drawings haha sorry for toooo long time no reply I thought I did but I didn't haha and I am really really busy these days but want to say something to keep my life alive :)

    30 juin 13h59m Répondre
  • oceanbutnone

    haha I normally don't like to show face , and I really really don't like to have picture taken,I don't think I am photogenic.I really want to go to the most northern place of china ,and then go to russia if possible but I am really not on the road style . I want to change my old camera , but right now I have to save money for traveling .

    14 avr. 12h39m Répondre
  • oceanbutnone

    yeah the avatar is me in a cafe haha I decide to put them on some online share platform and this singer is quite popular recently and ~ summer will come soon ,I really hate heat ~ but spring is cool I like everything is green ~I am planning have a trip to macao,this may , I have to travel !

    11 avr. 3h53m Répondre
  • oceanbutnone here is my new handmade accessories haha. I am thinking about put some on the internet for sale ,the day is getting warmer and flowers are blooming everything looks thriving and I also want to go traveling maybe taipei~~~~~~~~I don't know maybe the most northern place of china .

    3 avr. 3h21m Répondre
  • oceanbutnone

    But I will still be pity that a very excellent boy is gay . I still wish my best female friend is fall in love with a boy. Gays like me ,they may think I have something in common with them.something neutral, but many normal boys will hardly find so I think . That's why i feel strange , why people have to be that contradictive. I am not greatness not idol not famous at all , but in another way I am too different from the majority. The spring will come ,this maybe the last coolness . I should still draw besides earning money.

    21 mars 14h34m Répondre
  • oceanbutnone

    I thought I would never know gay or lesbian before but I work with them now , I thought I really have a very strange feeling that in china ,boys who look stylish and handsome. 50% will be gay . I think doing art needs some kind of neutral characters .i hate traditional "girl's mind "-dress and high heels. many gays doing art well at least some excellent designers are, as far as I know .neutral minds is important .when we think twice ,there will be a lot of ridiculous things happen ,which is also interesting. I have homosexual friends ,bisexual friends asexual friends. I would never think I will hear that much experience. And pain in spirit will lead to some special attainments. Now if somebody ask you to follow your heart , I think I have many minds , I accept a lot of things now , will that mean I am wiser ? Or more painful ? or the two feelings mean to be come together .

    21 mars 14h20m Répondre
  • oceanbutnone

    When I am washing dishes today I suddenly remember when I was in primary school ,my art teacher and music teacher ,a handsome young man and a pretty young woman. I liked them and they were in relationship I guess .they were gorgeous young people in our school .I admired them a lot at that time. I really think the feeling admiring someone is so great, pure and enlightening. They were always kind to me ,that's maybe why I will like drawing and music. My art teacher encouraged me to draw a long long comic book haha. I also joined the chorus . After years I never met them again .But I still feel grateful. When people are poor everyone is poor ,life is much more pure ,love as well . the time with no mobile phone ,no computer . no internet. I just draw and sing . But time will change doesn't it ? I also like the globalization ,some how we don't feel that happy as before.

    21 mars 13h49m Répondre
  • oceanbutnone

    I attend the latest vintage market again ,and ! this time I am in the name of the brand "Neverland" if you can see my instagram I put some pics there . Many people like my design "GEOM", and I sold many . And my initial neverland is here but I change a bit . Oh and my teacher first said my design is very well but soon they did not admit that buying things as the decoration should be one of the designs. -.- .more presswork the score is more high that is so narrow and shallow, oh and i used a lot of new printing materials they really didn't see ? I am indeed feel sorry about them. That is why I think I will never be a teacher to judge others . Oh at least I know what I will do and who I will be . And I hope there will be more and more creative organizations here in chengdu .

    9 mars 14h56m Répondre
  • oceanbutnone

    oceanbutnone but I don't use instagram often .And I decide to do accessory design, but I really think product is one side, I still would like to try conceptional shop with design, groceries,accessories,gallery .I call it" Neverland project " because my graduation design is called neverland cafe and gallery but the end is not good. I still want to make it .I will try to prove to my teacher that he is dogmatic and useless . I want to see more and learn more ,creativity with business hummm and how about you ? how are your days going ?

    6 mars 4h18m Répondre
  • oceanbutnone

    oh do you have instagram ? I would like to add you haha , although that is not very popular here .I have watched frozen which is nice but ok and I am thinking about my own studio ~hummm so hard for me now since I have to make an aim and plan which I am doing now ,maybe product design first ~ do you have any suggestions ?

    5 mars 0h55m Répondre
  • oceanbutnone I have some new pics haha ,I also hate crowded ~ especially the bus . so I prefer ridding to work. Oh I really want to buy a new camera ~ and spring is coming ,the weather is getting warmer, but I really really want to shoot the snow ~~~maybe no chance this year T_T .and I also want to watch the film "Frozen" they said it's nice . sichuan food is very popular ~ anyway it is a bit greasy. I want to make something chinese in my photos ,maybe next time I will try to make my model buy chinese style clothes haha

    23 fév. 14h57m Répondre
  • oceanbutnone there is the real chengdu many people see . the festival is not really like very crowded one ,in opposite it is a quiet one haha ,ghost town . I used almost three years iPhone4 ,old one , I really want to visit Vladivostok sounds a cool place ! I

    21 fév. 3h54m Répondre
  • oceanbutnone The city is empty during the spring festival , everybody goes back to hometown and gathers together with relatives.Watching temple fair and lantern show is a necessary entertainment. The pollution is very bad here ,Beijing is even worse ,it's rainy and cold ,spring has not come yet ,my phone was stolen last week 0.0. damn it~

    19 fév. 3h10m Répondre
  • oceanbutnone

    Hi , We are having spring festival .feel free and easy these days and i don't know why the day is becoming very cold suddenly ,0.0 and my holidays will end ,New year has come , I can hear the firecrackers and stores are closed. I want to take some pics of this cold foggy winter but there is no snow it is deadly gloomy .Any way I am not the weather man haha I watched the ‘Life of Pi“ veryyyy impressive and I really admire the 3D they make. And I am a little bit disappointed with "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug " because the lord of the ring is always my love ! But the feeling is not as good as the 1999 version~

    7 fév. 13h21m Répondre
  • oceanbutnone I add some pics for the new collection, and i will find someone who has earholes to be model haha and I haven't even read for a long time ,but I wrote a short poem for the " geom "accessory . I also made some others .Recently we have many sunny days ,and yes I like sunny,I really don't like gloomy days either ,but I like the feeling before the rain .

    27 jan. 3h05m Répondre
  • oceanbutnone

    Hi, how are your crazy weeks , did you move or something ? Spring festival will come ~we will have holidays then and don't worry about l late reply ,I think it's cool to have your letters or postcard~typewrite sounds veryyyyyy coooool ! and I am prepare for presents and I bought a lot of stuff because of the discounts in shops. Days go by as usual today is sunny and I want to go to suburbs .Here we have no snow yet and spring is coming. Happy time for all the people.

    20 jan. 3h50m Répondre
  • oceanbutnone

    Humm Happy birthday and happy new year ,we just moved our office to another building ,sunny and cool ,I think it is nice . this is the new series I made .I will take more pics .Oh the vintage market is just more about fashion show haha ,I don't know how to describe ,”fake artists“ . The new year is boring and I still have much deep impression on 2012,but now It's 2014.Thank you so much for the postcard .I guess this habit will be always with me .Today is sunny and wish you a good day too .

    4 jan. 7h23m Répondre
  • oceanbutnone

    yes christmas is coming ,all the shopping malls have discount. And the apple is sold out soon , chinese like christmas because the subculture let people have the excuse for entertainment . I think many people in europe are happy when christmas comes . oh I'm so glad you get my card and I think I should draw more things and I will let you see my accessories when everything is ready haha. And I attend the vintage market this season,to tell the truth I don't really like people there oh and they sold vintage sweaters which are so cheap and some people look so weird I mean they think they are stylish to death but I don't know why just don't like them .

    24 déc. 2013 Répondre
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