Not Entirely Serious

Play this list if you must, but leave your street credibility by the door. You can collect it on the way out. Probably.

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A Lista Mundial

The name is Portuguese for "World List" - pretty self-explantory, really. I tend to favour Latin American, French and West African artists. There are also some Indian and Middle Eastern artists....

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Northern Echoes

In the late seventies and early eighties, factories were closing across the North of England, my home area. Many young people were unemployed, so they formed bands and sang about their lives. A...

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Short & Spiky

Punk, post-punk & new wave of various vintages that doesn't belong on "Northern Echoes" or "Electric Blue". 90s Britpop seems to belong here too, it shares the same spirit. London and New York...

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Reggie music (or to give it it's proper name: Reginald) is Jamaica's gift to the world. Quite a how a place the size of an English county can produce one of the world's leading music genres isn't...

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Iced Green Tea

My Cool Jazz, Bebop and Fusion list. Cool Jazz was a slow, melodic jazz style from 1950 and 1960s. It grew up as a reaction away from the harder BeBop style that came before. Fusion arrived in the...

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Electric Blue

I've always liked what the music press calls "artrock". This seems to cover any artists who likes everything to be Just So, not just the music and the words, but the band's look, the production,...

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One Misty Moisty Morning

A genre-crossing list of my favourite British and Irish traditional and traditionally-inspired music, plus the odd Breton "guest worker". It includes folk, folk-rock, new age and country-rock. The...

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A housekeeping list of tracks for review, for one reason or another.

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Desert Island Discs

An überlist of my very favourite tracks. The title is taken from a long-running BBC Radio show, where a celebrity spends an hour choosing the dozen records they would have to have with them on a...

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Music 21

A list of twenty-first century artists from various genres, chiefly acoustic indie, post-rock, nu-folk and nu-jazz.

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Poets Cornered

In London's Westminster Abbey, Poets Corner commemorates some of the great names of English verse - like Chaucer, Spenser and Byron. Here at Poets Cornered we're not so fussy. Big names like Sir...

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