Sadly neglected - Part 3


8 jui. 2006, 23h51m

So, onto part three of my rundown of the least popular artists on my music collection and we’re really starting to get down to some stuff that hardly anybody seems to be listening to. There is some really good stuff in here though.

This part covers numbers 50-41

50 – Gilby Clarke – 346 Listeners

Gilby Clarke is best known for being a member of Guns N’ Roses for a short time, but I believe that it should be for having recorded one of the great Rock n’ Roll albums with Pawnshop Guitars.

It really is a classic album with every track being a highlight. If you get chance to listen to it then I really would recommend it.

Clarke recorded a further three albums (and one live release) all of which are also good, if not up to the high standard set by his debut.

49 – Michael Monroe – 346 Listeners

Lead singer with Hanoi Rocks, Michael Monroe had some success in 1989 with his solo album Not Fakin' It. I only have a single from that album and I must say that I never rushed out to get more than that. It’s still a bit of a surprise that he features so low, considering that there are almost 9,000 Hanoi Rocks listeners.

48 – Mega City Four – 328 Listeners

To be honest, the only reason I have anything by Mega City Four is that they were the local band in Farnborough, England, where I used to live. They were OK, but didn’t really do much for me. Considering some of the quality bands that are languishing around here, I don’t have a problem with their position in this list.

I do have a little, fairly uninteresting story about them though. Our family business used to have an office in a road in Aldershot (near Farnborough) called Sebastopol Road. Aldershot is a military town and a lot of roads are named after battles and towns that the British Army have had dealings with.

Anyway, next door there was a music studio of some sort (I think it was a rehearsal studio) and I heard that Mega City Four were releasing an album called Sebastopol Rd. I thought that maybe they were tipping a hat to Abbey Road and was expecting to see a front cover of the band crossing what was a pretty shabby industrial road (now converted to flats I think). Instead there was some picture that I can’t even make out from the link. Disappointing, and an opportunity missed.

See, I told you it wasn’t an interesting story.

47 – 1000 Violins – 317 Listeners

Also listed as One Thousand Violins, it’s a real crime that this band never achieved the success that they deserved. In the late 80’s they were one of the British bands that could have been the next big thing on the Indie scene, but it never quite happened.

The only band that I was turned onto by John Peel, as he played You Ungrateful Bastard on the one and only time I listened to his radio show (or so my memory tells me).

There is a compilation CD around called Like One Thousand Violins, I really couldn’t recommend this high enough. They are still one of my favourite bands.

I would also like to point out their talent for song titles. As well as the previously mentioned “You Ungrateful Bastard”, I quite like please don't sandblast my house and I Remember When Everybody Used To Ride Bikes...Now We All Drive Cars

46 – Duane Allman – 295 Listeners

A member of The Allman Brothers Band until his early death in 1971, there are a couple of double CD’s featuring a selection of the tracks which he contributed to. It isn’t really a surprise that he features on this list as very few tracks where released in his name.

I only have the first set and on that, only one of the tracks is actually credited to Duane Allman himself, but it’s a cracker. The guitar on Goin' Down Slow is worth the cost of the CD itself. The other tracks are a selection from The Allman Brothers Band and others which Duane featured on. The best known must be Layla.

I have the 4CD Allman Brothers Band compilation and I think that the quality of this CD, compared to the following entry may be the reason why I prefer the first disc from that set to the others.

45 – The Gregg Allman Band – 294 Listeners

One of the justices of this list is that Gregg Allman’s band has less listeners than his brother, even if it is just by one.

I’m not saying that the album I have, Playin' up a Storm, is bad. It just isn’t really that good. Just look at the sleeve on that link and compare it to Duane playing his geetar (spelling for effect). There’s no comparison in my book.

I got the album because it was cheap. It’s OK and I haven’t got rid of it, but it doesn’t really deserve to be any more popular than it seems to be.

44 – Justin Sullivan – 291 Listeners

Come on, what is wrong with you people. There are over 10,000 users who have listened to New Model Army, but less than one in 30 of them appear to have the quite magnificent Navigating By The Stars album. You really don’t know what you’re missing.

Actually, I’ve got to admit to an error here, as I decided to lump the Justin Sullivan & Friends and Justin Sullivan & Dave Blomberg releases together, but forgot to add them to the total. It wouldn’t have made much difference anyway, the extra 84 listeners would have only moved him up to number 52, and I’m pretty sure I would have been double counting a lot of people.

Just buy it. Even if you’ve never heard of it, buy it. Go on, go on, you know you want to. Look, it’s here and you can buy some New Model Army stuff as well. Go on. See them live too. You will not regret it.

43 – An Emotional Fish – 285 Listeners

Maybe some of you will remember Celebrate. It was a very nice song, and the reason I bought their self titled album. To be honest, the album isn’t much good, but I’ve still got it because of that one track.

42 – Vain – 256 Listeners

“Look, this is the band I’m gonna see tomorrow”, I said to my friend one day in WH Smiths, as I showed him a copy of that week’s Kerrang. “They’re called ‘Vain’”.

He looked at the picture. “Yep, they look it” he said, and carried on reading “Handy Wires Weekly”, or whatever he was looking at at the time.

I’m sure that isn’t an exact transcript of the conversation, but it pretty well sums it up, and it also pretty well sums Vain up. They were quite good live, for what it’s worth, but they were a pretty boy glam band and if they hadn’t been around in that 12 month space of time I wouldn’t have given then a second thought.

Still, they can’t be that unpopular. I recently sold the t-shirt that I bought at the gig for about 30 quid on e-bay. So there you go, ratings and t shirt sales son’t seem to be directly correlated. I still listen to the album occasionally.

41 – Steve Jones – 226 Listeners

I’m not sure what this says. For those who don’t know, Steve Jones was the guitarist in The Sex Pistols. Surely he should be popular shouldn’t he?

Well, it isn’t that easy really. Firstly, the album Fire And Gasoline is pretty hard to get on CD (although I’ve just taken a break from writing this to order it from amazon marketplace to replace my vinyl rip), and secondly it isn’t the Sex Pistols is it?

It’s pretty nice though, as can be confirmed by the fact that I’m still listening to it almost 20 years after first buying the vinyl. Worth the cash I’d say.

We’re almost half way there now. I’m really not sure that anyone is actually reading this (if someone just says hello then I’ll know you’re there), but it’s quite fun to write so I’ll carry on. There really is some very decent stuff here that you should listen to. I know who is number one and, despite the fact that you haven’t even heard of them, they should have been number one in every chart going when they were around. There’s some pretty decent stuff to go before we get there though.

Next instalment will probably be tomorrow sometime.


  • DrEfficient

    Duane Allman in Derek and the Dominos was wonderful. Him and clapton made a damn good guitar duo, that's for sure. See, I'm sure a hell of a lot of people on here know who he is and listen to him, just not stuff that's labelled as being by Duane Allman Good man, but boy was he ugly.

    9 jui. 2006, 0h44m
  • KeithJenner

    Very true. Duane Allman is different from most on this list because he features on some very popular stuff, like Layla. I almost didn't include him, but I thought it was a good opportunity to give him some credit.

    9 jui. 2006, 0h53m
  • Soundhog

    ...! I'd forgotten about that Steve Jones album. I need to replace my vinyl so come to think of it. Surprised about Mega City Four - thought they would be better represented. I've got NMA's Raw Melody Men on vinyl too. Talking of Justin Sullivan, I do have an album by NMA's other live guitarist, Adrian Portas, in a band called Dollface. Only 26 listeners on here, but probably less than that as another band is now using the name. $h!t, I have a Vain vinyl kicking about somewhere as well. I feel a nostalgia trip coming on...

    9 jui. 2006, 1h28m
  • Babs_05

    1000 Violins ... don't remember them but their name rings a distant bell somewhere at the back of my mind... though of course I could be thinking of 10,000 Maniacs... who knows, lol! Apart from that, you got me on the rest. Not counting the biggies. Can't wait for your next installment! :D

    9 jui. 2006, 4h37m
  • Cylob

    Frankly, I'm amazed at how obscure Mega City Four have become. They had a reasonably sized fanbase (peaking in '92) and a whole raft of excellent albums. I can't quite explain it. BTW, I'd be honoured if these journals could be posted here? It occured to me yesterday, how so many of my favourite bands are virtual unknowns. These are the most informative journals I've seen yet..

    9 jui. 2006, 14h23m
  • KeithJenner

    Cylob, I can't post the journals anywhere else now, but feel free to put a link or cut and paste them (with a credit) wherever you want. I'm glad you like them. I've just gotta get on and finish them now.

    9 jui. 2006, 20h45m
  • Musiclectic

    I do agree with you on Michael Monroe. I discovered him by chance while looking for Guns n' Roses bootlegs nine years ago, and was immediately impressed by Dead, Jail or Rock n' Roll. The way he sings each of his songs is amazing, and although I'm not too fond of Hanoi Rocks' material, Not Fakin' It is now one of my favourite albums. Life Gets You Dirty is also worth checking out. Anyway, back to the topic: no idea why he's never been as big as he deserves. Hope to see him live someday, although I think I'll have to travel -- Belgium does not seem to be an attractive place to most artists I worship.

    26 nov. 2009, 11h07m
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