a long red glare after the rain the smell of wet soil amazing and i hate that my feet are dancing so much angels singing anthem awesome intro best title besterest song ever blowing into a glass bottle half full of water bouncy breaking glass in your room again brilliant cover chest cracking christmas is here close ur eyes and let ur head fall back cool is the rule crank da volume up on dat shit son daily commute soundtrack dance your pants off definitely in my top ten of all times distorts my speakers dont get big cause i want you all to myself dont tell me that i am free early mornings embarassing encouraging epic essay writing music excessively marvellous fortunately catchy fuck they are so underrated going to see them live in a while good stuff happy haunted nursery heartbreaking tunes i always liked your ideas anyway i love you i myself am strange and unusual i never went to paris i want to live inside this song i was an original modernist incandescence inspiring it reminds me of a beatles tune knorpelfunky leaving the party with your heart broken on a cool summer night lets not talk about love thats just something you feel for a dog or a cat love-sickness emergency-care-kitt makes my chest burn mellow misty mornings and dark forests music from friday night lights music strangely related to my phd music to listen to when you go for a walk with no money in your pocket music to pull all-nighters my devastating suburban longing my first month living in london my top break-up songs my top twenty of all times oh hi how are you oh fine thanks one of the best songs ever written painfully beautiful pan american perfect to listen to while leaving the planet quintessential pop records to play when you come home from the pub pissed saw it live self conscience sheer brilliance songs for my cats songs i listened to for over 30 times in a row yet am still not sick of songs that are bouncy songs that deserve to be tagged yet can not be sufficiently described in a short… songs that make me feel 10 years younger songs that speak the truth songs with healing attributes soundtrack to a night on the kitchen floor still so very awe-inspiring thats what im fucking talking about the ending of this song is awesome the music of my youth the skies love you they dont make it like this anymore this is how guitars are supposed to sound this is the best punk song ever this weird cyclical business makes my day tracks i can relate to tracks i have put on mixes tracks to listen to when a deadline is approaching transitglambat university years unremembered memories very embarassing very knorpelfunky want to hear live warmth in winter what are you saying will you marry me