• Shuffle Quiz

    17 jan. 2010, 21h45m

    Are you a happy person?:
    Soldier Blue by The Cult
    I guess a blue would imply that I’m sad, especially when it’s about a soldier?

    What is your passion?:
    Zennon by Killing Joke
    Doesn’t really mean anything? :p

    What do you regret?:
    Out In The Cold by Judas Priest
    No wonder I regret being out there, it’s fucking freezing…

    How would you describe yourself?:
    And When He Falleth by Theatre of Tragedy
    I guess a song about the Nietzsche-esque death of god is quite fitting for an atheist? Otherwise it could imply that I’m clumsy and prone to falling? :p

    What is your greatest strength?:
    Dante’s Inferno by Iced Earth
    How am I supposed to interpret that? My ability to see what sin is? :/

    What is your greatest weakness?:
    She Came In Through The Bathroom Window by Beatles
    I have no idea who this bathroom-burglar-nemesis of mine is, but I better go close the window!

    What do you do in your free time?:
    Engel by Rammstein
    Hmm? Doesn’t make sense…

    Are you intelligent?:
    Tarot Woman by Dio
    Apparently shuffle is unable to tell me whether I’m intelligent and feels I should contact a fortune teller? I guess I’d get about the same precision. :p

    What is your goal in life?:
    A Final Dream by Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    I guess that’s pretty logical? We all have dreams, and my goal being the final one seems fitting.

    How do you act towards others?:
    Set The World Afire by Megadeth
    It seems like I should dress up in a clown costume and commit crimes while leaving jokers behind as my signature? I guess shuffle doesn’t think I’m a nice person. :/

    Are you a generous person?:
    Epic by Sentenced
    I suppose this means my generosity is known far and wide?

    How do you deal with anger?:
    All Messed Up by Gary Moore
    That bad? :p

    How do you cope with sadness?:
    Roads to Madness by Queensrÿche
    Oookay… That sucks. Dealing with anger all messed up and sadness being a road to madness can’t be a good cocktail. Shuffle seems to think I’m kinda fucked up. :p

    What makes you really happy?:
    Elegy by Leaves’ Eyes
    What, elegies make me happy? It fits well with the picture of being fucked up I guess, as long as the elegies aren’t mine. ^^

    What pisses you off?:
    Monkey On My Back by Aerosmith
    While having a real monkey on my back would piss me off, I guess my bad habits piss me off on a more daily term… ^^

    What do you look like?:
    Davy Jones by Hans Zimmer
    Haha, I hope not… At least nobody has told me I had tentacles and a pincer? :p

    How would you describe your life right now?:
    3 A.M. by Eminem
    Oh fuck, this thing knows me well >_<

    What will your life be like in 5 years?:
    Another Brick In The Wall part 2 by Pink Floyd
    I guess I’ll still be in school? :p

    How will you die?:
    Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode
    Fuck, the Christians are right? Should I convert?

    What are your fears?:
    Uthark Runa by Therion
    Ehm. Not sure how to interpret this. :p

    If you wrote an autobiography, what would it be called?:
    10th Man Down by Nightwish
    I’m going to war? Fits well with the Soldier Blue from the first question… :/

    Love Life
    Are you single or taken?:
    Unchained by Van Halen
    Quite fitting, I guess. ^^

    Are you in love?:
    Master Passion Greed by Nightwish
    Wow, I’m becoming more and more creepy >_<

    What do you think of the opposite sex?:
    Chalice of Agony by Avantasia
    Finding the one song out of my library of 19.733 songs in which the word “Chalice” is in the title was pretty impressive. I can’t really explain the “Agony” part, I guess it has something to do with portraying me as a fucked up person.

    What does the opposite sex think of you?:
    Feel by Robbie Williams
    Sounds interesting ^^

    Are you sexually active?:
    Reminiscing With Grandma from Anastasia
    Two thoughts: “FUCKING EW!” and “Why the hell is this in my library?”

    Have you broken anyone's heart?:
    Kiss of Death by Black Sabbath
    I guess I missed something :/

    Has anyone broken yours?:
    Mistreated by Deep Purple
    Aww… 

    How would your significant other describe you?:
    Hey Boy by White Skull
    Uhm, okay? :p

    How would you describe your significant other?:
    Dream Evil by Dio
    Okay? :D

    What do you want in a relationship?:
    Surfin’ Bird by The Trashmen
    Haven’t they heard that the bird is the word?

    Do you mind being single?:
    2084 by Ayreon
    … I have to wait that long? :p

    How do you kiss?:
    Den Glemte Sannhets Herskar by Dimmu Borgir
    I have mastered ancient kissing-techniques from the forgotten areas of this world? Awesome!

    Do people fall in love with you easily?:
    Lugter af Fisk by Red Warszawa
    Oh god, I hope not (For anyone that doesn’t speak Danish, it means “smells like fish”). It fits well with looking like Davy Jones, though.

    What is your view on love / relationships?:
    Love Bomb by AC/DC

    What is a challenge to you in a relationship?:
    Burn by Sentenced
    I guess burning would indeed be a challenge? :/

    How do you feel about your current status?:
    Pure Evil by Iced Earth
    Wow, I must really be depressed? :/

    Will you get married?:
    Wings of Destiny by Rhapsody of Fire
    Okay? Cool?

    Will you have kids?:
    Flight by Royal Hunt
    Arrrrgh, kids?! :p

    How did you meet your current boyfriend, girlfriend, or crush?:
    The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner by Iron Maiden
    Running, I guess?

    Are you happy?:
    No Feelings by Sex Pistols
    Dexter Jones?

    Family And Friends
    Do you have a lot of friends?:
    We Rock by Dio
    Oh yea, and WE ROCK! :D

    What do you think of your friends?:
    Room For One More by Anthrax
    Always ^^

    What do your friends think of you?:
    Nocturne Thule by Eternal Tears of Sorrow

    How would you describe your closest friends?:
    Steel Meets Steel by Hammerfall

    Do you and your family get along well?:
    Take the Time by Dream Theater
    It seems we do? :D

    How would you describe your father?:
    409 in Your Coffeemaker by Green Day
    He likes coffee, but…? :/

    How would you describe your mother?:
    Wormwood by Tristania
    That’s just meaningless.

    How would you describe your sibling(s)?:
    Hva’ Så Homie by L.O.C.
    My sister of 11 is down with the hood, ya know? (The song title means “Sup Homie”)

    How would your father describe you?:
    Merlin by Infected Mushroom

    How would your mother describe you?:
    Beyond Pale by Pain of Salvation
    Wow, I guess she thinks I should get more sun?

    How would your sibling(s) describe you?:
    Silent Scream by Royal Hunt
    She’s frustrated, I guess?

    How would random strangers describe you?:
    The Clock Ticks On by Blackmore’s Night

    What do your teachers think of you?:
    Deceiver of Fools by Within Temptation
    Hmm? They think I’m deceptive?

    What do you think of yourself?:
    Hot Hot Hot!!! By The Cure
    Narcissist much?

    Theme Songs (What song would describe these situations?)
    Your birth:
    Who Are You by The Who
    Very fitting for a newborn!

    Your teen years:
    Let Me Go Rock & Roll by Kiss
    Pretty much :D

    Becoming an adult:
    Fight For The Rock by Savatage
    A continuation of the previous ^^

    Your first kiss:
    Duke’s End by Genesis
    ”What?” seems pretty accurate.

    Losing your virginity:
    Parisienne Walkways
    Ah, Paris! (Never been there…)

    Accomplishing a goal:
    Echoes of the Tragedy by Rhapsody of Fire
    Hoping this means my goals will end in tragedy for my enemies and not for myself. :p

    Graduating high school / going to college:
    Heard It All by Emilie Autumn
    I wouldn’t say I heard everything they told me, but…

    Getting a job:
    Moment of Glory by Scorpions
    I guess it’ll be a nice job ^^

    Getting married:
    Diverse Targeting by Gramsespektrum
    No idea what that’s supposed to mean. That I’ll marry a foreigner?

    Having a child:
    Save Us Now by Edguy
    Shuffle definitely doesn’t like children.

    Getting your heart broken:
    Crushed Dreams by Tristania
    Oddly fitting.

    Doing drugs:
    Us and Them by Pink Floyd
    ”We” are the ones not doing drugs, “They” are the junkies? Apart from that, Floyd and drugs fit well together…

    Being with the one you love:
    Love of My Life by Queen

    Having A Mid-Life Crisis:
    Ghost of a Rose by Blackmore’s Night
    …doesn't make sense.

    At death:
    Intrinsic by After Forever

    At your funeral:
    Blackwater Park by Opeth
    I guess Death Metal is fitting for a funeral?

    Your personal philosophy:
    Sun Tzu Says by Sabaton
    He was smart indeed, but my personal philosophy?

    Your life overall:
    Dr. Love by Kiss
    Haha :D