Titres (12)
Titre Album Durée Écoutes
Ko-ink-e-dink? I think not! 5:10 7
I Dreamedpt I Had A Little Death But I Camed for the Big Sleep 4:03 7
It's easy-eeeee to be full of shit and look good in black 5:34 6
The Ghost Of EPPEEPEE’s Ghost 1:58 6
I am s/h(im)e[r] as you am s/h(im)e[r] as you ... 9:39 5
Fucking Ants Man! Where They Coming From? (Let's Hang The Carroll Footnoteitsists) 4:08 5
She Looked Up From Examining The Freckles On Her Arm And Shouted, "Jesus! I'm… 4:19 5
When The Catholic Girls Go Camping, The Nicotine Vampires Rule Supreme. 4:26 4
...And then she look'd down and saw miniature houses and miniature people and inside… 7:06 3
Emilie Sagée’s Secret 3:33 3
A Quick One, While She’s Away 9:21 3