• 2014 expectations and impressions

    15 avr. 2014, 13h30m

    If this year is going to be worse than 2013, I quit listening to new music. Really? Did Facebook contaminate all these 'artists' so badly? Or maybe they realized there is no demand for their feelings, so they experiment with what their fan-base likes the most?

    Relases of 2014 aspiring to top 10:
    Blut aus Nord - Debemur Morti
    Ea - A Ettila
    Bergrizen - Scherbengericht
    Left in Torment - Nebula Empire
    Woods of Desolation - As the Stars
  • Analysis of My Top Artists

    3 avr. 2014, 21h15m

    To get a better grasp on my charts, I decided to sort all artists with at least 100 plays count into groups, based on my approach to them. The main criteria are time and my preferences over time. Here you go.

    #edit note [17.04.2014]
    I have just gathered data for artists with 50-100 plays count and categorized them into new groups. It's like an article within the main article. You can find it below point 12.

    1. Closed pre-2010
    Before I was black metal elitist (read. poor teenager overwhelmed by mental illness), I used to be a typical teenager, playing soccer in local club and video games at home. More soccer, less games before 2008 - more games, less soccer onwards. My charts reflect entire 2009 year of my musical preferences. Most of the stuff I used to listen back then is deleted from my library. It's about 200 artists equal 10000 plays. Most of them had up to 50 plays, some were even close to 1000. I don't care about them anymore in the slightest. Those, who remained, have sentimental meaning for me.

    2. Transition 2010
    Ending of 2009 brought severe mental problems, which practically removed me from society for the next three years, including failing at education and total isolation. From alternative teenager, I started to delve into the realm of black metal, which started to give me more comfort than anything else. There were three bands, which got me into this genre. One of them is listed below, Dimmu Borgir. I perceive them as "meh" now, but for a newbie they were pretty impressive. Same goes to Nargaroth. I still kind of like majority of these, but I feel "too old" for the most of them.

    3. Used to like
    2011 was a year of massive exploration. Since then, my taste is very hermetic and rather settled down. I wanted to put this list by the end of the article, but it feels better here, among other projects I don't really feel unite with anymore. The only difference between "transition" group and this, is time. This could be named "tuning 2011" as well, but it would be kind of vague in my opinion.

    4. Ex-Favourites
    Here is an important category. Starting in January 2010, these bands have changed my life by providing me just what I needed at specific moments in my life. I still hold great gratitude and respect for them and their works. Why ex? Two main reasons: either I have enough of listening to them, or they disappointed me badly.

    5. Pantheon
    Musically, lyrically*, visually, sometimes even personally. The core of my musical admiration and definition of my taste. Nothing to add, just liquid love.

    * aside from Draconian, their lyrics are sometimes horrible.

    6. Recurring
    These are the three bands, which never cease to amaze me. I knew about them and liked them before 2010. I can't listen to them all the time, but when I refresh once every couple of months, it feels as amazing as always. They don't really fit to the rest of my taste, but I have no problems with admitting my fanship.

    7. Still good stuff: Tier A
    Despite my tendency to become overly attached to particular favourites, I still manage to find time to listen to less-favourite, but still incredible or just very good projects. Some are underestimated by me, some are a step of entering the pantheon. Tier A gathers the top notch of what I liked and still like a lot, many tracks each.

    8. Still good stuff: Tier B
    When I started writing this article, both tiers were just one list. That list was too long and inconsistent though. Tier B consists of artists I listened to over 100 times, liked them and still like them, but either my opinion isn't fully shaped yet, or it is too early to judge. This may be the most interesting group, because at the moment it suggests me what to pay attention to.

    Note 1: Katatonia, The Angelic Process, The Moon and the Nightspirit, Taranis and Falkenbach could be listed as one(or two)-hit wonders, but I have a weird suspicion, this isn't the end with them. I often start listening to bands by grinding one track.

    9. Flavors
    Just because I'm recently playing (too much) Europa Universalis IV, let me define this category their way: vassal of your ally is your ally as well. I've noticed, that other projects of musicians I trust, are often as good as the main ones. This seems to work well, judging by the amount of projects below.

    Note 1: X-Fusion is Jan's main project, but since I prefer his side Noisuf-X more, it's reversed on my list.
    Note 2: I perceive Silencer and Diagnose: Lebensgefahr as one, but it's divided on this list due to Silencer's priority in my life.
    Note 3: Paysage d'Hiver is a solo project of Darkspace member, Tobias Moeckl, but I love it enough to place it in my pantheon.
    Note 4: Vreid could easily be listed in "why so much?" category, but it's basically Windir without Valfar.

    10. One(or two)-hit wonders
    If these artists released only these one-two tracks, or had discography more reminiscent of that, some could be my favourites. But they're not, they're either very good or decent, without bigger chances for my future fanship. In other words, either I'm not interested in hearing more of them (personal prejudice) or tried and it didn't impress me at all.

    11. Why so much?
    This group is kind of rubbish. I don't mean these bands are rubbish, but sometimes I have no idea how they reached 100 plays. Nasum is the indisputable champion of this list. I don't even remember listening to this band's other tracks than "Wrath". Many could be placed in the "transition" group, if they had bigger impact on me. But they never had and probably never will.

    12. My own stuff
    Yay, I'm a musician, yay me! I also like masturbation, so there's a lot of plays of my own music too! But seriously, if all these listens from FL Studio counted, they'd have like 10 times more.

    And here begins the promised article two. Artists with at least 50 play counts, who didn't make it to the previous one.

    1. Black Archaeologist
    In the beginning of 2013, my puristic habits caused me to compile two "black archaeologist" samplers. In order to do so, each time I took about 50 journal-bands discographies, shuffled them and listened to every song once, marking all the moments, which got my attention (I tried to pay it more than usually). Then I came back to all the marked tracks and picked accordingly 43 and 44 favourites. These are the tracks I recognize easily, like a lot and partially memorize. The compilation serves a highlight purpose. Thanks to that, I could get about 100 projects off my perfectionist mind. The list below gathers artists over 50 plays count, whose tracks are present in one of those compilations.

    2. Journal - Important
    If you add up together Kaltenhoenn and, chances are big, the outcome association is "journal". If it's not, either you find me a pretentious prick, or you are new around. The infamous journal was a huge, subjective list of my impressions about atmospheric / depressive black metal projects. Over years, I listened to over 600 projects, rating them in 1-10 scale. The list was never perfect, but thanks to that, I managed to highlight what I find interesting. Dozens of people claim the journal to be their taste-altering source. I'm happy to serve such tool, even though it was totally subjective. Following projects were somehow important in my life. All of them were rated very high. It wasn't even lack of a hit, which would enslave my mind, which caused them to not to reach 100 plays count, for which many of them have a piece like that. Why are they so low? No idea, honestly.

    3. Journal - Positive
    This category is very similar to the one above, but contrary to the artists above, I cherish only single track(s) of the projects below. This is enough for my sympathy, but also equal to low interest throughout the years. Important exception is Nokturnal Mortum, it's fairly fresh in my life.

    4. Journal - Moderate
    Over 600 projects listened on behalf of the journal... No wonder the list of related projects with 50-100 plays count, gets divided into a third category already. Following projects have never impressed me deeply. I like (very much) single tracks of some of them, for example the first three, but the rest of their music is actually neutral or disappointing, hence they are not listed in the category three, but here. High amount of plays was usually caused by "new albums", "second chances" or "reminder sessions".

    5. Journal - Negative
    50 plays is not a big deal, so I don't want to compare this category to "why so much" from the previous article. Anyway, I'm not very fond of having these projects listed anywhere. Just disliked. Various reasons.

    6. Other and WTF: Still valid
    Just in case you started to think, there are only journal-related projects in this range, let me straighten this up. Nope. Here is a list of non-journal projects of various genres, I could play today and feel good about myself. The next category will add more sense to the existence of this one.

    7. Other and WTF: Fossils
    Because the sixth category looks like a pile of unrelated and inconsistent projects, here is the seventh one. It consists of other non-journal projects, but... contrary to these above, either I don't feel like playing them (ever) anymore, or their appearance in my library is highly questionable. Say, they are on a brink of deletion. But hey, since they survived until today, let them celebrate by entering this not too special list. Always something.

    Thanks for reading and I hope you didn't die from boredom and over-presence of my ego :)
  • 33h 33m 33s

    24 fév. 2014, 12h33m

    221 tracks in playlist, average track length: 9:06
    Playlist length: 33 hours 33 minutes 33 seconds

    Playlist files:

    1. Bergrizen - I (1:23)
    2. Bergrizen - II (7:07)
    3. Bergrizen - III (8:08)
    4. Bergrizen - V (11:16)
    5. Bergrizen - VI (8:36)
    6. Bergrizen - VIII (1:33)
    7. Bergrizen - Autism (8:03)
    8. Bergrizen - Der Wanderer (8:42)
    9. Bergrizen - Emanations of Coldness (8:44)
    10. Bergrizen - Innere Finsternis (4:36)
    11. Blut aus Nord - ...the Meditant (Dialogue With the Stars) (10:14)
    12. Blut aus Nord - Acceptance (Aske) (1:30)
    13. Blut aus Nord - Antithesis of the Flesh (...and Then Arises a New Essence) (9:28)
    14. Blut aus Nord - Chapter V (6:35)
    15. Blut aus Nord - Disciple's Libration (Lost In the Nine Worlds) (9:06)
    16. Blut aus Nord - Elevation (4:11)
    17. Blut aus Nord - Enter (The Transformed God Basement) (4:48)
    18. Blut aus Nord - Epitome I (7:57)
    19. Blut aus Nord - Epitome II (6:51)
    20. Blut aus Nord - Epitome III (4:51)
    21. Blut aus Nord - Epitome IV (11:52)
    22. Blut aus Nord - Epitome IX (2:07)
    23. Blut aus Nord - Epitome V (6:24)
    24. Blut aus Nord - Epitome VI (7:30)
    25. Blut aus Nord - Epitome VII (8:30)
    26. Blut aus Nord - Epitome VIII (6:27)
    27. Blut aus Nord - Epitome X (7:25)
    28. Blut aus Nord - Epitome XI (6:12)
    29. Blut aus Nord - Epitome XII (5:59)
    30. Blut aus Nord - Epitome XIII (7:07)
    31. Blut aus Nord - Epitome XIV (8:55)
    32. Blut aus Nord - Epitome XV (6:14)
    33. Blut aus Nord - Epitome XVI (10:18)
    34. Blut aus Nord - Epitome XVII (9:27)
    35. Blut aus Nord - Epitome XVIII (11:01)
    36. Blut aus Nord - Level-2 (Nothing Is Not) (7:11)
    37. Blut aus Nord - Liber I (16:17)
    38. Blut aus Nord - My Prayer Beyond Ginnungagap (5:12)
    39. Blut aus Nord - Odinist (5:02)
    40. Blut aus Nord - Our Blessed Frozen Cells (7:56)
    41. Blut aus Nord - Procession of the Dead Clowns (9:56)
    42. Blut aus Nord - Rigsthula (3:59)
    43. Blut aus Nord - Sleds (Pyramids cover) (3:29)
    44. Blut aus Nord - The Choir of the Dead (6:42)
    45. Blut aus Nord - The Cosmic Echoes of Non-Matter (Immaterial Voices of the Fathers) (6:29)
    46. Blut aus Nord - The Cycle of the Cycles (5:19)
    47. Blut aus Nord - The Formless Sphere (Beyond the Reason) (7:53)
    48. Blut aus Nord - The Last Journey of Ringhorn (7:35)
    49. Blut aus Nord - The Territory of Witches / Guardians of the Dark Lake (8:12)
    50. Blut aus Nord - Till' I Perceive Bifrost (7:07)
    51. Blut aus Nord - Translucent Body of Air (Sutta Anapanasati) (2:24)
    52. ColdWorld - Cancer (3:38)
    53. ColdWorld - Dead Stars (2:14)
    54. ColdWorld - Dream of a Dead Sun (7:34)
    55. ColdWorld - Escape (7:34)
    56. ColdWorld - Hate (4:00)
    57. ColdWorld - Hymn to Eternal Frost (5:58)
    58. ColdWorld - My Dead Bride (2:44)
    59. ColdWorld - Ragnarök (3:23)
    60. ColdWorld - Stille (1:21)
    61. ColdWorld - Suicide (5:15)
    62. ColdWorld - This Empty Life (7:22)
    63. ColdWorld - Tortured by Solitude (6:13)
    64. ColdWorld - Winterreise (4:06)
    65. Draconian - A Phantom Dissonance (5:39)
    66. Draconian - Bloodflower (5:32)
    67. Draconian - Dead World Assembly (5:52)
    68. Draconian - Deadlight (6:32)
    69. Draconian - Earthbound (8:10)
    70. Draconian - Elysian Night (7:52)
    71. Draconian - End of the Rope (6:34)
    72. Draconian - Morphine Cloud (7:32)
    73. Draconian - No Greater Sorrow (5:17)
    74. Draconian - Not Breathing (5:39)
    75. Draconian - On Sunday They Will Kill the World (4:12)
    76. Draconian - Seasons Apart (6:31)
    77. Draconian - September Ashes (1:10)
    78. Draconian - Serenade of Sorrow (5:00)
    79. Draconian - She Dies (7:28)
    80. Draconian - The Death of Hours (7:48)
    81. Draconian - The Drowning Age (7:18)
    82. Draconian - The Dying (9:48)
    83. Draconian - The Empty Stare (5:46)
    84. Draconian - The Failure Epiphany (6:20)
    85. Draconian - The Gothic Embrace (8:34)
    86. Draconian - The Last Hour of Ancient Sunlight (5:26)
    87. Draconian - The Morningstar (8:01)
    88. Draconian - The Quiet Storm (6:37)
    89. Draconian - Through Infectious Waters (A Sickness Elegy) (8:04)
    90. Draconian - Wall of Sighs (5:14)
    91. Draconian - When I Wake (5:50)
    92. Elysian Blaze - A Blade for Twilight (3:45)
    93. Elysian Blaze - A Choir for Venus (4:30)
    94. Elysian Blaze - Beyond the Shape of Mortality (14:35)
    95. Elysian Blaze - Black Hole Euphoria (10:33)
    96. Elysian Blaze - Blood Geometry (9:00)
    97. Elysian Blaze - Blood of Ancients, Blood of Hatred (36:36)
    98. Elysian Blaze - Body and Blood (3:20)
    99. Elysian Blaze - Eclipse (10:55)
    100. Elysian Blaze - Levitating the Carnal (13:00)
    101. Elysian Blaze - Macabre Be Thy Blood (10:45)
    102. Elysian Blaze - Pyramid of the Cold Son (22:12)
    103. Elysian Blaze - Sigh of Night (10:30)
    104. Elysian Blaze - Sigils That Beckon Death (23:55)
    105. Elysian Blaze - Spirit and Night (5:00)
    106. Elysian Blaze - The Temple Is Falling (18:25)
    107. Elysian Blaze - Void Alchemy (11:11)
    108. Lunar Aurora - Beagliachda (5:37)
    109. Lunar Aurora - Das Ende (8:38)
    110. Lunar Aurora - Der Pakt (7:56)
    111. Lunar Aurora - Dunkler Mann (8:39)
    112. Lunar Aurora - Findling (9:45)
    113. Lunar Aurora - Geisterschiff (7:53)
    114. Lunar Aurora - Geisterwoid (6:05)
    115. Lunar Aurora - Glück (11:09)
    116. Lunar Aurora - Håbergoaß (5:14)
    117. Lunar Aurora - Im Gartn (6:58)
    118. Lunar Aurora - Nachteule (6:52)
    119. Lunar Aurora - Reng (7:07)
    120. Lunar Aurora - Sterna (6:30)
    121. Lunar Aurora - Wedaleichtn (6:13)
    122. Paysage d'Hiver - Äther (5:57)
    123. Paysage d'Hiver - Ausklang (5:30)
    124. Paysage d'Hiver - Des Lichstes Sterben I (16:46)
    125. Paysage d'Hiver - Des Lichstes Sterben II (12:37)
    126. Paysage d'Hiver - Ein Getriebener im Schneetreiben (17:57)
    127. Paysage d'Hiver - Einkehr (15:19)
    128. Paysage d'Hiver - Einsamkeit... (4:30)
    129. Paysage d'Hiver - Eintritt in die Sphaeren... (11:07)
    130. Paysage d'Hiver - Ewig leuchten die Sterne (14:24)
    131. Paysage d'Hiver - Finsternis, Tod und Einsamkeit (16:22)
    132. Paysage d'Hiver - Finsternis... (14:46)
    133. Paysage d'Hiver - Ich schreite... (15:17)
    134. Paysage d'Hiver - Ich starre... (12:29)
    135. Paysage d'Hiver - Inneres Licht (15:32)
    136. Paysage d'Hiver - Kraft (14:20)
    137. Paysage d'Hiver - Macht des Schicksals (12:38)
    138. Paysage d'Hiver - Offenbarung (20:49)
    139. Paysage d'Hiver - Schlüssel (15:01)
    140. Paysage d'Hiver - Schnee (16:34)
    141. Paysage d'Hiver - Schnee III (15:53)
    142. Paysage d'Hiver - Winter... (17:46)
    143. Raventale - A Ravens Fade (2:13)
    144. Raventale - Cosmos Inside (1:10)
    145. Raventale - Escape to the Stars (3:26)
    146. Raventale - My Birds of Misfortune (8:10)
    147. Raventale - Requiem F.D. (2:08)
    148. Raventale - Room Winter (11:18)
    149. Raventale - Suicide as the Destined End (10:54)
    150. Raventale - Sunset of the Age (8:25)
    151. Raventale - The Fall of the Mortal Aspirations (9:23)
    152. Raventale - The Silhouette of Despair (6:33)
    153. Raventale - Watching a Luna Becomes Thy Face (1:11)
    154. Raventale - Without Movement (10:11)
    155. Raventale - Ввысь за горизонт (Both Like Birds) (3:27)
    156. Raventale - Вдаль уходящий мой силуэт (5:21)
    157. Raventale - Давно ушедших дней (10:51)
    158. Raventale - Дождя колыбель (2:08)
    159. Raventale - Из времени чёрных колодцев (7:11)
    160. Raventale - На хрустальных качелях (9:34)
    161. Raventale - Небес смолистая чернь (7:12)
    162. Raventale - Огнем кромсая небеса (6:26)
    163. Raventale - Пролог (2:00)
    164. Raventale - Серой тоской пораскинулся лес (13:40)
    165. Raventale - Скрежетом боли (Ностальгия) (9:13)
    166. The Howling Void - A Long Day's Journey Into Night (14:46)
    167. The Howling Void - A Name Writ in Water (12:57)
    168. The Howling Void - Eleleth (8:35)
    169. The Howling Void - God of the Gallows (3:41)
    170. The Howling Void - In Subterranean Temples (8:56)
    171. The Howling Void - Irminsûl (10:14)
    172. The Howling Void - Lightless Depths (18:15)
    173. The Howling Void - Lord of the Black Gulf (13:03)
    174. The Howling Void - Megaliths of the Abyss (10:05)
    175. The Howling Void - Mist and Moonlight (12:52)
    176. The Howling Void - Mollusk (11:33)
    177. The Howling Void - Nine Nights (7:23)
    178. The Howling Void - Oroboros (9:10)
    179. The Howling Void - Shadows Over the Cosmos (14:56)
    180. The Howling Void - The Chaos Beyond the Stars (9:51)
    181. The Howling Void - The Hidden Sun (5:14)
    182. The Howling Void - The Primordial Gloom (12:20)
    183. The Howling Void - The Silence of Centuries End (18:14)
    184. The Howling Void - The Womb Beyond the World (14:19)
    185. The Howling Void - Voidward (12:41)
    186. The Howling Void - Wanderer of the Wastes (12:01)
    187. A Forest of Stars - A Prophet for a Pound of Flesh (10:11)
    188. A Forest of Stars - Corvus Corona, part 1 (3:14)
    189. Bann - Carmina Necrologia (10:54)
    190. Bann - Die letzten Dinge (Æschatolog) (12:17)
    191. Comatose Vigil - Cataracts (20:39)
    192. Comatose Vigil - Fuimus, non sumus (27:52)
    193. Comatose Vigil - Galleries of Coma (11:12)
    194. Comatose Vigil - Mirrors of Despair (17:46)
    195. Comatose Vigil - Narcosis (15:07)
    196. Comatose Vigil - Suicide Grotesque (19:48)
    197. Comatose Vigil - Tears of Time (6:38)
    198. Deathspell Omega - Apokatastasis Pantôn (4:03)
    199. Doom:VS - The Lachrymal Sleep (8:00)
    200. Ea - Ea taesse (22:54)
    201. Ea - Laeleia (18:42)
    202. Ea - Mea ta souluola (12:48)
    203. Left in Torment - Altar to Eternity (20:40)
    204. Left in Torment - And They Speak to Me (14:07)
    205. Left in Torment - In Sorrow I Rise (15:50)
    206. Left in Torment - Saturnian Rites (5:56)
    207. Lethargy of Death - Fallen (5:30)
    208. Mare Cognitum - Internal Deliquescence (9:31)
    209. Öröm - Beteljesedés (6:43)
    210. Shape of Despair - the Mist (11:26)
    211. Shape of Despair - Down Into the Stream (9:20)
    212. Shape of Despair - Shadowed Dreams (6:56)
    213. Shape of Despair - Sylvan-Night (10:50)
    214. Shape of Despair - Woundheir (8:56)
    215. Suicide Solution - Obedience (10:33)
    216. Summoning - Of Pale White Morns and Darkened Eves (8:22)
    217. The Angelic Process - Burning in the Undertow of God (6:46)
    218. The Ruins of Beverast - Blood Vaults (I - Thy Virginal Maladour) (15:42)
    219. The Ruins of Beverast - Kain's Countenance Fell (8:37)
    220. The Ruins of Beverast - Mount Sinai Moloch (12:28)
    221. The Ruins of Beverast - The Clockhand's Groaning Circles (10:44)
  • 2013 expectations and impressions

    5 déc. 2013, 15h49m

    Personal top 10 of 2013:
    more fucking disappointing and soulless year than 2012
    1) Paysage d'Hiver - Das Tor
    2) Die Sektor - (-)existence
    3) Annorkoth - The Last Days
    4) Agrypnie - Aetras Cineris
    5) The Howling Void - Nightfall / Runa
    6) Dawn of Ashes - Anathema
    7) Lustre - Wonder
    8) Summoning - Old Mornings Dawn
    9) Rotting Christ - Κατά Τον Δαίμονα Εαυτού
    10) Slitscan - Slitscan

    Disappointments of 2013:
    1) Psyclon Nine - Order of the Shadow : Act I
    2) Noisuf-X - Warning
    3) X-Fusion - What Remains Is Black
    4) Thy Light - No Morrow Shall Dawn
    5) A Light in the Dark - Sweet Dreams
    80% of the rest.

    however lame this sounds
  • Some of my tracks

    9 nov. 2013, 1h52m

    A memo for myself.

    Anfea Eutua - Idai Svoal

    Anfea Eutua - Anfea Eutua

    Anfea Eutua - Loa po Entau

    Broken Backbone - Cogito Ergo Doleo
    Intro (I Think, Therefore I Suffer)
    As Towers of Paper Shall Collapse in Rain
    Silentio Vincere Tenebras
    Anthem of Blinded by the Sunlight
    Si Recte Calculum Ponas, Ubique Naufragium Est
    Black Clouds Over the Battlefield of Nowhere
    Volenti Non Fit Iniuria
    In Omnibus Requiem Quaesivi, Et Nusquam Inveni
    Future Painted on the Imagination's Canvas
    Adaequatio Intellectus Et Rei
    We Are Aliens and Strangers in Your Sight
    Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam
    Lights When They Got to the Surface
    Outro (Chopin Sonata No.2 Op.35)

    Cold Womb Descent - Cold Womb Descent
    Plutonium Mine Shipyard Launch
    Beholding the Eclipse of Nebulae
    Cemetery Where Lost Neutrons Dwell
    Another Lifeforms Civilisation Rising
    Visions of Dust Covered Empire
    Colony of the Remnants
    Arrival at the End of Journey
    Outro: Space Journal Entry

    Cold Womb Descent - Rise of Ldaovh
    Wandering Through the Fields of Havoc
    Reactivation of the Industrial Sphere
    Channeling the New Sources of Energy
    Landscapes of the Future Rising
    Within Alien Ocean Biome
    Dark Forests and Unknown Lifeforms
    Empire of the Remnants
    Ldaovh Intercepting UVB-76
    Teal Aurora Above the Sleeping City
    Aybu Uol Fyh po Ajika Tvi

    Cold Womb Descent - Apocatastasis
    Ootal Uyl Nvu Nuu, wa Vxuor
    The Day Earth Has Returned to Cradle
    Departure of the Mothership Stalker
    Nine Billions of the Population C
    Solace Within the Cold Steel
    Approaching the Borders of Mortality
    Epilogue - Everything Starts Here
    Planet of the Remnants
    The Ultimate Beauty of Infinity
    λ 2,17 K (-270,98 °C)

    Cold Womb Descent - Astral Monolith
    Journey Through the Dust
    Ex Tenebris Lux
    Thermodynamic Equilibrium
    Annihilation of Matter
    Black-Body Radiation
    Beyond Event Horizon
    Rituals of Monolith
    Null Horror Vacui
    Regressus ad Infinitum

    Mealann - Der Wanderer
    Der Tod
    Der Geist
    Die Nacht
    Die Kälte
    Die Luft
    Die Kraft
    Der Weg
    Der Wald
    Der Fluss
    Der Berg
    Der Turm
    Das Tor

    Mealann - Der Einsiedler
    Die Stadt
    Die Leere
    Die Zeit
    Die Sonne
    Der Nebel
    Der Vogel
    Der Mond
    Das Gefängnis

    Mealann - Eine dunkle Seele
    Das Ritual
    Das Mondlicht
    Die Schwarze Mädchen
    Der Wanderer I
    Der Wanderer II
    Der Wanderer III
    Der Winter I
    Der Winter II
    Der Winter III
    Der Traum
    Die Natur
    Die Trauer
    Die Dunkelheit

    Mealann - ...von Stille und Ewigkeit der Welt der Asche
    Das Leben
    Die Frau
    Der Vogel II
    Die Stadt II
    Die Ewigkeit
    Ein Mond im See
    Der Vogel III
    Die Stadt III
    Der bittere Geschmack der Katastrophe
    Die Länder der verlorenen Werte

    Mealann - Die starre Landschaften
    Der Wanderer IV
    Die graue Herbstblume
    Die Warme
    Der Fluss der Vergessenheit
    Die Wolken
    Der Sand
    Der Wind
    Über dem spätherbstlichen Wald
    Fallen des ersten Schnees
    Die Sphäre
    Die Tiefe

    Mealann - ...von Licht und Finsternis
    Der Aufgang
    Der Morgen
    Der Mittag
    Der Tag
    Der Abend
    Der Untergang
    Die Dämmerung I
    Die Mitternacht
    Die Nacht II
    Die Dämmerung II

    Mealann - Bewohner des Horizonts
    Der Einsiedler
    Denken an die Toten
    Die Festung des Himmels
    Bewohner des Horizonts
    Die Geisterstunde
    Ein Augenblick
    Die Einsamkeit
    Eine verlassene Hütte
    Eine dunkle Seele
    Im Frieden sein
    Auf Wiedersehen

    Mealann - Im Seelenraum
    Der Seelenraum
    Der Gast
    Innere Freundin
    Die Ruhe
    Die Hoffnung Verzweiflung
    Die Struktur des Gefühls
    Eine dunkle Freude
    Innere Zweisamkeit

    Mealann - Addendum
    Das Leben II
    Der Mond II
    Der Nebel II
    Der Vogel IV
    Die Ewigkeit II
    Die Frau II
    Die Leere II
    Die Sonne II
    Die Stadt IV
    Die Stadt V
    Die Zeit II
    Die Zeit III

    Mealann - Die Kraft des Glaubens
    Azacachia Tepiseuth (Frozenthia Depresis cover)
    Der Reisende (Burzum cover)
    Der Rundgang (Burzum cover)
    Die Kanalisierung (Burzum cover)
    Die Liebe (Burzum cover)
    Die Nachricht (Burzum cover)
    Die Ragnarök (Burzum cover)
    Hymn to Eternal Frost (ColdWorld cover)
    Satanarchrist (Anaal Nathrakh cover)
    Sterile Nails (Silencer cover)

    Phantom Mistress - Paradise of the Damned
    The Etheric Plane Dream
    Paradise of the Damned
    A Night in the Harbour Haven
    Red Sulphur Dust Meadows
    An Ode to Emptiness
    The Essence of Creation
    Inhibited Euphoric Delight
    Philosophies of the Elder
    Beyond Time and Motion
    Farewell to the Unreal
    CtD (Rob Dougan cover)

    Phantom Mistress - Evoke
    Enthrall: Glare of a Nymph
    Two Embers of Joy
    Maelstrom in Her Eyes
    Dancing by the Candlelight Dusk
    A Mystery Cloaked in Lights
    Brown Hair by the Touch of Wind
    Pale Pillars of the World
    Forget (Lunae Lumen cover)

    Phantom Mistress - Dreams of Laura
    Devoid of Everything
    Another Dream Died
    Exiled and Persecuted
    They Have No Future
    Nobody's Born Pessimistic
    Gone (Katatonia cover)
    Fate of Tantalus
    Despite the Misfortune
    Dreams Come True
    Persistence Rewards
    Lunar Light (Lustre cover)

    Phantom Mistress - Dreams of Laura II
    Two Lives Preserved
    Post-Catalytic Gratitude
    Insomnia (Faithless cover)
    The Season of Changes
    A Day of Rule, Control and Tearing Love
    A Consolation in Monotony
    Le voyage dans la Lune, partie une
    Le voyage dans la Lune, partie deux
    Die einsame Tochter des Todes
    Lysanne Haugen
    Carry the Candle to the Other Side

    Phantom Mistress - A Tale for Justine
    Bela Lugosi's Dead (Bauhaus cover)
    Falling Into Your Grave
    The Dedication Offering
    I Choose to Haunt Thee
    Dark Sensual Fascination
    Brightening and Ascending
    Omnia Vanitas et Umbra Sunt

    Phantom Mistress - Paradise of the Damned II
    Eerie Disturbance in the Clouds
    The Fountain and the Mill
    Dissonance in a Fallen Settlement
    Entity Behind the Mirror of Blood
    A Small Bird in the Nether
    Muteness of the Last Lucid Prophet
    Algorithm of the Forest
    Three Spires of Thoughts
    Mindful of Inner Entropy
    Nexus of a Perpetual Spiral
    A Sphere of Pestilence

    Phantom Mistress - Dreams of Laura III
    Dedicated to My Little Girl
    Minden visszajön
    Cancertid (Lifelover cover)
    The Phoenix Is Risen
    Zaahl the Manipulator
    Darkening Her Daylights
    Maintaining the Positivity
    A Neverending Inspiration
    No Future - Aftermath
    Aeterna Fides (Perterricrepus cover)
    Nostalghia (Grande Finale)

    Risen v0id - Voids

    Risen v0id - Voids v2

    Risen v0id - Voids v3

    Risen v0id - Voids v4

    Risen v0id - Voids v5

    Risen v0id - Voids v6

    Risen v0id - Voids v7

    Eintritt - Eintritt

    Eintritt - Meehr

    Dead Girl Radiation - Ashes Screaming Silence
    Flesh Rains
    Human Descending
    Misanthropy Unleashed
    Where Remnants Weep
    Crawling in Cesspits
    Ashes Screaming Silence

    Dead Girl Radiation - The Ninth Universe
    Arcane Dissociation
    Voice of the Spheres
    Forming the Universe
    Subdimensional Symphonies

    Former Astral Monolith / Man Behind the Sun with uncertain future
    Shotgun to the Mouth Redemption
    Disposal of the Dead Flesh
    Lamb Behind the Mask of Madness
    Dweller of Motionless Rivers
    When Silence Becomes a Nurture
    Leaves (The Blinding Delusion)
    Purity Bathed in Indifference
    Madness Behind the Mask of Lamb
    Blood in the Chalice of Pitch
    A Splinter in the Cold of Perdition
    This is the Life (Amy MacDonald cover)
    Among Ungrateful, Pessimistic Hedonists
    First Pig to Repress the Butcher
    For Your Deception My Body Shall Burn
    Your Paradigm Is My Contempt
    True Passion
    Cast to Contend
    The Cycles of Thoughts
  • Personal impressions on atmospheric / depressive black metal projects #8

    15 fév. 2013, 6h06m

    Bergrizen, Blut aus Nord, Burzum, ColdWorld, Darkspace, Lustre (Swe), Mistur, Raventale, Silencer, Thy Catafalque, Thy Light

    Adabroc, Astral Silence, Bann, Children of Maani, Drudkh, Frozenthia Depresis, Funeral Mourning, Gire, Grey Waters, Hateful Tomorrow, Lifelover, L'Ordre du Temple, Lunar Aurora, Midnight Odyssey, Nargaroth, Nyktalgia, Paysage d'Hiver, Sargeist, Sieghetnar, Skogyr, Spire, Starlit, Summoning, Sun of the Blind, Taranis, The Burning, The Ruins of Beverast, Thränenkind, Urfaust, Wehmut, Windir, Woods of Desolation

    A Forest of Stars, A Light In The Dark, Alatyr (Svk), All The Cold, Annorkoth, Apati, Appalachian Winter, Aquilus, Araxas, Arvorar, Aton, Austere (Aus), Bardo, Basarabian Hills, Bonjour Tristesse, Borgne, Darchon, Darkestrah, Demonaz, Dråpsnatt, Einsamtod, Elffor, Elysian Blaze, Emerna, Evol (Ita), Farsot, Fear of Eternity, From the Sunset Forest and Grief, Germ, Helengard, Hordah Blaästhiir, Igric, In The Woods..., Kataxu, Lord Agheros, Lurker of Chalice, Make a Change... Kill Yourself, Mars on Earth, Moëvöt, Mother Darkness, Nachtreich (Ger), Noenum, Nyctalgia, Pensées Nocturnes, Pravus Abyssus, Psychonaut 4, Sear Bliss, So Much for Nothing, Spectral Lore, Sterbend, Suicide Solution, Sun of the Sleepless, The Axis of Perdition, The Eye, Towards Rusted Soil, Tribe of Neptune, Trist (Ger), Triste L'Hiver, Udûn, Vanja Gvozdanović, Varuna, Vietah, Vordven, Wedard, Wintercult, Wolves in the Throne Room, Ygg

    (V.E.G.A.), A Winter Lost, Aäkon Këëtrëh, Aaskereia, Abyssic Hate, Æðra, Alatyr (Blr), Alcest, Aloeswood, Alrakis, Altar of Plagues, Amaka Hahina, Amesoeurs, Ancestral (US), Ancient Tundra, Ancient Wisdom, Angest Herre, Anguished, Anhedonia (Swe), Animo Aeger, Anti (Ger), Antropophobia, Anu, Apathia, Ars Diavoli, Assur, Astral Luminous, Astral Rebirth, Au Sacre des Nuits, Balnasar, Belathuzur, Black Hole Generator, Blood of Kingu (Ukr), Carcharoth Λ.V, Celephais, Cheerful Depression, Cold Cry, Crebain, Cry, Cry of Silence, Dark Fount, De Silence et d'Ombre, Dies Irae, Dordeduh, Drang, Druadan Forest, Dysthymia (Isl), Dystopia Nå!, Ekove Efrits, Eternal Fire, Eulen, Evilfeast, Exiled From Light, Forest of Fog, Forest Silence, Forn Valdyrheim, Foudre Noire, Funeral Dirge, Galaktik Cancer Squad, Gallowbraid, Gauhaert, Grim Monolith, Grim Sköll, Grimoire, Gris, Heartless, Heretoir, Idisenfluch, Ildra, Impavida, Imperium Dekadenz, Infinitas, Kaat, Kanashimi, Kinstrife & Blood, Kroda, Lantlôs, Les Chants de Nihil, Limbonic Art, Liveride, Luror, Mare Cognitum, Mirkwood, Morose, Murmuüre, Nachtruf, Nachtvorst, Nameless Coyote, Negură Bunget, Nocternity, Nontinuum, Nordlicht, Nortt, Nox Illunis, Nychts, Oak Pantheon, Oranssi Pazuzu, Ossadogva, Pergalė, Perterricrepus, Photophobia, Prison of Mirrors, Progenie Terrestre Pura, Regul, Satanicum Tenebrae, Schweigen, Shining (Swe), Skendöd, Sterbeklang, Sui Caedere, Suicidal Euphoria, Svarti Loghin, Temple of Saturn, The Rustling of Leaves, The True Werwolf, thehappymask, Tobc, Todtgelichter, Tronus Abyss, Turdus Merula, Vaniardur, Vinterriket, Vitaliy Sytnik, Walknut, Wanderer (Fin), When Mine Eyes Blacken, Wigrid, Wilds Forlorn, Willoos, Winds of Sorrow, Wolfshade, Woods of Infinity, Wyrd, Ymir, Zakhm, Ziel Bevrijd, Кобь, Мор

    Acrosome, Addaura, Adramalech, Aisuragua, Alienation Cold, Alpthraum, Altorių Šešėliai, An Autumn for Crippled Children, Angantyr, Angrenost (Por), Aorlhac, Arvet, Azerlath, Azuth, Beithíoch, Benighted in Sodom, Bethlehem, Bevikelsens Dystra Monotoni, Black Autumn (Ger), Blutklinge, Buer, Chaos Moon, Clair Cassis, Cragataska, Crépuscule, Crowned, Cynestole, Deafest, Death Aura, Delichon Urbica, Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Dimensional Psychosis, Dispirit, Dopamine, Dysphorie, Echtra, Enfeus Lodge, Enmerkar, Erhängen, Erragal, Ethere (Fra), Etheric Void, Eudaimonia, Feos, Finnr's Cane, Forgotten Tomb, Forteresse, Freitod (Ger), Garden of Sadness, Godless Grace, Haud, Herbst, Hexenmeister, Hinsidig, Horn, Hypothermia, I Shalt Become, Idaaliur, Jotunspor, Kältetod, Karna, Kladovest, Krallice, Kratein, Lake of Ghosts, Leviathan (Swe), Leviathan (US), Licht Erlischt..., Lost in the Delusion Called "Life", Luci Tristis, Man Among Stars, Means to an End, Miserere Luminis, Moonlit Wake, Moroghor, My Useless Life, Nachstatten, Nahvalr, Namtar, Nocra, Nutrition, Ov Hollowness, Panopticon, Peste Noire, Profond Barathre, Raate, Realm of Algol, Reusmarkt, Sancta Poenas, Sanctus Daemoneon, Schrei aus Stein, Selbstentleibung, Shroud of Distress, Sick's Agony, Silence of the Old Man, Skagos, Slagmaur, Sleeping Peonies, Smorzando, Sociopath, Sombres Forets, Sorgeldom, Spektr, Spirit of the Forest, Suicidal Inc., The Great Old Ones, Todesstoß, Totalselfhatred, Trancelike Void, Triste, Undimensional, Vediog Svaor, Veil, Verdunkeln, Vhernen, Void of Reveries, Waldgeflüster, Weakling, Windbruch, Winter Depression, Wodensthrone, Wolfhetan, Yoga, Хлад

    ..., 78424325, Aastyra, Abruptum, Alda, Aldrlag, Algorithm ov Void, Apathetical Syndrome, Arcane Necrosis, Arizmenda, Armaghumil, Autumn's Kindgom, Axeman, Ayr, Be Persecuted, Beyond the Ninth Wave, Blood Red Fog, Brulvahnatu, Bytting, Dämmerfarben, De Arma, Dead as Dreams, Deep Mountains, Défaillance, Den Saakaldte, Devastating Sorrow, Eldjudnir, Erschrickt, Exitus Letalis, Fall, Falls of Rauros, Fäulnis, Fauna, Feigur, Fen, Flaskavsae, Fyrnask, Gnome, Gravsahl, Grisâtre, Helvetespine, Homes in the Distance, Hopeless, Inexistenz, Inferi (Fin), Irrwisch, Jane Doe Drowned, Karras, Kistvaen, Life Unfair, Livsnekad, Luctus Hydra, Lunar Reign, Lyrinx, Marblebog, Marnost, Melankoli, Monarque, Nachtmystium, Necktarium, Neige et Noirceur, Niðurdrepandi, Njiqahdda, Norke, Northward, Obolus, Oppressive Light, Petrychor, Sad, Sauron, Self-Inflicted Violence, Shaidar Logoth, Solace for the Vanity, Stielas Storhett, Suicidal Anorexia, Svart Kaldt Død, The Eternal Night, The Sun Came Up Upon The Left, Total Negation, Valfunde, Vattnet Viskar, Velnias, Vindensång, Vision Lunar, Void (US), Vrolok, Waldgerumque, Wende, Wendess, White Oak, Wildernessking, Wild's Reprisal, WinterSad, Wormlust, Wounder, Write to Forget, Writhing Void, Zelfhaat, Zinumm, Zuriaake, Асклепия

    A Cloud Forest, Ah Ciliz, Akrethion, AN, Anastros, Andararkh, Angra Mainyu (Ger), Animus (Isr), Arckanum, Ash Borer, Asteria, Astral Underground, Beatrik, Beyond Light, Brocken Moon, Chernolesie, Cold Body Radiation, Coldnight, Cursed Altar, Dantalion, Dark Metamorphosis, Dark Paranoia, Daughters of Sophia, Depressive Years, Drowning the Light, Eindig, Ether, Fell Voices, Final Thoughts, Forest Mysticism, Forgive Me, Fornicatus, Förtvivlan, Gort, Gottesmorder, Grimlair, Hanging Garden, Howling Pain, Inexistence, Infestus, Isa, Karg, Kilte, Klage der Nacht, Klär, Krohm, Kursed, Laster, Life Neglected, Lost Inside, Mal Etre, Malvery, Managarm, Melencolia Estatica, Mortifera, Mortualia, Mrak, Mütiilation, Nae'blis, Niflheim (Can), No Pleasure in Life, Nostalgie, Oskoreien, Sea of Trees, Secretly in Pain, Selvmord (Ukr), Side of Despondency, Skitliv, Skogen (Swe), Sleepwalker, Sortsind, Sterbenzeit, Strid, SuizidKult, Sun Devoured Earth, Svart, The Crevices Below, The Foetal Mind, The Rain in Endless Fall, Through the Pain, Todeskult, Triebtat, Trou Noir, Tunes of Despair, Twilight, Unjoy, Vooram, Wake to the Mourning, Wheels Within Wheels, When Bitter Spring Sleeps, Woman is the Earth, Xerbittert, Yellow Eyes

    Acedi, Apatharia, Aska (Swe), Astral Melancholy, Auspicium, Battle Dagorath, Black Funeral, Black Hate, Bosse-de-Nage, Circle of Ghosts, Das Tal der Stille, Deafheaven, Draugadróttinn, Eisieger Wald, Fantasmogory, Funeral Veil, Grauzeit, Hate Sanctuary, Herbstregen, Howling in the Fog, Kyla, Lamentations of the Ashen, Lethal Diabolic, Life is Pain, Livimørket, Marks of the Masochist, Min Kniv, Nihdrym, Nocturnal Depression, Old Silver Key, Painful Depression, Ravenfrost, Sarcueil, Schmerz, Srodek, Suicidal Madness, Suicidal Nihilism, Svartnad, Svartthron, Tairach, Takeskogen, Tales of Emptyness, Tomhet (Can), Ulfang, Velvet Cacoon, Vermeth, Winterblood (Ger), Woe, Xasthur (US)

    Amfarek, Drown in Solitude, Forgotten Woods, Hand Full of Scars, Happy Days, Hypomanie, I'm in a Coffin, Isolation (Ger), Liturgy, Morkum.Thu, Pain is a Narcotic, Todessehnsucht, Trist (Cze), Striborg, Underjordiska

    Astral Monolith (because it's mine), Durthang


    ⑧ Agrypnie
    ⑦ Frozenwoods, Eoront
    ⑥ ██████, Doodsangst, Nattergal, Örök, Notre Amertume, Absurdoom, Vent d'Automne, Cuckoo's Nest, Genune
    ⑤ Mortal Self-Inflicted Substance, Abaroth, Dreariness
    ④ Ветер Скорби, Seelenpfade

    ② Nachtalb


  • Not common among my local friends

    19 nov. 2012, 5h43m

    I went through the list of the most common bands among my local friends and here are some unknown for the most for you gems I'd like to recommend. A swedish table, you take what you're interested in. If you have found something you were looking for, drop me a comment. Have fun.

    Burning Skies (listened by 10 friends) - deathcore even for those, who dislike the genre. Creative, talented, played with passion and straight to the point, no fucking around. (YT)
    Avar (15) - hungarian, avantgarde, symphonic guitar music, based mostly on poetry. Very creative and moving music. (YT)
    Delain (only 27?!) - come on. A splendid example of melodic, catchy, atmospheric gothic/alternative/rock/metal whatever. Charlotte's tone of voice is the one I'm missing around in female singers (next to Lisa Johansson and Nikoletta Gerzanits). (YT)
    Bergrizen (42) - anyone who knows me should not ask any questions about this one. More precious than my life and everything I used to have. Pure soundtrack to my soul. A work beyond words and possible compliments. Best music ever and fuck your taste if you don't think like me. :3 (YT)
    Sieghetnar (37) - reserve an hour, listen to "Erhabenheit", listen to "Endlosung", then tell me what do you feel about ambient black metal. An otherworld, just like Thy Catafalque, but with different feeling. (YT)
    For My Pain... (16) - I don't really care about this male-fronted gothic metal band, but I advice you to just take a listen to "Autumn Harmony" track. (YT)
    Mistur (29) - if 80 of you listened to Windir, you should also listen to this band, being almost a continuation of Valfar's direction. Viking black metal masterpiece. (YT)
    Gire (10) - a must-hear position for Thy Catafalque enthusiasts. Band of Tamas Katai, Balazs Hermann and Zoltan Konya. Their album from 2007 can be downloaded for free and it sounds like another Thy Catafalque masterpiece, but with thrashier vocals. (YT)
    Spire (26) - a gem among spacey black metal bands. Their direction is not as heavy as Darkspace's, not as ambientish as well, but it's well crafted and creative. (YT)
    Kátai Tamás (10) - another must-hear position for Thy Catafalque fans. Solo project of him, containing no guitars, but neoclassical / ambient / electronic motives put into a concept album, which is as great, as the rest of this genius' discography. (YT)
    Atrum Artifex (12) - electro-industrial one, side project of mastermind Nero Bellum from Psyclon Nine. There are only five tracks available and they sound like noisier version of my favourite Crwn Thy Frnicatr album. (YT)
    Professor Fate (16) - a lot of Anaal Nathrakh fans may not realize, that Mick Kenney has a cinematic, symphonic project dedicated entirely to the "Divine Comedy". One album, perfect in all aspects. Featuring also guest vocals of Garm from Ulver. (YT)
    Hydrocyanic (15) - Miko is my buddy and I am a fan of his powernoise/harsh ebm masterpiece. Recommended for those, who cannot find enough passion and good compositions in aggrotech. (YT)
    Nebelhorn (13) - I feel sad for this project. Every single song is incredibly melodic, creative, almost taking me back to the medieval times, but I never can cherish it well. It also remains criminally unknown. For fans of pure folk metal. (YT)
    Hateful Tomorrow (18) - absolutely one of the champions among eastern vein of depressive black metal music. Diverted, good sounding, creative, each song fits to a different mood. (YT)
    The Eye (19) - if you like Blut aus Nord, especially Ultima Thulee album and consider Vindsval a rather great metal musician, this is what you should listen in the next place. Old-fashioned, but incredibly fresh as for 1997 piece of ambient black metal. (YT)
    Lunae Lumen (13) - subtle, incredibly emotional, melancholic piano music written and performed by my friend, Martha. One of my favourite Dimensional Collapse projects. (YT)
    Adabroc (15) - speaking of Dimensional Collapse, here is a project of my buddy Donald. Scottish atmospheric black metal with piano passages, inspired mostly by Drudkh. Creative, often entrancing, memorable, great. (YT)
    Astral Silence (23) - one of the most notable space black metal representatives. More of dark ambient than metal, often slow-paced. (YT)
    Bardo (11) - another project of Khrul from Avar. This time it's an experimentation on doom metal with choral and avantgarde elements. Barely metal, but a very good release nonetheless. (YT)
    Panic Lift (19) - harsh ebm one. The best you can listen to, if you like Grendel. The sound quality is almost like domestic, but song structures are highly entertaining and melodies fall easily into mind. (YT)
    Bann (29) - one of the best representatives of neoclassical black metal. Very medieval feeling, great usage of strings. Die letzten Dinge is clearly one of the best tracks I've heard. (YT)
    Amaka Hahina (21) - as weird the name sounds, that weird the music is. Almighty Les Legions Noires member, playing black ambient which will take you into an underground cemetery orgy. Mindrape. (YT)
    Children of Maani (7) - death/atmospheric black metal. Another masterpiece of Vindsval from Blut aus Nord. There are only four tracks which are dedicated to ancient Egypt. Melodies, riffs, experimentations with vocals - bliss. (YT)
    Einsamtod (9) - ambient/depressive black metal from Slovakia. As well as all Igric's projects, we deal with great depth, mesmerizing atmospheres and memorable melodies. Very pleasant to listen to. (YT)
    Carcharoth Λ.V. (13) - the closest to Darkspace and Paysage d'Hiver. Cold and ruthless cosmic vacuum. Loud, noisy, hypnotic beyond reason. (YT)
    The Moon and the Nightspirit (20) - if you like vocals in Thy Catafalque's Molekularis gepezetek, you may want to hear Agnes Toth singing elsewhere. Purely neofolk project, taking the listener into the realm of Middle East aesthetics. (YT)
  • Soundtrack to My Soul vol.1

    8 nov. 2012, 11h27m

    This article is made for those, who are interested in my person, my thoughts, emotions and preferences. What I call damage among many other symptoms, is being unable to cry, to throw out the emotional burden away. I am in fact unable to cry. I cried a lot as a child an later on, but after my complete emotional collapse I realized crying doesn't change a thing, so now I am unable to do it, unless I often want to. Following tracks made made me cry at least once, breaking the blockade and cleaning my soul from all the torment that drives me suicidal for years. Not all of them are included, hence the compilation has an ordinal number 1.

    If you feel like taking a trip to my sensitivity, you are welcome.

    01. Sieghatnar - Endlösung (excerpt)

    02. Woods of Desolation - Torn Beyond Reason

    03. Woods of Infinity - Walking in the Air

    04. ColdWorld - Hymn to Eternal Frost

    05. Avar - Elválás

    06. Raventale - Давно Ушедших Дней

    07. Thy Catafalque - Őszi varázslók

    08. ColdWorld - This Empty Life

    09. Blut aus Nord - Epitome XVI

    10. Psyclon Nine - Under the Judas Tree

    11. Limp Bizkit - Boiler

    12. ColdWorld - Escape

    13. Lunar Aurora - Im Gartn
    Lunar Aurora take all videos on YT down. Not what I appreciate, not.

    14. Slipknot - Vermilion (excerpt)

    15. Nyktalgia - Nyktalgia

    16. Kátai Tamás - Télvíz (excerpt)

    17. Rammstein - Ohne dich

    18. Bergrizen - Autism

    19. Diagnose Lebensgefahr - Tillsammans men ensam i stillhetens kapell

    20. Panzer AG - Tides That Kill

    21. Disturbed - I'm Alive

    22. Bergrizen - Der Wanderer

    23. Bann - Die letzten Dinge (Æschatolog)

    24. Blut aus Nord - Epitome VIII
    Also not available on YouTube.

    25. Blut aus Nord - Epitome XVII
  • Eija Risen's lyrics and poetry

    17 juin 2012, 8h50m

    The following works reflect various mental conditions that occurred to me over past years. There is a huge contradiction, because some of them contain contrary of my current belief. Some are something I'm ashamed of, but they are published anyway for no particular reason. I do not know who I am anymore, as well as who I am not.


    Astral Monolith - Lamb Behind the Mask of Madness (early 2012)

    Dirty little whore
    Miserable castaway
    Dying on the shore
    Victim of the mental storm
    Behind walls of greed
    Unfortunate refugee
    From the sinking ship

    Embarrassing to be
    Held by such fallacy
    Still deepening own grave
    With logic of the cave men
    Truth feels like a rope
    Made of your own hair
    Tying around your neck
    And kicking out the chair

    Your worthless life is a sum of effort
    of your all ancestors up to present day
    Alone you're just a naked and weak savage
    Losing fight for food with your current slaves

    People, oh people
    Shepherds of mine
    Blinding, oh blinding
    Is effulgence thine
    So dark, yet so bright
    In the eyes of mine
    Eat flesh of bread
    Drink blood of wine
    So you could find
    A friend in your mind

    Follow your lord
    Jesus Christ
    Join him on cross
    Right as he dies
    Pull up your robe now
    Snow-white, linen coat
    Watch one of your lambs
    is turning into goat
    Stick your staff inside him
    Slash his filthy throat
    Sail out down the river
    Toss him from your boat

    Beneath the dark waters it's freezing and grim
    My shattered and sliced flesh is entering a dream
    This dream takes so long and it is so deep
    Not a single cry can be heard or a weep

    This dream is done
    But the nightmare's still on
    And every second proves
    That is better to be gone
    I'm lurking like a mist
    In the darkness of days
    Like ghost bearing torch
    In exile and disgraced by
    Guardians of the truth
    Fighting for greater goods
    Fooling entire state
    And it's enough to hate them
    You're fucking scorn
    And that's cause of my scar
    If I am schizophrenic
    Tell me who the fuck you are.

    I have enough of you and your world of delusions.


    Astral Monolith - Disposal of the Dead Flesh (early 2012)

    I lie
    Like dust
    On rusted toys
    In Pripyat town
    Used to be a man
    Turned into ghost
    Pile of living tissue
    Sticking to the bones
    Accused by all guilt
    Petrified by awe
    Insignificant waste
    Nailed down to the wall
    No regrets to tear
    Down structure like that
    Welcome to the place
    Where life is a threat

    I've seen the pain looking through your sight
    It may seem profound but it's empty inside
    Forced by your weakness, all defects are done
    This is what you are, this is what you have become

    I'm bleak!
    I'm bleak!

    My life
    Is done
    I died
    Forced to walk around
    Between snobs and clowns
    Mirror reality
    Promoting the scums
    Exposure of trash
    Procession of clones
    Walking imperfection
    Driven by hormones
    Terrifying is
    People rule this Earth
    Even worse that I have
    To be one of them

    And in the end of it all
    We are nothing but a pile of ashes in the void
    Just another lifeless corpse to be removed


    Astral Monolith - Dweller of Motionless Rivers (early 2012)

    A maddening and oppressive mind
    With no horns and fanfares this time
    Just silence, where silence is I long
    To the mask on weakness we all belong

    Stab me with hate
    Enforce my fate
    Pain's my belonging
    To death I am longing
    The death I desire
    The dead I admire
    See no more illusion
    Just thy persecution

    So finish your work
    Stab me with fork
    Torture with knife
    End useless life
    Slit all my wrists
    Quench your deep thirst
    Every bone's broken
    Agony's evoken

    Skin's turning blue
    Knife's running through
    Blood fills the eyes
    Convulsions rise
    Teeth grind each other
    They never bother
    The life is ending
    Lights are descending

    Those are who gain
    All in their rein
    And none a pest
    Can take any rest
    Heads turn away
    Nothing to prey
    A vision gray
    Feeble like they

    Puddles of gore
    Corpses of whores
    Cover the floor
    Craving for more
    Going to gun store
    Beat Columbine score
    Death I adore
    This is my lore

    Such a desolated place
    My destination was in disgrace
    Chaos tears me apart...
    So fast... So fast...

    So fast!

    - Just blame yourself for that, because
    It's no one's fault
    You're on the edge of your mind
    Can you take this life?

    - I can't take this life anymore
    Hopeless by vultures skinning me alive
    Thoughts bathed in the dark mist, I have to
    Get out... get out...

    So frigid, so bleak
    My skin turns pale blue
    Submerged in thy darkness
    And seeking for clue

    My tongue licks coldly
    Interfering oddly
    With human suspension
    Across the intentions
    Blood in my veins
    Won't refuse to flow
    So I could turn purple
    Finally let go


    Astral Monolith - Shotgun to the Mouth Redemption (late 2011)

    - This world is a trap
    Spider's web of lies
    Unpromising mass
    Floats like a horde of ghosts

    "Take the gun, recover pride
    Discover life from the other side
    Find a way to save them all
    Put a shotgun to their mouths
    Is suicide the only way?
    When you can sacrifice yourself?
    But will it make a difference?
    Will it be important to the world?"

    - Cast me into depths
    of the skies of sorrow
    Drown my soul in darkness
    like there is no tomorrow


    Astral Monolith - Leaves (mid 2012)

    Another celestial emperor's ascending on his firmament's throne. Let the coronation ritual begin, the kingdom of nature is forging the crown. The leaves one by one, emerging from nothing like soldiers united stand on the front, awaiting their master to embrace the world, lighting it up with his power and hope.

    Rise, oh rise, fortress of green, last longer than few million years. You lift me up, filling my soul, don't let me to know that it was all...

    A delusion that blinded the omniscient mind. Execution of beauty and ultimate fall of mine. Tell me you're back, to let this all end, tell me you're nearby and holding my hand, but leaves... leaves... and leaves...

    Another celestial emperor lies dead under his firmament's throne. Let the last funeral ritual begin, the kingdom of nature is digging the tomb. The leaves one by one, descending to nothing like soldiers united die on the front, mourning their master who embraced the world, lighting it up with his power and hope.

    Rise, oh rise, fortress of red, there's plenty of blood for you to be shed. You slay me down, draining my soul, still letting me know that it is all a delusion that blinded the omniscient mind, execution of beauty and ultimate fall of mine...

    The delusion that blinded the omniscient mind, execution of beauty and ultimate fall of mine. Tell me you're back, to let this all end, tell me you're nearby and holding my hand, but leaves... leaves... and leaves...

    The delusion that wastes what will never be back, execution of silence and anthem of my frigid life, the misery, indifference, that's ripping me dry, and leaves... lie... lie... and lie...


    Broken Backbone - Black Clouds Over the Battlefield of Nowhere (mid 2011)

    When silence fades, some candles cry
    Searching for place devoid of life
    Alone in cold, devoured by lust
    Misery holds what remained last

    If I may see the future
    I'd prepare all my scars
    They'd never see the daylight
    And avoid all the wars

    Some things will move too fast
    When we just lay and stare
    When people have some fun
    We refuse to be there

    In cartoons there's a cloud
    Raining above one's head
    Outside we are so proud
    To waste our lives like that

    And when we open eyes
    And see that all this pain is self-inflicted
    We will realize how much we hate ourselves
    And when we open eyes
    And see that all this pain is self-inflicted
    We will realize how much of life we've lost

    The process of purging completed
    Leaving Risen's mind in ten
    nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one...
    Leaving Risen's mind failed

    Just change your direction for a while...
    Your life is about to begin...


    Broken Backbone - Si Recte Calculum Ponas, Ubique Naufragium Est (early 2014)

    I am a creeper, lurking in the shadows
    Hidden from stares, awaiting your moves
    Your silhouette appears in lights
    But I'm the one who looks beyond this mask

    I am a poacher, hunting for your soul
    Croaching like vulture, observing its prey
    Smelling the darkness, you're trying to hide
    My fangs are shining as I'm preparing to bite

    You are a shipwreck, lying on the shelf
    I swam across it, intenting to delve
    Your apparition is nothing but foul
    Prepare for parasite devouring your soul

    Dark souls give me unlimited joy
    I will not hesitate my ploy to deploy
    And drill through your shell of stubbornness
    Until your emotions are completely undressed

    Your bitter expression leaves nothing but a question
    Where your soul does really belong
    Desolation holds you by the throat
    On the sea of life your debris shall float

    You appear to stare at the ghoulish face
    In a very wrong time and a very wrong place
    But this time stay calm, I intend no harm
    When solutions swarm to unveil your charm

    I am bound to all which has fallen fast
    My perception shines and my actions scud
    Building is a process which is meant to last
    If you only feed me with your tainted blood


    Broken Backbone - Anthem of Blinded by the Sunlight (early 2014)

    Lost in myself, illusionary maze
    Straying in corridors of this disorienting place
    Breaking out today, to never feel alone
    Meet me on my way to home
    Evoking the mistress, my abstract entity
    Summoning the vision, to form the unity
    And purge mental cancer from my shattered soul
    Once and for all, once and for all

    Cast me into the realm of dreams
    Diving above the sleeping cities
    Approaching frontier of sun of the blind
    Singing the anthem of blinded by the sunlight
    My sight is pale, where should I go?
    Am I mislead, the time will show
    If sunrise's blinded the internal eye
    Embrace the silence, together as we fly now

    Children of void, gathering in circles
    Around the well depicting my fate
    Illumination of future appears
    Lady desire offering her hand

    Now that I'm floating like feather or leaf
    I bid farewell to misfortunes and grief
    The past seems to fade under motion-blurred light
    When days were even darker than it is today at night
    I dare to continue to rise to the skies
    To touch the divine face, to look in her eyes
    I trade my soul for a slice of paradise
    This cannot be the end, say this cannot be disguise

    The higher one's ascending
    The plainer sight's becoming to flow
    And less oxygen's holding
    In case of an eventual fall


    Broken Backbone - As Towers of Paper Shall Collapse in Rain (early 2012)

    About a time
    When present will be seen as past
    For us... and disgust
    Every decision
    Will last and last forever
    Building the image
    Of world we hate but stay in
    Feeding its tribes
    Fulfilling inner duties
    Before we turn to dust
    Playing small roles
    On stage of life
    The cards are all set
    Enjoy your time, short time

    What makes you God?
    To kill a life or give a new instead?
    Deal with that
    The need of divine powers
    Getting rid of this flesh
    Mortality's a blessing
    Playing reaper at best
    Driven by inconvenience
    Heading towards the trash
    Turning into the waste
    Destroying perfect self
    The sense of life is building
    Or fixing what you've got
    Fix all this faceless mess
    This is what makes you God


    (mid 2010)

    Worthless shit
    Take a look inside
    Who you are
    Nothing but a parasite
    As you grow
    Denying reality
    You're disease
    That you call humanity
    Your ego
    Makes you want to live
    Your desire
    Makes you want to breed
    Your faith
    Makes you think your point
    Is not
    Only to shit and destroy

    Worthless shit
    Look inside yourself
    Who you are
    Bastard in this burning hell
    As you die
    Almost nothing left remains
    Lifeless corpse
    Will be eaten by the flies
    Your principles
    Make you close your mind
    Shallow life
    Makes your eyes so blind
    Shallow view
    Makes you think your life
    Has point
    Deeper than just breed and die

    Now decide
    Where you really want do go
    Different voice
    That you haven't got to know
    Turns your eyes
    To the matter of your thirst
    Leave your soul
    It doesn't even exist
    As your screams
    Fade away in empty space
    Deep inside
    You're alone in death's embrace
    Rotting mind
    Making nothing worth to stay
    Weak abused and left for dead

    And when we wake
    It will be too late
    We'll fucking die
    In our own trap
    And when it ends
    It will be too late
    We'll rot away
    Cursed in eternity


    (mid 2011)

    The disadvantage fulfills still unwritten page
    Blinded by beliefs kept since another age
    Fatal position, that brings smell of despise
    They refused to make deal so they will pay the price

    Nothing's persistent, as all has to perish
    You fed the anger, unaware of unleash
    The time has come, to make the final hit
    Straight through their throats full of empty beliefs


    (mid 2011)

    "The Total Fucking Darkness"

    The world was never a better place
    As it turned into an image of plague
    No human can find here peace anymore
    In the ultimate holocaust of man

    Demonic powers rise rapidly
    Enforcing the fear of victims their
    Frightened are running as far as they can
    Still within range of retribution

    Crippled, reentrant eye of gray
    Opens to spill the blood of red
    On surface of your face of green
    To rape it with the hate of black

    As towers behold the crawling scum
    Aiming and shooting arrows of death
    Dark clouds of gas are covering skies
    Volcanoes spilling the planet's spew

    The total fucking darkness falls
    Reaping the weakest of shallow minds
    Crushing the lives of stronger rest
    Feeding the demons of the revenge

    Lights fade and hope and a few more
    Mankind reenters barbarian times
    Cold wind holds sounds of savage wrath
    Proceeded by the breaths of death

    Pests eating pests eating shit of themselves
    Hunting with bare hands and canine teeth
    Skin's getting ripped like paper bags
    Blood splatters deepening the thirst

    Mental squeezer is draining the souls
    Twirling all guts and bowels drily
    Rotting heads on the spikes set eyes
    To the genitals of wretched scums

    They breed by spilling the dirty blood
    Hordes of predacious ghouls long for rape
    Sent to destroy all traces of people
    Arrogant species beyond the control

    Innocent playground of human beings
    Covered with corpses of human food
    Bathed in the blood of human veins
    Collapsed by wastes of human minds

    Bad seeds were sown by mistake of force
    Altered gene sequences of blameless apes
    Turned into vomit of evolution
    The most possibly appalling error

    How can you, human, be what you are?
    Cross of the whore and centipede
    Watch your entire fallacies fall
    Your greedy dreams like a house of cards

    The ultimate blackness darkens in minds
    Infested with vile animal trace
    Emotionless horde of sociopaths
    Rushes towards the moral walls

    Bodies of remnants shake in convulsions
    Eyes open wide on puffed, purple face
    Fists clamp randomly massacring flesh
    Every teeth broken under the pressure

    Last stands of mankind lastly reveal
    As honorable as its existence
    Passing of last ones simply goes by
    As there are no more willing to cry


    (late 2011)

    "Psycho Slave Swallowing Act"

    Poverty, degeneration
    Degraded subhuman scum
    Long forgotten district
    Where sun refuses to reach

    Dark venue, distasteful
    The pathologic level
    Dead bodies, forgotten
    Vast pools of blood and vomit

    Guns chasing guns
    Catching human junk
    Turning into remnants
    One more to the piles

    Decaying sound of night
    Air holds smell of fear
    Dirt darker than black
    Hope bleaker than corpses

    Turn back and around
    Distract rainbow curtains
    Watch the arrow closing
    Observe yourself struggling

    Placed among the dither
    Mayhem deep still widen
    Tactile stab of mental
    Dissociation from physical

    Light fades slowly
    Words clump shuddering
    Source remains wretched
    One remains hopeless


    (late 2011)

    The Earth is cracking wide like shell
    And Satan is rising from depths of Hell
    Filling the air with flaming dust
    And smoke, and ash in which we trust

    I'm bowing out to the majesty of him
    He's rising his hand bare, almighty and grim
    And touching, possessing with all of the hate
    Transfiguring me into minion of death

    The devils stick their heads out of the scar
    Blowing in black horns of goats of war
    As all initiation rituals begin
    We're ready to sacrifice our lives for him

    We drink human blood and eat human flesh
    Ready to cleanse world from christian trash
    Mist's turning black and dense like a stone
    In Legion we trust, in fight we'll be gone

    Armed with spiked armors and sharpened swords
    From depths of darkness is marching the horde
    Ready to fight with mankind face to face
    To vapour from this world every its trace


    (mid 2011)

    Almighty Daemon
    Emperor ov Hell
    Hallowed be Thy Name
    Raise legion from graves
    Deliver me from people
    Hear my forlorn call
    Do not let me fall
    Dwell in depths of me
    My weakness forgive
    Embrace me I am bleak
    Voice yours through me speak
    Dye my veins with hate
    Boil my blood in flames
    Paint my eyes with green
    Give me strength to win
    Thou shalt dead become
    Let your Kingdom come


    (early 2012)

    The meeting in void is finally happening
    At no time in no place and no one's the host
    No one came to share the deepest thoughts
    And no one found this event worth coming for


    (late 2011)

    The science's like a forest
    A plain of trees of wisdom
    One dare to reach by hand all
    But cannot, to be honest

    The deeper one's submerging
    The less oxygen's holding
    And more fluids swallowing
    Distancing from the surface

    'cause mind is like a jigsaw
    And we can choose the image
    By picking different pieces
    All from the very same piles


    (mid 2011)

    Thy appalling, recalcitrant stagnation
    Infests motherly womb of derivation
    So charming yet filth-painted nation
    Thus all ye pests deserve purification

    Bathed in impure germ of generosity
    Fallacies accosts delusive reality
    Stab to conform every association
    Nihilism impugns inept ratiocination


    Broken Backbone - Intro (I Think, Therefore I Suffer) (early 2011)

    They are still talking about the old shit
    They are still talking about shit
    They are still about shit
    They are about shit
    They are shit
    They shit
    They are nothing at all
    Ashes in the void


    (late 2009)

    Cover my eyes with flames
    As my world stands in fire
    I don't want to play any games
    Just fulfill the only desire

    My mind is still intoxicated
    There's something hidden untold
    Everything I felt seems deleted
    I'm slowly drowning in cold

    You're smart, young and shy
    Your eyes shine like a twilight
    Why won't you just let be mine
    How should I act to avoid fight

    Your brown hair glides on the breeze
    I want them to cover my sorrow
    Your soft clothes make me feel freezed
    But inside I feel so hollow


    Risen v0id - v0id36.bigotry (mid 2011)

    How ironic it is
    That my march may seem pointless
    When I'm forced to walk
    Beside empty faces?


    Mealann - Das Mondlicht (late 2011)

    About the time of fall
    They will see through ashes
    Nothing feels like void
    Swallowing crystal castles


    Mealann - der Welt der Asche (early 2012)

    As light becomes as dark as they
    No visions remain
    A single suicide note
    No more reason to stay
    No more reason to grow
    To the end
    I bow


    Mealann - Das Ritual (late 2011)

    Desolated, the purification of hatred had grown enough
    Cold spirits of aether haunt the old forests
    Lives of them are banished, no one sings their psalms
    Legions of rejected souls reap their cursed lands
    Their light has faded away, water cries silently
    Only wind holds the hosts of forgotten remembrance
    Rain drops into wells that never ends, they fall so
    Dwelling in dead space beneath matter and metaphysical structures


    (mid 2012)

    Her body, covered in my thoughts
    Her voice, vibrating in sounds
    Her eyes, constant in my sight
    She is, priestess of my mind

    Her dreams, silent and untold
    Her fears, burning in the cold
    Her soul, enclosed in the host
    She is, my beautiful ghost

    Mastermind and an abstract phantom
    King and queen of the inner sanctum


    "Entrance" (mid 2012)

    The surface's rustling as autumnal wind
    Swallowing droplets of brightening ink
    Painting the unseen in different cloaks
    Reflecting spectrum of all single strokes

    Through hesitation, the symphonies last
    Glowing stunningly in the darkness vast
    For those who detach towards the still verge
    Awaiting waters of senses submerged

    Come, my disciple, stand on the shore
    We'll traverse the deep seas of limitless lore
    Diving in wisdom, that dismay dispels
    Bringing your teal eye where my kingdom dwells

    Fathoming its halls though fills one with cold
    Sheathing the swift minds with dense heart of old
    Behold, my sole beauty and preserve your grace
    From vile thorns lurking in further embrace


    "Germ" (mid 2012)

    Recurring visions of dreams collapsing
    Within a form of deathless mist lasting
    Despite the shining sparkles emerging
    Deep in the sad eyes, ambitions purging

    The walls of reason are dense but still thin
    Through shattered fragments doubt reaches the skin
    Erasing candor and painting the dusk
    Behind a rigid, emotionless mask

    Fate's shaping a ghoul, a remnant of child
    Repellent and vile, whose instincts are wild
    The embers of longing still glowing in mind
    For times of existence of place for his kind

    Despise me, preceptor, as I am a pest
    Effigy of weakness, a germ to detest
    I, miserable and entwined by fears
    Begging for pity and drowning in tears


    "Distant" (mid 2012)

    A rain of confusion has fallen sudden
    Cloaking with puddles the paths untrodden
    Leaving the silent dismay slumbering
    Awaiting reason to enforce the spurring

    Where are you, Luna, my sun of the blind?
    The night's getting darker and darker in mind
    So abstract wanderer who followed your guide
    Can't locate his way home without your pale light

    Each time of oppression you used to be close
    Distracting the demons, to fill with purpose
    There is no replacement, divines on their face
    Reflecting in each step your most precious trace

    The mind got addicted, as soul and their host
    Who strays in the distress, in himself he's lost
    Despite all prominence, as departure lasts
    There is no more present nor future but past


    "Escape" (late 2012)

    I put a hand on my neck that's aching
    Where touching fills me with cold painstaking
    And tie it around like an old, dreadful rope
    To replace with coldness the blackening hope

    In this empty room of every soul banished
    In which I linger, though wishing to vanish
    Filled with cigarette smoke dimming vision
    When each exhaust pukes the mental divisions

    The hand's grip still tighten nurturing feelings
    That all of these horrors I'm daily concealing
    Now seem to be fading in all this distraction
    As I'm limply falling towards my last action

    A second of journey, my ultimate phase
    Each torment is dealt with, each memory erased
    Until neck is burning and hand's losing friction
    I'm back to the room, and smoke, and affliction


    "Unite" (late 2012)

    I dive into waters of vast infinity
    Slumbering quietly in peace and dignity
    Beholding miracles to ascend and lighten
    Revering the silence yet hateful and frightened

    Each tide erases thorns from my face
    Filling with delight, tranquil and grace
    Letting it graze drops and linger in moss
    To forget the sorrows, nostalgia and loss

    Cast me your waves, waters, waves that can heal
    Ease my suffering of exiled zeal
    When spirit of water meets structure in flames
    None of misfortunes shall remain the same

    A crystal of feelings is forming in space
    Rotating gracefully and touching my face
    Forgive me, my waters, desires of mine
    To covet is human, to offer divine


    "Bitterness" (2013)

    Sharpen your teeth, my prominent son
    Without the callousness your soul will be gone
    In cold of perdition one struggles to find
    Solace for his spirit and place for his mind

    Forget all compassion, as told by your father
    Keep loving yourself, ignore the rest rather
    Commitment is blinding, enslaving you worse
    Have no expectations, hence have no remorse

    Make no damn promises, a leech is who holds
    And insecure always remind of your faults
    The world is indifferent as grey autumn sky
    What's dead doesn't matter, what's living will die

    Excuse me, dear father, I must interrupt
    Your insight is blinded and values corrupt
    Your hopeless soul lingers and turns into shed
    Because of your weakness our mothers are dead


    "Fallen" (2012)

    As one falls through vast sceneries of plague
    Like stones dropped over the bottomless well
    The denser the darkness is tying around
    And longer the distance gets back to the ground


    "Unimportance" (2012)

    A shatter captain's beginning a speech
    While greasy rats are having orations
    Defiling scars with the boiling pitch
    Drawing agony out of stagnation


    Promień księżyca dotyka
    Skażonej strefy oka
    Spalonych kwasem satelit
    Lśni błękitna powłoka

    Astralnej projekcji horyzont blaknie
    Niebieskie ciała płynące z północy
    Odbicie wyblakłej w wodzie powłoki
    Energia solarna wymarłej mocy


    Wzywam do mnie Cię Szatanie
    Piekieł Władco, mój Ty Panie
    Tyś największy, tyś jedyny
    Zwróć swój wzrok na modły krztyny
    Jam szarańczą, jam niegodny
    Ty zaś wielki, niezawodny
    Trzymasz w ryzach świat ten cały
    Tyś potężny, tyś wspaniały
    W stronę twą swój apel wznoszę
    Wysłuchaj mych błagań, proszę
    Padam tuż przed Tobą w trwodze
    Twarz swą chylę ku podłodze
    Wynurz lico z bram ciemności
    Połam wszystkie moje kości
    Ugodź mnie zatrutym nożem
    Niech mi nikt już nie pomoże
    Wypruj żyły, wypruj flaki
    Los już mój bolesny taki
    Przekłuj oczu spisek podły
    Gdyż nie raz mnie już zawiodły
    Nie daj zrobić mi ni kroku
    Wydrzyj z węchu, słuchu, wzroku
    Niechaj rana się otwiera
    Nic prócz bólu nie dociera
    Do mej głowy ucierpiałej
    Z zewnątrz czarnej, wewnątrz białej
    I czerwonej w miejscu oka
    Tam gdzie styka się powłoka
    Z całym kwasem tego świata
    Który gorszy jest niż krata
    Bo wypala co napotka
    Nie od zewnątrz, lecz od środka
    Gdzie nie widać jest zniszczenia
    Próżno szukać zrozumienia
    Więc się ona ku światłości
    Rwie świadectwo głębokości
    Dać i prysnąć kwasem z krwią na
    Ludzkich świadomości okna

    Wyszła z piekieł bram kostucha
    Ludzkie ścierwo chce wyruchać
    Ostrzem kosy lub uchwytem
    Między głową i odbytem
    Wyryć nowe połączenie
    Przez pełne wypatroszenie
    Na ostrze kosy nabijać
    Boleśnie, wolno zabijać


    O Wielcy Ludzie, piękni, wspaniali
    Tak to się skąpo wasz wigor chwali
    Bystre umysły co nigdy w błędzie
    Dar słowa plotą w każde orędzie
    System wartości spytnie usnuty
    By każda ujma powodem do buty
    Była, a atut błyszczał jak złoto
    Świecąc po oczach marnym idiotom.
    Wśród praw do woli, śpiewu zabawy
    Czuję się mały, tak bardzo mały
    Wasza aurora lśni jasna taka
    Że zaślepiła oczy robaka
    Co niby pusto ma pod czerepem
    I wciąż ucieka przed waszym trepem.


    Gdy Wielki kroczy dumnie i snadnie
    Potrząsa gównem, co leży na dnie
    i wodę marnuje, powietrze kradnie
    Jeden plus taki, że już nie spadnie.
    Gówien tych leżą bezkresne pola
    Jedni są słabi, drugich to wola
    Jedyne co mogą, zdołali uchować
    Że wielki może się tym usmarować.


    Ja patrzę z dołu, ty patrzysz z góry
    Ja widzę chuj twój, ty widzisz chmury
    Niby mam gorzej, lecz wpadnij w trwogę
    Chmur nie odgryziesz, ja chuja mogę.


    Tysiące wschodów padło na gębę
    Jak było tępe, tak wciąż jest tępe
    I nawet czas nie miał tej siły
    By leczyć wady mózgowej kiły
    Porzuć marzenia, porzuć starania
    Od dzisiaj liczą się Wymagania
    Wszystko od zaraz, nic od niechcenia
    Zaczynasz spełniać cudze marzenia.


    Wdepnij w robaka - zabawa taka
    Jeśli nie wdepniesz, to będzie draka
    Wszyscy deptają, więc się dołączysz
    Inaczej gorzej od niego skończysz
    Wyrwij mu nogi i wydłub oczy
    Pierdolnij mu tak, że nie podskoczy
    Wbijaj mu igły, oto agonia.
    Uśmiej się teraz, zwal sobie konia.
    Miłe to wszystko, choć jam bohaterem.
    Czemu to wszystko? Ponoć jestem zerem.


    Wielcy jak Wielcy - kochają szczyty.
    I szczytów szczyty, i pasożyty.
    Robaki i grzyby, na to pestycydy.
    By wszystko lśniło bez śladów gnidy.
    Rosnę wśród gaju z muchomorami.
    Kosiarki jeżdżą nam ponad łbami.
    Prowadzą je ślepe i stare chuje.
    Ich nie obchodzi czy leczy, czy truje.
    Bo trawnik równy ma być, a nie kpiną.
    Więc zmarnowane śmieci niech giną.
    Spytasz się czemu się nikt nie przejmuje?
    Bo jestem grzybem, a tamci to chuje.


    Pusty korytarz, puste mieszkanie
    Nie wiem gdzie wchodzę, co mnie zastanie
    Czyj to jest dom i czyje to śmieci
    Czyje w tym domu wyrosły dzieci
    Kto wracał zawsze by siąść przy kawie
    Przy lekkim świetle i sutej strawie
    Kto bezpieczeństwo widział tej norze
    Co w obliczu klęski zawsze pomoże.
    Mnie to nie tyczy, przyszedłem z nożem
    Wyjdę z plamami w czerwieni kolorze


    Czuję się stary, jak kamień stary
    Ciężki i twardy, leżę tak szary
    I bez większego w świecie znaczenia
    Personalny hymn mego unicestwienia
  • 2012 expectations and impressions

    25 mai 2012, 17h03m

    Personal top 10 of 2012:
    a fucking disappointing and soulless year
    1) Anaal Nathrakh - Vanitas
    2) Die Sektor - The Final Electro Solution
    3) Sabaton - Carolus Rex
    4) Delain - We Are the Others
    5) Lunar Aurora - Hoagascht
    6) Blut aus Nord - 777 - Cosmosophy
    7) Grendel - Timewave : Zero
    8) Raventale - Transcendence
    9) A Forest of Stars - A Shadowplay for Yesterdays
    10) Elysian Blaze - Blood Geometry

    Disappointments of 2012:
    1) Darkspace - Dark Space -I reissue ;_;
    2) Trencadis - Ödelagt
    3) Burzum - Umskiptar

    Burzum - Umskiptar
    4/10, I believe Varg is not a metalhead anymore. It all feels used and weak with slightly prominent moments. "Something to expect of third-grade Ukrainian pagan metal band." His current mind condition would suit some more sophisticated forms like ambient or neoclassical.

    Grendel - Timewave : Zero
    7/10, despite half of the (good) songs are destroyed by some lousy elements I can't stand, second half is as good, as expected, if not more.

    Sabaton - Carolus Rex
    9/10, objectively, it's another copy of the same Sabaton's style as on two previous albums, even melodies are recycled, but it has a new, even more powerful strike and becomes very addictive, with no song skipped.

    Delain - We Are the Others
    9/10, objectively, it's another copy of the same Delain's style as on two previous albums. But isn't it what made me like them so much? Thanks.

    Die Sektor - The Final Electro Solution
    6/10, there is no original power anymore, they still have the special, advanced construction which is characteristic for this band, but songs feel used and it's not the dubstep elements' fault.
    9/10, the trailer was too perfect. It contains the very best moments of the album, mixed together well, so listening to the whole thing was just meh, nothing new, like some cheap fillers, at least to me. These tracks are slowly regaining their quality in my eyes.

    Blut aus Nord - 777 - Cosmosophy
    8/10, would be full if not the inconsistent part in Epitome XV, that sort of ruins the final impression for me. Nonetheless, Epitome XVI and XVII are something indescribable I've been craving to hear for a long time. They both remain me speechless.

    Anaal Nathrakh - Vanitas
    9/10, Constellation v2, not as catchy as two previous ones, which I miss. Still, an annihilation and a remarkable proof they're the best in what they do. A grower for me.

    Darkspace - Dark Space -I
    3/10, They never disappoint(ed before). I was expecting no failure, enhancement of their previous work, but instead I received a better-quality version of what I used to love, purged of emotions, sounding like these people got new expansion pack of electro kicks and space ambiance. Huge disappointment. Shift+delete, no purchase. But maybe it's good it was released, so the musicians may realize what they did wrong before recording Dark Space IV, which must be as outstanding as the rest of their material, unless the world would suck even more.

    Raventale - Transcendence
    7/10, apparently it's when there is less atmospheric than black metal. The album feels a bit inconsistent, mostly because of vocals, that anyway fit to the album sound. I love "Without Movement", the rest is just fine. No exaltation, but a good addition.

    Prominent, but not awaited:
    Wilds Forlorn - We, the Damned
    6/10, among Nachtreich and A Forest of Stars, the most prominent pioneer of neoclassical/atmospheric black metal sound. This album adds another gem to the discography.

    Annorkoth - Annorkoth, A Light In The Dark - Disharmony, A Light In The Dark - From One Day To Another
    7/10, BM keeps on improving the unique sound he developed and he's damn good at it. Woods of Desolation / Grey Waters worship. Enthusiasts must be pleased.

    Lunar Aurora - Hoagascht
    9/10, The album objectively is a killer, but I never liked their cold and heavy style. This happened to change with this release, which is something I wanted to hear in a long time. Im Garten is a masterpiece I will remember for the rest of my life. A grower also.

    Elysian Blaze - Blood Geometry
    7/10, what an atmosphere... It feels kind of like Darkspace in an ancient temple, despite many differences in their style. Unique position, worth checking, maybe not for catchiness, but for the atmosphere itself.

    A Forest of Stars - A Shadowplay for Yesterdays
    7/10, the weirder it gets, the better it is. I love how diverted it is, how it affects my imagination. A Prophet for a Pound of Flesh and Corvus Corona both parts especially. So with pigs in Gatherer of the Pure. Quality stuff.

    Sterbeklang - Cosmoderne / Körper und Organ
    6/10, I must say I like a lot these Neptune Towers influences. First two Sterbeklang releases were prominent, his best work to me is 2010's 24k EP and these two 2012 releases are a very interesting ambient vision of brutal death metal musician. It's not something I can listen to everyday, but still very noticeable.

    Neurotech - Decipher vol.1
    7/10, how many symphonic, industrial metal bands do you know? What if they are catchy and very entertaining in addition? Neurotech is and continues to be better with each release.

    Germ - Wish
    7/10, similarly to above. I think Tim is a key to Woods of Desolation and Grey Waters being amazing. His presence makes the tracks epic, innovative and catchy. Despite trance arpeggios sounding cheesy sometimes, it's a very interesting combination of ambient, post-black metal and electronic music. One of a kind, someone had to be first.

    Pravus Abyssus - Demo
    7/10, if you like space black metal, more like Astral Silence, not Darkspace or Trist's
    "Hin", you must be pleased with this release. Especially "Eden" is a mindblowing and inspiring journey. Great debut.

    Basarabian Hills - Spirit of the Native Land
    7/10, Lustre-clone, must-hear position for its fans. The guitar sounds like a haircutting machine, drums are weak as hell, but the whole composition is very atmospheric, dreamy and catchy, mostly because of the bells usage.

    Wintersun - Time I
    8/10, what to introduce? A legendary one. My expectations were bigger than huge when I heard it's finally out after all these years. 8 years of waiting must return something groundbreaking and Wintersun definitely is. Incredibly complex and diverted, not entirely in my taste, but the impression is big.