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17 mars 2010, 19h50m

More metal man! It's been a while since I've bought this many metal records. For starters I got the some Stam1na albums I needed: Stam1na and Raja. There's a new album in the stores now but I still need to get over the third album before I could buy the fourth one. Speaking of fourth albums, I finally got Mastodon's Crack the Skye and I'm a bit disappointed I waited so long. It's fucking amazing. And all of these I found from the record sale! Also from that sale I found Nile's Those Whom the Gods Detest and Napalm Death's compilation Noise For Music's Sake. Good stuff. Last but not least: All Shall Fall from Immortal. Another masterpiece to Immortal's immortal discography.

The compulsory British band bash: Can You Give It and Wall Of Arms from The Maccabees, The Kids Are Sick Again from Maxïmo Park and the breathtaking Whole New Way from The Horrors.

Some random single awesomeness: Fables, We Shall Burn Bright, Heads Will Roll, Autumnsong, Bye Bye Bayou and Gravity's Rainbow.

Some random album finds: Braveface, Matkustaja, Music for Men, Bad Conscience Patrol and last but not least the new album from I Was a Teenage Satan Worshipper; Strange Lights.

Am I forgetting something? Yes I am, the new Vampire Weekend stuff!!! Their new awesome album Contra is clearly different but not too different compared to the first album. Some definitely new ideas there but also some of the stuff that made te first album so brilliant. I hope there will be plenty singles with b-sides incoming!

That is all people. For now.
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