• mountain-church-beer

    27 mai 2009, 18h12m

    wednesday. totally pissed, looking forward to work some days some hours beneath thousands of drunken, smelly and great-feeling people in a dark, cold hole. just fixing a point on the wall and let it happen. or i pick the fuck up my soap and walk out of that huge prison-washroom.
    the only thing that`s worse than money is, is to have no. so i will sell ma body to the night to aware becoming a body on the floor.
    life`s just.

    ps: porque?
    pps: mayby i was lil exaggerating. my job`s good at all.
  • oh its gonna be long, shibby summer

    24 mai 2009, 19h57m

    sunday. hangover, food, sex, sleep, sex, sleep, food, sleep. a lipidous animal in a jungle called life. (in this case an excentric, crusty, ropy, isolated, drunken, nocent, sticky, greasy, smoky, direful and funny one.) next evolutionary step would be to walk erect and to marry instead of reproducing me in a very faky and theoretical way. evolution bred the last time some of the most boring things ever ever ever : money, bureaus, lipcare, town houses, bibleTV, nordic walking, straight edge, coomon-law spouses, diet-choclate, popmusic, ikea. life is too short to mastrubate. guess i have to find an other way. to know that you`ll die is nothing. not to know whether you will live is the suffering.
    11 days til RIP
    39 days til WFF
    60 days til FFF
    mahalo, all the best
    el gabbler aka jpcs