My top ten albums of 2006


31 déc. 2006, 14h19m

In the year 2006 I've discovered so much great music and thought it would be nice to make my own top ten of albums released in 2006. So here it is:

1. World of Sleepers
After listening the "World of Sleepers" teaser at CBL site, I said to myself this has to be the best album this year. Carbon Based Lifeforms did a great job with their first album, Hydroponic Garden, which was my first album, but World of Sleepers is even better, actually. Go ahead and buy this one at It's as cheap as 13,5€. Not only the album itself is brilliant, but the package has a sweet scent too. Thanks to Ultimae guys ;o)
Photosynthesis and Gryning are my favorites.

2. To All New Arrivals
Now this one is a bit unexpected, I didn't believe Faithless could do anything better than their previous masterpieces, especially Outrospective. To All New Arrivals proves me wrong. It's been a month since the release and still this album keeps spinning in my player. Very unusual of me ;) Oh, and I love to hear Dido's voice again.
My favorites are To All New Arrivals and Music Matters.

3. Computer Pop Ep
IJO is a wonderful discovery from Lithuania this year. He is one of my favorite artists already, having a great potential. All IJO's tracks are free to download, Computer Pop EP isn't an exception either. You can download the album and read more about it at
My favorites: Gartenn, Torroko.

4. Blue Shimmery Fall
Just like IJO, Jap Jap is one another quality artist from the Netherlands. If you like Ulrich Schnauss, Kettel, Boards of Canada, I'm sure you'll like Jap Jap's Blue Shimmery Fall. Oh, and it's free too, so get it while it's hot.
BTW, you can support him via and read more about his musical dream at his journal.
Favorites: Never Forget Everything Passes, Living This Dream, Now That You're Here.

5. Eingya
After reading the review at, I couldn't resist getting this album. What I got really surprised me. Eingya is totally one of the best albums I've ever heard. Very deep and breathtaking, that's what Eingya is.
All tracks are my favorites.

6. A Posteriori
I always loved Enigma's stuff, and I did know their newest album will be as great as the previous ones. I find "A Posteriori" even better than "Voyageur", which was nearly perfect to me. Some say it's way too electronic, but that's fine with me ;) Worth buying.
My favorites are 20.000 Miles Over the Sea, Eppur si muove and Sitting on the Moon.

7. Will I Dream During The Process?
Both cold and tranquil: that's what I like about Yagya, and music in general. Inspired by Sutemos and their "Draumar Um Kalt Sumar" compilation, I got Yagya's Will I Dream During the Process? and was immersed into beautiful cold experience. Top quality release.
As It Is, Choose, Change are my favorites.

8. Emotional Diving
Side Liner's tracks have been playing on my player for half a year or so and I'm not yet fed up with that. Very beautiful .
My favorites: Sehnsuncht, Morning Dewdrops.

9. My Dogan
Brilliant IDM here. I'd say it's a top quality example of . Have a try.
Favorites: The Second 2006, Follow Me!, Mauerbrecher, Sekt I Sing.

10. ...Some Funky Fish
I discovered Deep Dive Corp. only a few months ago and already love them. A beautiful chilled out . See for yourself.

Also worth checking out:
Le Spa Sonique
Nuages Du Monde
In A Space Outta Sound
This Binary Universe

Oh, I am in no way affiliated with the artists or labels mentioned above, the links here are for your convenience, not for spamming purpose ;) Have a nice holidays (if any) and new year.


  • schtef

    Wow, you're down with the ambient music, I must check out some of the other albums. Outrospective is my favourite Faithless album as well and I do like the new one :)

    23 jan. 2007, 2h08m
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