• growing up

    23 jan. 2011, 7h42m

    Everything in my life has changed so radically in the past two months... Meeting one friend, then being taken to their friends.. met this girl.. unlike I've ever been with. we've been together for almost a month now and it's strange how a kiss or two stumbled into a relationship thats now closer then I thought it was gonna get, so soon, and it still feels like I've known her longer. Things are a little rocky and I'm not sure how this is all going to end, but I have a feeling it'll be sour. We're not exactly on the same page just yet.. finding common ground is becoming a challege. I love spending time with her but I think her idea of a relationship is a little foggier then mine.

    It's amazing how you go from just going to work, coming home, rinse and repeat to running all over town to hang out here and there and this and that and It's been such an adventure lately. and I'm in way better shape then I used to be. I'm thin but not skinny. I love getting stronger and tighter.

    I want to find a girl with the same inner spark as me. just this carefree confident, cute personality that I can just ramble with all day long. I've never met anyone in person that is quite into the same style as me. I've always been kind of an outcast and yet wondering why. I love being social but I'm more of a listener then a talker, at least at first. When I have something to say I say it.

    I dont know where my future is carrying me with these people, for good or bad. I'm taking it day by day and hoping for the best, expecting the worst.