Top Ten Albums of 2009


9 jan. 2010, 17h57m

I don't even know how to explain this anymore. Between iTunes/Pod,, and the Internet, the way I buy and listen to music is changed forever. So my top albums here aren't going to be my top 10 albums of '09 that were released in '09 - it's going to be the stuff I most-listened-to in 09. Yeah, there's some new stuff there, but there's also some old stuff, some old stuff I just discovered, and at least one vinyl album from the 70's that never made the transition to Compact Disc...

The AliensAstronomy For Dogs
The debut album from the practitioners of neo-psychedelia continued to be a favorite in 09.

Benjamin FaustWalkabout
My son's second album, proving there's room for nepotism everywhere.

The Conet ProjectThe Conet Project
Field recordings of numbers stations. Did well because there's like 4 cd's of tracks, so it popped up frequently in random play.

The AliensLuna
The follow-up to Astronomy for Dogs. Not as good, but still not bad.

The Dandy WarholsEarth to The Dandy Warhols
There's always room for a new Dandy Warhols album.

The Chemical BrothersWe Are The Night
The latest from the Chemicals, who keep getting better and better.

Captain SensibleRevolution Now
A boatload of electropop fun from the ex-bassist of The Damned.

Cowboys InternationalRevisited
My favorite album of all time.

The Chemical BrothersPush the Button
Hmm, I seemed to have listened to a lot of Chemical Brothers this year. Probably because this one contains my favorite Chemicals track, "Hold Tight London."

Preston ThomasAmends 4the Prodigal Son
Some guy out in Illinois who did a record of great R & B and self-released it. My son found him on and recommended him because his style reminded him of Brian Protheroe.


The DecemberistsThe Hazards of Love
Who would have thought The Decemberists were this ambitious? Just when I thought the album was dead, they make a piece of music that demands to be listened to from one end to the other. (H/T Rob Treynor)

Brad SucksI Don't Know What I'm Doing
The debut from the one man band with no fans continued to be a favorite with me this year.

Tony LevinDouble Espresso
Levin's live album shows off his remarkable career, with tasty covers (including Genesis) and some great original stuff. It's prog-tastic! (H/T Dan Sonnier)

Dom LiberatiHumans
I met this local boy while freelancing for a public access cable TV program. He's now rocking in L.A., reaching for the brass ring.

Joe JacksonRain
Still the man.

Bram TchaikovskyFunland
The greatest powerpop album never reissued on CD. H/T to some anonymous vinyl ripper.


  • NoMoreMarbles

    I'm just discovering The Aliens... I got Luna first (haven't got the first one yet) and I think it's amazing... so that you think the first one is even better is quite exciting. I'll be getting it.

    12 jan. 2010, 17h55m
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