• Foreign Exchange 'Leave it All Behind'

    3 sept. 2008, 23h29m

    For those of whom are fans of the Tay and Nicolay...I present to you the album cover and tracklisting of 'Leave it All Behind', courtesy of nahright.

    Leave It All Behind will be available as a digital download on 10/7 and a double CD with instrumentals will hit stores on 10/14. There will also be 1000 pieces of limited edition vinyl with a couple of exclusive remixes.
  • AC3 Hip-Hop Festival

    19 fév. 2008, 17h15m

    March 20-22 CW Midtown Complex
    1374 West Peachtree Street

    3 Day Pass=$33
    Purchase of this ticket will allow entry to all A3C events taking place that weekend from March 20-22

    March 20-22 will bring in the fourth annual A3C Hip Hop Festival taking place in Atlanta Georgia at the CW Midtown Complex. The A3C has grown into the Southeast's largest Hip Hop festival presenting three days of live music, street fashion, art installations, break dancing, gaming, technology, skateboarding, film, speakers & panel discussions and more! The A3C's lineup offers a wide range of talent pulling from the East to the West Coast, and all the way down to the Southern Coast… get it? 'All 3 Coasts.' From the daytime events to the nightly performances, the A3C Hip Hop Festival is the one time each year in which the Southeast provides a destination for Hip Hop fans, artists, and industry related individuals to converge and celebrate the experience of Hip Hop culture.

    A3C's First 11 Artists Announced

    We know that we’ve kept you waiting but we’ve been working hard to present a lineup that is going to blow the doors off the CW Complex at this year’s A3C! It’s been a lot of checking schedules, paperwork, etc, but in the end, it’s worth it. So here you have it; the first in our three installations of artist announcements. This is the first third of who you’ll be able to see this year:
    Del Tha Funkyhomosapien
    Guilty SimpsoN
    Blu & Ta'Raach (C.R.A.C.)
    Tanya Morgan
    John Robinson (Lil Sci)
    Hangar 18
    Nobody Famous
    Binkis Recs
    DJ Lord of Public Enemy

    A3C's SECOND 11 Artists Announced

    Last week it was the doors, but with this week’s artist announcement, we’re quite certain that the roof will be blown off the CW Complex as well. Never has Atlanta seen a lineup like this all in one weekend! This week’s announcement presents Little Brother who have been holding down the Southeast via North Carolina before, during and after their stint on Atlantic Records. And speaking of Atlantic Records, if you haven’t yet caught the vapors of their new addition to the roster, Atlantan native B.o.B is killing ‘em with his LRG mixtape. We couldn’t forget to mention the fact that Jeru the muthaf*#@ing Damaja is going to be in the building at the A3C probably doing the usual; warding off Mr. Ignorance and stuff. Other hometown heroes such as DJ Klever, Rasta Root, Collective Efforts and Proton will be helping us to paint the town in Technicolor. With Insight coming to rock from Boston via Germany (what!?!) along with Rawkus 50-ists Kaze, Supastition and the AB’s, it’s going to be nothing short of a sensory overload.

    * Little Brother
    * Jeru The Damaja
    * B.o.B
    * DJ Klever
    * Proton
    * Insight
    * DJ Rasta Root
    * Collective Efforts
    * Kaze
    * Supastition
    * The Alias Brothers (AB’s)

    As a special offer celebrating our first artists announcement, we are offering 333 3-day passes for $33. Jump on these fast because as we announce the rest of the line-up these prices will go up and all the tickets will be gone. Three day passes are your only guarantee to get into every room for every event throughout the festival.

    Enter Now to Compete

    This is for all you hungry producers. This is simple so we’ll keep it short. To enter the iStandard Producer Showcase, you must first have a ticket confirmation number which you will receive upon purchasing a 3-day pass. Then, CLICK HERE to go to the iStandard submission page where you must enter your information and in the “For What City?” field, select “Atlanta.” You will be prompted to enter your Ticket Confirmation Number. Submit your beat samples and hit “Send Submission.”

    The Strictly Accessories & Sneakers Fashion Event

    You've seen the custom sneakers giveaway. You've seen the new website design. If you haven't caught on yet, the A3C is going be flossin' this year! With the first ever fashion event as part of the festival, the A3C is presenting something truly unique to the world of fashion. Counter Couture is an event that brings the nuanced and subtle products of the fashion world center stage. Absent will be the commonly found coats, pants, shirts, tees, jeans, and frocks. In their place will be beautiful models covered in body paint (courtesy of showcasing necklaces, chains, sunglasses, hats, watches, earrings, sneakers and more! We know that you hear this saying all the time and it's really played out, but trust us when we say this... you're NOT going to want to miss this. So on Friday March 21st, don't even THINK about entering the building with some scuffed-ass sneakers, rocking some frumpy 'ole tee that still has your initials on the tag that your Mom wrote the first day of high school!

    Coming To ATL Like Never Before

    We're gassed that a Red Bull BC One B-Boy event is coming to hold us down here in the ATL this Spring on the third day of the A3C, March 22nd! Red Bull has taken the BC One all over the world from Brazil to South Africa. Quickly becoming one of the premiere events in the world for top flight battles, this will unquestionably be one of the biggest events to hit the Southeastern B-Boy circuit in a while! More details to come soon...

    Two on Two Open B-Boy Battle
    Friday night of the A3C, we’re going to sweep the floors, break out the linoleum, and put on our Puma track-suits because the Double Up B-Boy battle is going down. Who remembers back in Kindergarten when the teacher told you to hold hands with your ‘buddy’ so you wouldn’t get lost? Well this is somewhat similar except that instead of trying not to get lost, this two on two buddy system is set up to embarrass the competition and win that luccini.

    This is an open event to all B-Boys and B-Girls who purchase 3-day passes to the A3C. Sign ups will be on site the day of. DJs Basic and Dirty Digits will be providing the breaks that we know you all need and crave. The best part you ask? $1,000 cash prize will be awarded to the winners! The even better part? The finals will be carried over to the following day at the Red Bull BC One event on the big stage as the opening battle!

    Saturday 2/16 @ The Earl (in East Atlanta)

    DJs Dainja & Synthesis (of Psyche Origami) and the rest of the Dumpsterdive DJs (including Spytek and Wise) will host this exclusive one-night preview of Atlanta's 4th Annual A3C Hip-Hop Festival, a three day event held in March at the CW Music Complex. Join local artists, press, and sponsors for an evening filled with surprise performances, guest DJs, ticket giveaways, and the official A3C lineup announcement. ($3, 21+)

    About Dumpsterdive: The 'dive was a record store founded by DJs Synthesis and Spytek, located in downtown ATL from Fall 2005 to Fall 2007. The store may be closed now, but the DJs live on. This is the first event to reunite the crew since the store's closing.

    BREAKING NEWS: John Robinson (aka Lil Sci) will be in attendance and will perform a few songs from his new project. Don't sleep!

    January's Winner, Once Last Chance

    Congrats to Frank Thomas from ATL who was randomly selected from the pile of entries we've received from all you sneaker heads, die hard A3C fans, or those of you who just simply wanted an extra free pair of kicks. Respect to any of those categories you fall into. Frank wrote to us and explained that we came just in time. You might find it hard to believe but Frank aka DJ Gman has been seriously suffering with his sneaker game. In we come along with the homies from THESNKRBOX to save him from the ridicule of his esteemed peers by finally blessing him with an exclusive set of his 1st (yes that's first) AF1's. "Thank goodness for the benevolence of others," he said.

    THERE'S ONLY ONE CHANCE LEFT TO WIN SOME KICKS. ENTER NOWLittle BrotherTanya MorganWaleBluJeru the DamajaJohn RobinsonNobody FamousProtonKaze