Broken [up] and not so easily fixed


2 mai 2008, 6h12m

So there are a few bands this year whose splits I'm kind of cut about. I know it happens, but sometimes it feels like all the bands I like are breaking up.

At Soundwave in February I skipped The Starting Line in favour of Sugarcult (mainly because I wanted to make my way to the front/near the front for Cartel and MAE, but also because I wanted to hear Memory), and The Receiving End of Sirens for Motion City Soundtrack (despite having already seen/met the latter, albeit acoustic at an instore). As it turned out, this was a mistake. TSL announced a hiatus (until 2011, I believe) shortly after, then TREOS announced their breakup. While I'm glad TREOS didn't give us false hope by calling it an "indefinite hiatus", like pretty much every other band these days, I was really disappointed to know they'd broken up.

TSL are good pop-punk, but I don't have any special love for them - I like their music, sure, but there are other bands I like a whole lot more in the same genre. TREOS, on the other hand, I'd only just gotten into (thanks to blinvisible, who - to his credit - had been telling me I should listen to them for a while). I wish I'd taken Stefan's advice earlier and become more familiar with them, because then I'd probably have seen them at SW before they'd broken up. What's done is done, I guess.

The breakup that's really hit me this year is Yellowcard's, though. One of those "indefinite hiatuses", but I can't see them getting back together anytime soon - apparently they haven't been getting along too well for a while. I think they really went downhill after Ben Harper left the band. Paper Walls was very acceptable, but Lights and Sounds was really terrible, with barely a redeeming track. I miss the days of Ocean Avenue, which was definitely their best album, and One for the Kids, which wasn't as solid an album but had some brilliant songs. Perhaps it's for the best that they split now on a (relatively) high note before putting out another dud like Lights and Sounds, but I'm still upset that I never got to see them live, having been obsessed with them as I was before they put out Lights and Sounds (one bad or inferior album tends to spoil a band for me, as The Chronicles of Life and Death did for Good Charlotte - I still haven't even listened to Good Morning Revival, though Don Gilmore produced it). Their last visit to Australia was in August, when they played an 18+ show in Melbourne ten days before my 18th birthday. Sigh.

At least Sommerset are reforming, and I hear they're planning dates in Melbourne. Perhaps there's always still hope.


  • kalsonberry

    I'm really sad about Yellowcard too, I hope they get back together eventually!

    3 mai 2008, 1h00m
  • Jedi_Amara

    To be completely honest, I doubt they'll get back together. I hear that the [i]original[/i] Yellowcard (from Where We Stand days) are playing together again now, though, under the name Where We Stand. Not quite the same - no Ryan(s), for one thing.

    3 mai 2008, 12h26m
  • drumaboy70

    Yellowcard was SO good live and they have said after 2 years or so they will return, they just want a chance to get everything situated with their personal lives and all of that

    13 oct. 2008, 7h35m
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