Chimaira @ Colchester Arts Center 20/3/12


23 mars 2012, 19h00m

Tue 20 Mar – Chimaira

So, after attending the Norwich gig, I was VERY excited about catching the next stop on the tour. Unfortunately, this wasn't a sold-out show either, and as so often happens in Colchester, there weren't many folks out for the show. Even during the headliners, the place wasn't packed out. A real shame, but for me, at the front, it was another SICK gig!

As a bonus, there was extra band on this nights bill in the form of Essex's own Tides Of Virtue. The crowd was thin, and typically still, but I still enjoyed their set. They play a pretty standard hardcore/metal sound, but they do it well, and despite little reaction their stage rpesence was spot on. I will definitely be keeping my eye out for these guys!

Tides of Virtue - Malevolence (album on Spotify)

Neosis followed. Yet again, the crowd didn't really have a clue who they were to begin with, but seemed to have created a buzz by the end of their set. I fucking loved it (as I said in my last review their Norwich set was the moment I knew I'd be coming to this gig!) and did my best to break my neck in appreciation. I'm so happy I saw them again, and will definitely be anticipating their return one day!

The Welsh boys in Revoker absolutely killed it again. They seem to have a standard routine, but their stage presence is great and they really get the crowd going. They have a sound which fans of heavier music can appreciate and headbang to, and those in search of a tune can also appreciate. They should (if their not already) be rising stars, and if they're not already cover stars, then I imagine they will be massive cover stars by the end of the year, a big festival set would really clinch it.
(appologies, I have no idea whats going on in the music press right now lol)

Revoker - Revenge For The Ruthless (album on Spotify)

Finally, Chimaira delivered another astounding headline set. The venue can be a bit less intimate with the distance of the stage from the barrier, but the band made up for the distance with a pitch perfect performance. The set was nicely varied from the previous nights set, and the guys seemed to be having a great time on stage and get the crowd going. All I know, is that I'd been to the best 2 gigs of the year so far, and that's a year which has included seeing Cannibal Corpse! I can't wait for all these bands to return, so I can see them again.

Chimaira - The Age Of Hell (album on Spotify)

Overall, this was another great gig, and I was so wishing I was rich and could follow them furthur. As it is, I discovered a couple of new bands, continued to raise my opinion of another, and am now a Chimaira fanatic! An amazing 2 days, an amazing 2 gigs, and some awesome bands. If you get the chance to see ANY of these bands live, then don't miss out!



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