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  • Nephologia

    Merry Christmas to you, my friend. :) Enjoy your break.

    25 déc. 2008 Répondre
  • Nephologia

    Phew! All done with the new issue, and taking a much needed break. Got my glass of wine and my Smokey Robinson cued up. ;) So, yes, I've listened to a little AIC and Soundgarden. Both good. As for me and classical - did the obligatory grade school violin and music-reading, moved into classical, folk and flamenco guitar, then off into progressive fingering, music composition, songwriting. * So what's your focus in college? Music-oriented? ~N.

    12 août 2008 Répondre
  • girl_from_oz

    Nice wide taste in music you have there

    5 août 2008 Répondre
  • Nephologia

    Mother Love Bone's "Chloe Dancer / Crown of Thorns" is my favorite song by them. I knew Andy Wood casually, and unfortunately, rather briefly before he OD-d. Their CDs weren't easy to find locally, back in the day, and when I first joined Last.fm, "Chloe" was the only track I could find here! I'm very pleased to find many more of MLB's tunes here now, and that so many people are discovering the forerunner of Pearl Jam (all over again). And I really like TOTD, too. :) ** So, "Hedonism" and "Weak" were the songs that hooked me on Skin / Skunk Anansie. Heard some solo stuff recently, and it's chill-making! Bah, all those naysayers scorning her for the break. ** I admit some of my listening leans towards mood, but more of it has to do with really enjoying variety - and I've had ample time to develop varying tastes over the years; open mind, friends from all walks of life, and an appreciation for craft rooted in classical composition (due to my own musical background). ~N

    27 jui. 2008 Répondre
  • Mike_Anthony

    Thank you for joining Yet Another Pointless Group... :) Make sure to pay careful attention to Rule #3. Ciao!

    26 jui. 2008 Répondre
  • Nephologia

    I just noticed you listen to Skunk Anansie! Awesome. :) It impresses me that you have a nice variety of contemporary rock and soul artists all mixed in with classic composers and score-writers. It's giving me some ideas for recs. for you, skimming from other prog. rock and symphonic metal artists. ;) And glad to hear you're recovered.

    25 jui. 2008 Répondre
  • Nephologia

    Yay! Stylistics! Yes, Thompkins, jr. has a mean voice. And I always did have a thing for Airion Love's smooth vocals. Not sure if I've heard the Impressions. But Mayfield's "Move On Up" is a favorite. It's nice that you've taken on some of your mom's tastes, and still explore all kinds of music genres. :) ~N.

    3 jui. 2008 Répondre
  • Nephologia

    Been a long time since I listened to anything specifically by Vereen, but his "Bye Bye Love" from All That Jazz is notable. :) Have heard Hot Buttered Soul, delicious ;) and don't remember which Mayfield I've heard over the years - mostly radio. Do you listen to any Stylistics? ~N

    28 juin 2008 Répondre
  • Nephologia

    Heya, thanks for your shout. I do like Curtis Mayfield. :) Most of my soul music collection has yet to be replaced from *cough cough* vinyl and *cough* cassettes, so my scrobblin' activity is skewed here at Last.fm. :) When friends take the time to peruse my whole lists, though, they discover that I listen to a huge array of old and new, and amongst numerous genres. I see you also like Isaac Hayes. Mmmm! What a voice. Do you like Ben Vereen and Lou Rawls? Sexy pipes. Feel free to chat me up up about music anytime. :) ~Neph

    27 juin 2008 Répondre
  • Nephologia

    Greetings from Canada, and /salute for your sensible and fair attitude. ;) I like your classic tastes in music, too. ~Neph

    26 juin 2008 Répondre
  • blkguythatrock

    thanks man ;) and your tastes are awesome

    24 juin 2008 Répondre
  • besto76


    17 juin 2008 Répondre
  • RudiMoser

    hi - thanks for stopping by - rgds RM

    24 avr. 2008 Répondre
  • fks

    Hello there. You really have some great taste! Nice to see someone appreciate Basil!

    4 déc. 2006 Répondre

À propos de moi

Yes, I exist.

I'm a college student floating through the spring semester. I listen mostly to film scores with a smattering of alternative and classic soul. I really like Basil Poledouris, Jerry Goldsmith, Curtis Mayfield, and Al Green. I also like to sashay through the sargassum.

Current favorite track: "Unyielding Conditioning" by Fishbone.

Current favorite scores: Conan the Barbarian (Poledouris), Alien (Goldsmith), Flesh + Blood (Poledouris), Ravenous (Albarn & Nyman), Dragonslayer (North).

50,000th track: "Recovery" by Basil Poledouris at 9:38pm on August 19th, 2008.

R.I.P. K.C., one very good, very fat cat. May 28th, 1994 - April 20th, 2006.
R.I.P. Basil Poledouris. You truly had the gift of fury.

There are four lights. Have a nice day.

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