Initial Reactions 1/31/12 - Cloud Nothings, Porcelain Raft, Hospitality, Wiley


2 fév. 2012, 17h21m

Cloud Nothings - Attack on Memory (Noise Rock/Punk)

Thank you 2012. Seriously, it's about time. If post-punk, punk, noise rock, or really any form of harder indie rock is in your wheelhouse, it's probably as good as you're going to get this year. "No Future/No Past" builds fantastically, basically on one line throughout the song (until the end). "Stay Useless" should sound good to just about anyone's ears; it serves as the most pop-like song on the album and resembles late-80's-to-early-90's punk. "Wasted Days" comes in at an epic nine minutes and doesn't waste a second.

Way Too Quick Verdict: The first album of 2012 that I can comfortably say is going to make my Top 20 for albums of the year. Probably the first I can say will comfortably make my top 50. "No Future/No Past" and "Stay Useless" will probably easily make my 'Top x-amount Songs of the Year".

Porcelain Raft - Strange Weekend (Electro-Pop)

If stupid stuff bothers you, let me get this out of the way: the dude sorta sounds like a chick. Now that this is out of the way, let me say that this definitely has its good moments. "Unless You Speak From Your Heart" is dense in electronic production, featuring wails and effects (and tambourine). It's a legitimate indie hit that I'm sure I'll be hearing over and over in's indie and electronic rooms. Much of the rest of the album is probably closer to the lo-fi end of the spectrum, sometimes sounding fantastic, sometimes a bit forgettable.

Way Too Quick Verdict: Probably a little too soon for me to say whether this is a list contender, but there is definitely a lot to like here.

Hospitality - Hospitality (Indie Pop)

This is quite nice. I think that's the best way to explain this. The majority of Hospitality is light, airy, female-sung pop that occasionally throws in some pretty surprising moments. Musically, if you delve far enough into it, it is quite fantastic. The drumming is technically sound and adds some interesting moments to even their most standard songs. "Eighth Avenue" and "Friends Of Friends" are wonderful ways to start the album, and "Sleepover" is just about the best song to wake up from a slumber to (ask me, because that's exactly what I woke up to this morning).

Way Too Quick Verdict: Scratch that, there's probably two Top 50 albums in this bunch. This is one that I'll definitely keep listening to throughout the year, and you will too if you enjoy indie pop in the vein of Camera Obscura or the lighter moments of Rilo Kiley.

Wiley- Evolve or Be Extinct (British Rap)

Wiley is Wiley here. Many uptempo beats, solid production all around, and English dudes always sound cool when they rap. Not a whole lot for me to delve into yet, besides the fact that it does contain a solid contender for worst lyrics of the year ("Immigration"; it is laughable).

Way Too Quick Verdict: Standard Wiley here. If you like him or later Dizzee Raz stuff, you'll probably enjoy this.


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