amazing approved of communists as awesome has having testicles in your face when you wake up awesome awesome dude awesome metal badass bastard beer best act ever better than metallica better than pantera better than slayer black metal british radio brutal death metal brutal thrash metal celtic comedy communist crossover crossover thrash death metal dfs theme tune doom metal doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom epic epic metal epic win extreme metal far more brutal than any of your goregrind and brutal death metal bands female vocalists folk metal fucking amazing fucking awesome general win genius god godlike genius godly groove metal hail hail manowar hard rock hardcore hates black people heavy heavy metal here to ride bike here to shred wheat i really hate breakdowns infected nation instrumental legend lol melodic death metal metal metal gods metalcore music that makes your head explode of amazement national hero necrosadistic pagan black metal necrosadistic pagan mallcore not such a bad guy nu metal nu-metal nwobhm old school death metal pagan podcast power metal pradeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep progressive death metal progressive metal progressive rock progressive thrash metal radio rickrolled riff overdose rock space metal speed metal speeed stoner doom stoner metal technical death metal technical metal technical thrash metal the best thing to ever happen to music the guy from slipknot once replaced me for a concert thrash thrash fucking metal thrash metal to listen traditional doom metal true as fuck true scottish pirate metal unocore varg does not approve of this blasphemy whalecore