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Tesla BoyDark Street Coups de cœur 14 sept. 15h02m
CaribouOdessa 14 sept. 14h57m
Real de CatorceMe miraba a los ojos 14 sept. 14h54m
Moss Of AuraDrag Coups de cœur 14 sept. 14h49m
MirrorsWays to an End Coups de cœur 14 sept. 14h46m
Bonnie TylerTotal Eclipse of the Heart 14 sept. 14h40m
Bomba EstéreoTambora Coups de cœur 14 sept. 14h32m
Two Steps from HellFreedom Fighters Coups de cœur 14 sept. 14h27m
Cold CaveBelieve in my Blood Coups de cœur 14 sept. 14h22m
Pet Shop BoysAxis Coups de cœur 14 sept. 14h17m
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  • Berrieworld

    For a French music lover: the new single by Calogero is a stunner! It tells the story of the brutal, totally incomprehensible murder of two 20-year-old boys, Kevin & Sofiane. "Plus jamais ça!" - "That, never again!"

    25 juin 22h58m Répondre
  • Berrieworld

    Hey! A nice discovery I made the other day: 'Proa' by Argentinian band Tremor.

    17 avr. 17h53m Répondre
  • Kershlaus91

    Gracias por tu respuesta , todavia tengo unas semanas pesadas... pero bueno tengo buena musica cuando estudio jaja. Gracias tambien por tu consejo, la escucharé en la semana. Ahora estoy discubriendo otras piezas de jazz de los 60s-70s, me encantaaaaa!

    17 avr. 1h13m Répondre
  • Kershlaus91

    Well thank you man,that is nice of you. :) Tu también tiene una variedad interesante de artistas, aqui veo algo de Visage con Bill Evans, Monk y Gainsbourg jaja. Ah si esaba pensando en tratando de empezar a escuchar algo de Nina Hagen pero no sé donde emepezar.

    6 avr. 22h50m Répondre
  • Berrieworld

    I was wondering if you know Trust, the Canadian project of Robert Alfons? His debut album 'TRST' was my favourite album of 2012 (check out 'Bulbform' & 'Dressed For Space'). His slithering voice is part of the attraction why I listened to this album again and again. And now he's back with a new album, 'Joyland' and it's another stunner! Check out the singles 'Rescue, Mister' and 'Capitol'. Highly recommended!

    14 fév. 21h03m Répondre
  • Stefanszz

    Cool tastes brah

    24 jan. 22h59m Répondre
  • Berrieworld

    Hiya! Hope you have a great 2014! :-) The new year has barely started and I've found yet another great album: From The Sea To The Land Beyond, by British Sea Power, is the soundtrack to old movie fragments celebrating British coast life. Great sounds!

    7 jan. 19h11m Répondre
  • Berrieworld

    You're right: 'Celestial Light Beings' is a great album! It's cold, it's sombre, it's sexy and it's absolutely delightful :-) My favourite song is 'Se7en'.

    7 déc. 2013 Répondre
  • Berrieworld

    I must admit I didn't know Desolate. I can listen to 30 second snippets on eMusic. It sounds really nice, and some fragments make me think of Burial immediately: the same chirpy sound. I like it and will most probably download it, just like its predecessor 'The Invisible Insurrection'. That's a nice top 10 by the way! I have probably added & removed Aline's album in my list 10 times or so. In the end it sadly lost the 'race'...

    5 déc. 2013 Répondre
  • Berrieworld

    I'm having fun counting down to my album of the year :-) Do you have any favourites this year?

    4 déc. 2013 Répondre
  • Irishized

    Hola :) Veo que eres un aficionado de Loreena McKennitt... mi artista favorita ! Me encantaría ir a su concierto un día, su voz es maravillosa en vivo

    20 nov. 2013 Répondre
  • Berrieworld

    Not sure if I can tempt you with this... Polish (film) composer Zbigniew Preisner has released a new album. 'Diaries of Hope' was inspired by the diaries and poems of Polish children who were victims of the Holocaust. The album features the Warsaw Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, Archie Buchanan and Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance ('Lament' in the album version is more than 17 minutes long!). In 2011 I was completely besotted with 'A Winged Victory for the Sullen'; I'm wondering if the same is happening to me with 'Diaries of Hope'...

    12 nov. 2013 Répondre
  • Berrieworld

    Lights and Offerings was one of my favourite albums in 2011. It's got awfully quiet on the Mirrors front - apparently they've split!

    11 nov. 2013 Répondre
  • Berrieworld

    Aw, you're playing Aline :-) They're one of my French discoveries this year! And there's more: find out about Lescop and the wonderful voice of Yan Wagner, you won't regret it!

    10 nov. 2013 Répondre
  • Berrieworld

    Now here's a discovery! Ásgeir Trausti Einarsson is just 21, hails from Iceland and beat Sigur Rós & Björk as bestselling artist with his debut album "Dýrð Í Dauðaþögn" in 2012. John Grant (thé John Grant, yes, now an inhabitant of Iceland) translated Ásgeir's lyrics (mostly written by his old father) into English and the debut album was re-released as "In The Silence". A stunningly mature work for such a young man. Keep an eye on him! Some songs: Dýrð í Dauðaþögn (from his Icelandic album), King and Cross and Torrent.

    8 nov. 2013 Répondre
  • Berrieworld

    Oh sure, Cold Cave's pretty good! Hard to choose between 'Cherish The Light Years' and 'Cremations' though. Mr.Kitty is far more mainstream, but I like both!

    6 oct. 2013 Répondre
  • Berrieworld

    Don't know if you're into synthpop, but I've just discovered Mr.Kitty, a 21-year-old American guy, whose most recent album 'Life' is catchy as hell! Check out 'London'.

    6 oct. 2013 Répondre
  • Berrieworld

    Thank you for the Ashram tip :-) Shining Silver Skies especially is a beautiful album!

    20 sept. 2013 Répondre
  • januox

    ᴛ̶̷̲̅ʜ̶̷̲̅ᴀ̶̷̲̅ɴ̶̷̲̅ᴋ̶̷̲̅s̶̷̲̅ ̶̷̲̅ғ̶̷̲̅ᴏ̶̷̲̅ʀ̶̷̲̅ ̶̷̲̅ᴀ̶̷̲̅ᴄ̶̷̲̅ᴄ̶̷̲̅ᴇ̶̷̲̅ᴘ̶̷̲̅ᴛ̶̷̲̅ ̶̷̲̅ʏ̶̷̲̅ ̶̷̲̅F̶̷̲̅R̶̷̲̅!̶̷̲̅

    19 sept. 2013 Répondre
  • Berrieworld

    I know Ashram by name, but I must admit I haven't listened to them yet. Thanks for that recommendation; I've checked snippets of 2 albums on eMusic and I must say the music sounds gorgeous, so I'll definitely download them :-) The music of Loreena McKennitt is wonderful, fairytale-like. Somehow I always associate her music with winter, and not only because of 'A Winter Garden'. Now that autumn is coming really near in Europe, I'd like to recommend you the music of Arcana, a Swedish band who make the most atmospheric & romantic songs. It's music to get lost in dark woods; simply gorgeous! Check out this song and a list of their albums on their website.

    16 sept. 2013 Répondre
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