Some Great Vinyl


6 juin 2008, 7h11m

You have a 50/50 chance you will find anything good when you step into a Goodwill store. Today, luck was definitely on my side.

I stepped into the place with a friend of mine. We looked around for a bit at various items. He noticed a Nintendo game still in the box. That's always pretty exciting. We ventured our way over to the clothing and found some pretty decent t-shirts. I found it humorous that a few high school band t-shirts were there. I am guessing recently graduated seniors didn't feel the need to express their spirit for the Mighty Muskie Marching Band.

We ventured, found some neat old board games. He bought one called Maniac. It's a weird electronic mind-testing game from the '70s. He was debating on getting a big box of pogs. It was pretty ordinary but little did I know what was coming next.

We walked over to the records and I immediately noticed It's Hard and Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy by The Who. I grabbed both simply because I need Who albums in any format. We speculated that the records came from a big fan's collection due to three Pete Townshend solo albums. My friend decided to pick those up. They are great purchases, but I don't really need them at the present time.

I figured that was about it, but I was wrong. I found the debut self titled The B-52's album. I always enjoyed their quirky style. As we dug further into the pile the treasures kept coming.

I soon discovered ChangesOneBowie, a David Bowie compilation. I heard my friend one state one golden sentence: "There are some R.E.M. albums over here". I marveled in the sight of Lifes Rich Pageant and Reckoning. I don't see why anyone would want to get rid of such classics.

It didn't stop at all. We soon discovered Synchronicity, the classic Police album. Also, another find that blew me away...War and The Joshua Tree by U2! I was feeling extremely lucky at that moment.

It ended with my friend thumbing through another box of albums. He skipped past some other ones that caught my eye. I said with excitement, "Wait, was that Bruce Springsteen?" It certainly was The Boss. They had Nebraska, Born to Run, and Born in the U.S.A..

I stacked up all 11 albums. I checked all of them for any noticeable damage and we went on our way. As a friendly suggestion I asked my friend if he wanted any. I think he saw how excited I got about them and simply turned the offer down. We continued through other sections of the store before exiting and continuing the day.

To put it simply, I need to visit Goodwill stores more often.


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