NME Freshers Tour- Go!Team, Operator Please and Satin Peaches


6 oct. 2007, 13h33m

Fri 5 Oct – NME Freshers Tour

The NME Freshers is reaching the end of it's tour of the UK's universities and they rolled into Warwick University and boy, did they deliver. The Satin Peaches had kicked off the night, but sadly they didn't really get the crowd going, with only a few drifting from the bar area (myself included) to the stage- the music was good, but it didn't really capture the imagination. Operator Please were next up, and pulled a large amount of people to the stage with impressive energy and enthusiasm- and remarkable maturity for their age. The music was good and vibrant which I really enjoyed as the whole set was very enjoyable, but sadly a bit short. Just A Song About Ping Pong really got the crowd going though and I saw quite a lot of CD's trade hands at the end for the band.

The Go! Team had always been the main draw of the gig and they simply blew everybody away. The bands undying energy and love for fun really made the performance more than just music with the ever-moving Ninja really wowing the crowd. The crowd loved the entire set, everybody seemingly jumping up and dancing; having a purely fun, fantastic time. I loved the gig and would gladly go see either Go! Team or Operator Please again- and if you can find tickets, I recommened you do.


  • princesspo

    Great review Jamie, i'm really looking forward to the show on Tuesday @ the Astoria. Battles on Thursday. All go!

    8 oct. 2007, 9h10m
  • AndySpeedway

    That rumour about Ninja being half shark is true. If she stops moving, she dies.

    28 oct. 2007, 17h24m
  • tomjgibbs

    was a fabby night, a whole lot of dancing was goingggggg onnnnnnnnnn

    9 nov. 2007, 20h49m
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