Who I Saw at Bonnaroo Ranked According to Awesomeness


19 juin 2007, 21h37m

13. Kings of Leon (Friday, 3:45pm, What Stage)
Although I have been a fairly big fan of Kings of Leon since Youth And Young Manhood, I found it hard to really get into The Kings' set, maybe because of the nearly unbearable heat during their show. Although there were some songs that I was glad I was able to hear, I was really expecting more from them.
--Highlights: Knocked Up, King Of The Rodeo, The Bucket.

12. The Police (Saturday, 9:00pm, What Stage)
An interesting show to say the least. We ended up being late by about 3 songs, but were able to hear everything from our campsite. I wish I could've been more into this show, but with the Lips coming up, My mind was in a different place.
--Highlights: Can't Stand Losing You, Walking on the Moon, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

11. The Black Keys (Friday, 6:15pm, That Tent)
Only stayed at this show for about 5 or 6 songs at the behest of my friends, but definitely saw enough to know that these guys rock. Luckily I was at least able to hear some songs I recognized before we left, and looking back I wish I would have stayed.
--Highlights: Stack Shot Billy, Set You Free, Girl Is On My Mind.

10. Annuals (Saturday, 2:45pm, That Tent)
Annuals brought a lot of energy to the stage, and their music benefited from it. I was near the front for this show and from where I was the crowd seemed criminally small for such a great band. Their show was great, the way they were able to manage so much sound into every song was amazing.
--Highlights: Carry Around, BrotherDry Clothes.

9. The Hold Steady (Saturday, 4:15pm, That Tent)
I had seen them earlier in the year in State College, so I already knew I was in for an amazing show. Of course they did not disappoint, and if I had not already seen them before this would probably be one of my favorite shows of the festival. I was happy they played Cattle and the Creeping Things, a track they neglected to play when I saw them for the first time.
--Highlights: Cattle and the Creeping Things, Stuck Between StationsMassive Nights, I could keep going, but I would end up putting pretty much the whole set, every song they do live is pretty much amazing.

8. Spoon (Saturday, 6:00pm, That Tent)
Great set from Spoon. They played a well rounded mix of tracks from their three newest albums as well as a couple older tracks. They seemed kind of subdued during their set, maybe because of the heat, but still a very good show. Closing with Me and the Bean was worth missing Ween and Franz Ferdinand to me.
--Highlights: Me and the Bean, Jonathon Fisk, I Summon You.

7. Aesop Rock (Friday, 12:00am, This Tent)
Hurray for some hip-hop. Aesop Rock took the stage and took it over for his insanely short 45 minute set. Although his set list seemed kinda funky, he still put on a great show
--Highlights: Fast Cars, Daylight, None Shall Pass.

6. Wilco (Sunday, 5:30pm, What Stage)
Jeff Tweedy, Nels Cline, and Co. put on a great show. A little to Sky Blue Sky heavy at the start, halfway through the show they finally started digging into their older material. Ended up being a great set and a great show from a great band.
--Highlights: A Shot In The Arm, Jesus, Etc., Spiders.

5. The White Stripes (Sunday, 7:15pm, Which Stage)
Jack and his "big sis" Meg finished off my festival with a bang. Jack White's guitar skills were proven, and we also got to hear Meg sing, which was pretty cool.
--Highlights: In the Cold, Cold, Night, Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground, Hotel Yorba, Seven Nation Army.

4. The National (Thursday, 10:30pm, That Tent)
What better way to kick off the festival than with one of the best up and coming American bands. Although I had caught a glimpse of their live show when I saw them open for Arcade Fire in Philly earlier this year, nothing could have prepared me for the energy they managed to put into their set. Watching lead singer Matt Berninger stand to the side and rock out to the band after he was done singing was really interesting and not something you normally see from a frontman. Their violinist also was the man for most of the show, and stole the spotlight on many occasions. One of my favorite shows of the weekend.
--Highlights: Abel, Murder Me Rachel, Mr. November.

3. El-P (Friday, 1:00am, This Tent)
The Surprise of the festival for me. Although Fantastic Damage may very well be my favorite hip-hop album and I'll Sleep When You're Dead is also great, I didn't expect such a great show from Producto. Not only did he have the crowd rocking the whole show, Mr. Dibbs also kicked some major ass. Whoever thought of putting El with a live band is a genius, and since it was probably himself, it makes perfect sense. Anyone who can manage to get a crowd to yell "I'd rather be mouth-fucked by Nazis unconscious" is a hero in my book.
--Highlights: Deep Space 9mm, Tasmanian Pain Coaster, Run The Numbers.

2. Tool (Friday, 9:00pm, What Stage)
One of the brass rings of the festival. Although they didn't really fit the positive setting of the festival, I'm pretty sure they managed to make a lot of new fans. Not only was the music top notch, the light show was cool and Maynard's dancing was very entertaining. Tom Morello melting faces during Lateralus was just icing on the cake.
--Highlights: Lateralus, Aenima, 46 & 2.

1. The Flaming Lips (Saturday, 12:00am, Which Stage)
The most insane show I have ever been to in my life. Even if you don't like the music, The Lips manage to find plenty of ways to keep you entertained. The music was great as was the experience. They could have played all night and I would have been standing and clapping the whole time.
--Highlights: Free Radicals, What Is the Light?, Do You Realize?, Waitin' for Superman, She Don't Use Jelly.

David Cross (Thursday, 11:45pm, Comedy Tent)
Aziz Ansari (Thursday, 11:45pm, Comedy Tent)


  • joie_devivre

    Very nice write up. Seems like you might be a budding journalist or something haha. Either way was a nice read for someone who couldn't be there. Peace

    21 juin 2007, 20h50m
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