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6 juin 2006, 3h43m

So I'm hooked on Signs of Life and Carnival of Rust. Both have gotten heavy play from me this past week. It took forever to get my copy of CoR, but it was well worth waiting for. The songs aren't quite as instantly catchy the way Late Goodbye or Stay are, but they have the same hypnotic melodies, soaring vocals, and impressive sound for a 3 man group.

Also playing a lot of Laugh Now, Cry Later and Taking The Long Way. Perhaps an odd combo, but that's the way my tastes run. Both are well worth repetition listens, my favorites being Go To Church, Not Ready To Make Nice, and The Long Way Around.
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  • missnexus

    I love Ice Cube, but I don't know about them Dixie Chicks hehe

    10 juin 2006, 22h29m
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