• Favourites of the Moment --- Feb 2008

    10 fév. 2008, 15h08m

    Brand New
    ( Their latest album)

    Los Campesinos
    ( Instant lovage there)

    Lykke Li

    ( That girl has SOME voice)

    Tyler James

    ( The American singer songwriter - His songs move me to tears!)


    ( Brilliant, happy pop rock!)

    The Whitest Boy Alive

    ( The Golden Cage has the most killer video and bass line I have ever seen and heard)
  • The Beatles

    3 déc. 2006, 14h26m

    I am really going through a thing for The Beatles right now! I bought my Dad the new digitally re-mastered ' Love' album and I ended up uploading it and have listened to it wayyy too much to count as normal!
    But by God, they were one great band!