12 minutes 22993 8 bit theater alien drum bunny ambient black metal from the depths of the dark abyss of dark darkness animals cut in half by characters in the manga berserk awesome song i listened to on the toilet best served soaked in tabasco best track by hohoman bundesponyrape cacophonic black metal cacophonic a capella black metal cacophonic black metal cbm celectronica cheeses comedy cosmic horror dollmaker drug induced rockatronica drugs are bad for you electronic electronica favorite bands favorite tracks five flavours of awesome at once floppy disk freaky bells free free song free songs gefaehrlich great cosmic destroyer great instrumental great solos great songs i missed despite knowing the band for a while grim christraping frostbitten trve kvlt norsk arisk black metal grim grim grim grim guitarprocore heavy metal help zombies i cant believe i didnt tag this as favorite tracks yet i have a problem its embarassing or should i say sexually harassing i got horny last… i just wanted to tag something so i randomly picked one of my recent tracks in my pants influenced by your mother its a plusle mask jesus goddamnit kick-ass maybe wave ftw melodic death metal music listened to by people who listen to music ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness no really wuts dat not enough lyrics to determine if this is about childbirth not meant to be heard of plastic organs cant possibly do any good piano ponycore post-ponyrape power metal progressive metal psychedelic oboe psychedelic violin purplchu purpleater rail tracer rainbow rock rock roehre second cumming in last fms arsehole seen live shit i already tagged this as twelve flavours of awesome at once this is so awesome so fucking metal songs about super fast drumming bunnies from outer space string of profanities stupid idiot who wants us to plant trees yeah as if that would help me to get over… test of time the song i listened to when all the other fuckers turned their lights out but i… they werent actually playing in lichtenfels they werent even there but my dad saw… they will summon a shark just to bite your dick off tight meadow tonkustn afu hoechsm niewo true hateful cock rawk true metal trve ponyrape twelve flavours of awesome at once unmoralisch use drugs verrohend vg inspired vg music wu-wuh wut da fukks dat wuts wuts dat you will gush out bodies by a collision with the bike you wretched sailboat zensiert