dEUS at Vorst Nationaal / Forest National 11/12/08


12 déc. 2008, 12h39m

I don't know the band that was supporting and they didn't say their names but it was okay. I remember they said being Australian and coming all the way from Sidney (just to support a relatively known band, I like that), cool I guess. Anyway after a half hour they stopped playing and after a break Tom Barman and his crew came on stage. They picked up their stuff and started one hell of a show. When She Comes Down was a good opener and it set the mood for tonight with its smooth verses (Su..icide... Suicide soul!) and loud chorus. After that they completely overwhelmed the crowd and just started a funky jam called Everybody's Weird. But the crowd only started getting really into it with Fell Off The Floor, Man (You gotta be your own dog and gotta go sniffing on your own turf!). Slow was nice and definitely better than the first time I saw it at Werchter, they improved it a lot with just adding a few details and making that chorus louder. (Or maybe it was just the concert hall instead of the open air, lol)

After Slow they started playing their newest single Smokers Reflect and Barman didn't give a shit about the 'no smoking' policy so yeah he 'lights up another sigarette' to quote the song. After that song they played a stunning version of Theme From Turnpike. After The Architect, Favourite Game and Nothing Really Ends they came in with the bomb called Bad Timing and everybody shouted along with the chorus. If You Don't Get What You Want was really loud and a great song to get loose on, and we're only halfway now! After that they played an amazing ending to the 'show' with Suds & Soda, Morticiachair (15 years baby!) and my favourite song Instant Street which had an amazing outro as usual, the crowd went wild. After that, the show came to an 'end'.

But the crowd obviously wasn't leaving without an encore, so yeah after a few minutes they came back on stage and started Magdalena, one hell of a beautiful song. And it didn't just end there, they played the marvelous Little Arithmetics right after it! It was definitely more loud live but it still had its charm that makes the song so wonderful. After Oh Your God they played Serpentine which Barman dedicated to 'Katerina van de Keukentafel', don't ask me what that was all about but the song was obviously really nice. And that was the end of the first encore. (or maybe Serpentine was in the second encore? I don't remember)

For the second encore, they played a brilliant version of Let's See Who Goes Down First and ended one of the best gigs I already went to with Roses (Thank you for the roses!).

1. When She Comes Down
2. Everybody's Weird
3. Fell Off The Floor, Man
4. Slow
5. Smokers Reflect
6. Theme From Turnpike
7. The Architect
8. Favourite Game
9. Nothing Really Ends
10. Bad Timing
11. If You Don't Get What You Want
12. Suds & Soda
13. Morticiachair
14. Instant Street
15. Magdalena
16. Little Arithmetics
17. Oh Your God
18. Serpentine
19. Let's See Who Goes Down First
20. Roses

tl;dr: See dude I went to this concert and it was totally aaaaaawesome.


  • sierraFM

    They were great indeed! The name of the Australian band: Expatriate if I remember well.

    16 avr. 2009, 21h01m
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