17 juin 2012, 3h41m

    15 years ago.....

    Bought it October 2003, with the money i made reffing kids soccer games. I remember Lucky just burning my ears and brain with the passion and fury of the music and words upon first listen. Since then it's been played in full at least 200-300 times (the only true way to experience it).

    Cerebral yet heart wrenching.

    A true life changer. Ground zero for my understanding of music on an emotional level.
    A true life saver throughout my awkward teenage years, yet now I'm beginning to genuinely understand the existential ruminations of Thom Yorke's words.

    Still my favorite album ever. Can't possibly imagine life without it, it's frightening.

    -RC IV
  • Suicide Season

    7 avr. 2008, 5h08m

    id be snowed under my brotha
    8-10 page essay?
    gotta be fucking kidding me

    ill write it all in less than 5 hours,
    just watch

    currently digging

    -The Carpenters
    -Big Star (The Ballad of El Goodo made me cry the first time I heard it on Tuesday night at 3AM)
    -Company Flow
  • Fuck

    1 avr. 2007, 7h25m

    digging this week:
    Yann Tiersen
    Black Star - KOS

    top 5 phav albums as of right now
    1.OK Computer
    2.Highway 61 Revisited
    3.Surfer Rosa
    4.Forever Changes
    5.It Takes a Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back
  • Greatest Film Ever

    24 jan. 2007, 5h03m

  • Get Soon

    21 jan. 2007, 3h45m

    Wrote A Couple songs on the tape recoder last night,it was cold as fuck.

    'bout to see GoodFellas for the first time.

    whom am i digging this week?
    -james brown
    -isley brothers
    -scott walker
    -violent femmes (i forgot how good these mofuckers were)

    thes [post is soo rocknroll.