A Top 20 Survey: Let's kill time while listing great music


10 fév. 2008, 3h28m

Because I don't feel like not understanding maths homework right now

First song heard, first song loved, current favourite and (current) favourite album(s).
Just because we love making list, you know it...

1. Ride

First: Seagull
Love: Here and Now
Favorite: Time of Her Time... maybe or Like a Daydream They got quite a few perfect songs so...
Album: Nowhere& Going Blank Again & their EPs

2. The Verve

First: Bittersweet Symphony
Love: Bittersweet Symphony
Favorite: Weeping Willow, Lucky Man, Butterfly, The Sun, The Sea I ve been listening to them too much this week to nail this down right now.
Album: A Storm In Heaven

3. Wilco

First: Either Way
Love: I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
Favorite: Heavy Metal Drummer & I'm the Man Who Loves You ... and almost all songs of:
Album: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

4. The Who

First: Behind Blue Eyes
Love : Behind Blue Eyes/ Won't Get Fooled Again/ Shout And Shimmy/ Squeeze Box... which probably means: I don't know. And also that I rather fell in love with them through watching The Kids Are Alright & Quadrophenia
Favorite: Armenia City in the Skyaaaand:
Anytime You Want Me... the A Cappella Version. I'm VERY certain this phase will pass.
Album: Who's Next& The Who Sings My Generation

5. Oasis

First: Wonderwall
Love: Go Let It Out
Favorite: Go Let It Out
Album: Definitly Maybe& Don't Believe the Truth(Andy Bell songs!!!)

6. Pink Floyd

First: Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)
Love: Apples & oranges
Favorite: Paintbox& Cymbaline
Album: The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, Moreand Animals.

7. Radiohead

First: Karma Police
Love: Electioneering
Favorite: Jerusalem, I Want to Know... all the funny old stuff, I can't stand the other things right now
Album: Amnesiac, normally. Havent touched it in a while.

8. Idlewild

First: When I Argue I See Shapes
Love: Love Steals Us From Loneliness
Favorite: Little Discourage, Rusty, This Is Worse, These Wooden Ideas, I'm Happy To Be Here Tonight... so many...

Album: Every single one but 100 Broken Windows is hard to beat.

9. My Bloody Valentine

First:When You Sleep
Love: Only Shallow
Favorite: Glider
Album: Loveless

10. Interpol

First: Obstacle 1
Love: Obstacle 1
Favorite: Pace Is The Trick
Album: Turn on the Bright Lights

11. The Monkees

First: I'm a Believer
Love: I'm a Believer
Favorite: Peter Percival Patterson's Pet Pig Porky, Long Title: Do I Have to Do This All Over Again, Circle Sky & Porpoise Song (Theme From Head)
Album: Head& The Monkees

12. Athlete

First: El Salvador
Love: You Got The Style(and everything else they played)
Favorite: The Outsiders
Album: Beyond The Neighbourhood

13. Coldplay

First: Trouble
Love: Shiver
Favorite: Such a Rush& Bigger, Stronger
Album: Parachutes

14. The Mighty Boosh

First: Eels
Love: Married On The Morrow
Favorite: Ape Of Death
Album: there is none...

15. Mark Gardener

First: Snow In Mexico
Love: Magdalen Sky
Favorite: Flaws of Perception, The Story of the Eye
Album: These Beautiful Ghosts, naturally

16. Snow Patrol

First: How to Be Dead
Love: Spitting Games
Favorite: Spitting Games& Make Love to Me Forever& Firelight
Album: I love all four: When It's All Over We Still Have to Clear Up& Song for Polar Bears for their geeky but beautiful pop that only opens up slowly and the other two for their simple pop hymns.

17.Led Zeppelin

First: Stairway to Heaven
Love: Immigrant Song
Favorite: Poor Tom& Trampled Underfoot
Album: Led Zeppelin & Led Zeppelin IV


First: Comforting Sounds
Love: Am I Wry? No
Favorite: Saliva
Album: Half the World Is Watching Me

19. The Yardbirds

First: For Your Love
Love: You Can't Judge a Book
Favorite: The Train Kept a-Rollin'
Album: Roger the Engineer

20. The Stone Roses

First: Waterfall
Love: Waterfall
Favorite:Tell Me
Album:The Stone Roses


  • shakermaker1984

    The follows are mine :P Ride First: Seagull Love: In a different place Favorite: In a different place / OX4 Album: Nowhere & Smile & Today Forever Verve First: Bittersweet Symphony Love: Bittersweet Symphony Favorite: History Album: A Northern Soul Oasis First: Do you know what i mean? Love: stand by me Favorite: supersonic Album: Definitly Maybe Radiohead First: planet telex Love: fake plastic trees Favorite: fake plastic trees Album: the bends My Bloody Valentine First: ? Love: ? Favorite: Soon Album: isn't anything The Stone Roses First: I wanna be adored Love: elephant stone Favorite:elephant stone Album:The Stone Roses

    17 mars 2008, 4h10m
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