My music Oracle


2 août 2007, 5h41m

The thing is... I just couldn't resist having a shuffle in winamp and find some neat prophecies my totally mixed up mp3 stock would bring upon me.
Questions copied from various sources:

What do people assume when they first look at me?
Artist: Dream Theater
Song: This Dying Soul
Comment: Aww...

What will I be doing in a few years?
Artist: Green Day
Song: Walking Alone
Comment: Shit...

What is some good advice for me?
Artist: Alice Cooper
Song: School's Out
Comment: I'm aware and it's good

What is my biggest wish?
Artist: Green Day
Song: Tight Wad Hill
Comment: No I don't wish to be surrounded by Tightwads

What is the love of my life doing at this very moment?
Artist: Sum 41
Song: Never Wake Up
Comment: So they're dead...

How will I die?
Artist: Lil' John
Song: Get Low
Comment: I'll die in a club surrounded by girls? 'Aight.

How do my friends see me?
Artist: Green Day
Song: Armatage Shanks
Comment: Que?

Where will I get married?
Artist: Dream Theater
Song: In The Name Of God
Comment: I guess that might be how I'll get married.

What should I do instead of this quiz?
Artist: The Human Abstract
Song: Nocturne
Comment: Idk? Stay up late?

What is a bad habit that I should try to stop?
Artist: NOFX
Song: Reeko
Comment: Yeah, it's good not to smell bad.

What kind of person am I?
Artist: Ozzy Osbourne
Song: Crazy Train
Comment: Hell yeah I'm crazy.

Am I loved?
Artist: Goldfinger
Song: Authority
Comment: I don't think authority loves me.

How crazy am I?
Artist: Black Stone Cherry
Song: Hell and High Water
Comment: Lol, I'm Crazy as Hell And High Water

Do I have a Secret Admirer?
Artist: Blue Öyster Cult
Song: Don't Fear the Reaper
Comment: I'm fucked :(

What is my sexual preference?
Artist: Green Day
Song: 80
Comment: I'm not a math geek

What do I really want from life?
Artist: Sum 41
Song: Pieces
Comment: Breakups are usually bad

What should I do to help others?
Artist: Opeth
Song: The Leper Affinity
Comment: Cool, Ima go help me some Lepers

What should I do to help myself?
Artist: Dark Tranquility
Song: Blind at Heart
Comment: Never love?

Will I ever have children?
Artist: Green Day
Song: No Pride
Comment: I take it for a 'No'.

What is my one most important goal in life?
Artist: Strapping Young Lad
Song: Bring In The Young
Comment: That sounds wrong.

What do I get the most pleasure from?
Artist: anti flag
Song: Confessions Of An Economic Hitman
Comment: Sounds really boring

What am I afraid of?
Artist: The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Song: Hump De Bump
Comment: I am not afraid to Hump De Bump

What is the best thing about me?
Artist: Sum 41
Song: Summer
Comment: if I could change someone's life then I would agree.

How does the world see me?
Artist: Cacophony
Song: Images
Comment: Usually People see images of me

Am I a geek?
Artist: Deep Purple
Song: Smoke on the Water
Comment: I thought so.

Artist: Strapping Young Lad
Song: Wrong Side
Comment: What????????


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