5...4...3...2...fun!! playlist --2010 06 17--


1 nov. 2010, 2h59m

yeah! had THE SEA LIONS in from oxnard, ca. so good! i've seen them transform into the really really awesome band they are today. really nice. and they've got a new split 12" out on www.yaylabel.com.

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Revolt Revolt - Gay Beast
Brain Freeze - The Grade Grubbers
I Think I Need A Break - Mount Righteous
It's Okay to be Alive - World History
Body of Love - Typhoon
Spread the Word - Attic Abasement

LIVE: Sea Lions

Itacan of Lakota - The Endless Bummer
Push And Pull - FoxDye
Applesauce Muffins - Patrick Elkins
Dig In - Tara Jane O'Neil
Full Serve - Kepi And Friends
Picnic At Zug Island - Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk
Going Back To Lucy - Kentucky Nightmare
Winter - The Last Slice of Butter
Hanging Out - Blanket Truth
Good Thing It's a Ghost Town Around Here - Still Flyin'
Never Said - Clark 8
Anthropology Accepted - Woman Year
Liars - The Nextdoor Neighbors
Beautiful Despair - Comet Gain
People Care About Their Cars - The Boneless Children Foundation
Heat Gets Hotter - Mirah
Kocham Cie - The Japanese War Effort
Clay Bride - Rose Melberg
Layer Hater - Lucky Dragons


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