• Acoustic - Neo-folk - Folk Rock - Medieval - Neo-classical Recommendations! Part II

    4 oct. 2008, 16h31m

    A.Lixivia (Neofolk-Ambient)
    Aeldaborn (Neofolk-Dark Folk) (Recommended)
    Alethes (Neofolk) (Highly recommended. Long songs with grim clean vocals, unique and underrated!)
    Alphane Moon (Neofolk-Ambient)
    Apatheia (Folk-Neofolk) (Recommended Swedish band with good vocals)
    app 1901 (Neofolk)
    Aryeh Frankfurter (Harp-Celtic-Folk) (Highly recommended, very calming and beautifully arranged songs)
    Brobdingnagian Bards (Folk-Celtic-Comedy) (Some of their songs are too catchy and entertaining, not for everyone but worth a try)
    Conte Cruel (Melancholic Folk) (I hope this lazy man will produce some new songs, great stuff indeed:))
    Cor Solis (Neofolk)
    Corde Oblique (Ethereal-Neofolk) (Highly recommended, their album "Volontà d'Arte" is a masterpiece indeed)
    Diadema Tristis (Neofolk-Folk Metal) (Some of their songs are neofolk and they're pretty good)
    Eltan Renaxy (Neofolk) (Interesting stuff, lovely vocals)
    English Heretic (Esoteric-Weird-Neofolk-Ambient) (That's the weirdest group in this list, good ambience with mystic sound forms, that group is sth. special!)
    Far Black Furlong (Neoclassical-Ambient) (Recommended, great ambiance)
    Ginnungagap (Ambient-Experimental-Drone) (Not for everyone but sounds good)
    IMWI (Apocalyptic Folk-Neofolk)
    In Ruin (Dark Folk-Neofolk) (Highly recommended.This group is underrated and special, great vocals and beautifully arranged music)
    Jahrtal (Neofolk-Folk)
    Karl Sanders (Ambient-Folk-Experimental-Instrumental) (O la la!This Egyptian-themed ambient-ritual music is simply magnificient! Also look for Nile)
    Kim Robertson (Harp-Celtic-Folk) (Recommended, lovely vocals)
    Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat (Dark Folk-Neofolk) (Highly recommended.Despite their name, this group knows how to make good music!)
    Kokko (Neofolk)
    Lady Morphia (Neofolk) (Recommended, beautiful songs)
    Les Jumeaux Discordants (Neoclassical-Ambient-Neofolk) (Highly recommended)
    Narsilion (Neoclassical-Ethereal) (Simply beautiful)
    Nebelung (Neofolk)
    Neeme Punder (Folk-Neofolk)
    Nostatus (Neofolk-Folk Metal) (Recommended, we love scandinavian neofolk, don't we?:))
    Novemthree (Neofolk-Folk) (Recommended, good vocals)
    Pilori (Neoclassical-Ethereal-Neofolk)
    Poropetra (Folk-Neofolk)
    Rising Shadows (Ethereal-Neofolk-Neoclassical)
    sagentoeter (Neofolk-Medieval-Folk) (Highly recommended, underrated band with good medieval touches)
    Scivias (Neofolk) (Highly recommended)
    Seelenthron (Neofolk-Apocalyptic Folk)
    T.A.C. (Neofolk-Apocalyptic Folk)
    Temnojar (Ambient-Folk) (Highly recommended,similar to Liholesie,Perunwit,Piorun etc.)
    Tempesta Noire (Apocalyptic Folk-Neofolk)
    Tervakello (Ethnic-Folk-Instrumental)
    The Gray Field Recordings (Ambient-Experimental-Neofolk) (Highly recommended, special group with special sound,lovely!)
    The Joy of Nature (Ambient-Neofolk)
    Triarca (Ambient-Neofolk)
    Tuhat kuolemaa sekunnissa (Neofolk) (Highly recommended, unique sound!)
    Uroczysko (Ambient-Folk)
    Velimor (Black Metal-Neofolk) (Some songs are neofolk and they're very good!)
    Vilkduja (Ambient-Neofolk-Industrial)
    Woodland Choir (Ambient-Melancholic Neofolk) (Highly recommended, very beautiful songs with melancholic feelings,great vocals,great stuff!)
    Za Frûmi (Ambient-Medieval)
    Zagrob (Ambient-Cabaret-Folk)

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  • Top 5 Instrumental/Post-Rock Albums

    27 juin 2008, 6h56m

  • Acoustic - Neo-folk - Folk Rock - Medieval - Neo-classical Recommendations!

    13 juin 2008, 15h35m

    Cataplus - Very promising neo-folk from Finland, some free tracks are avaible at

    Drudkh - Drudkh is a Black Metal band from Ukraine but also have a valuable folk-acoustic album called "Songs of Grief and Solitude" which is pretty good, recommended for nature influenced ethnic neo-folk fans!

    Dwelling - Neoclassical-Ethereal Band from Portugal which has a suprisingly good and rare album called "Humana"

    Eona - An underrated & rare nature influenced project from France, if you come across to buy album "Croyances Eternelles" don't even think twice, so beautiful and relaxing music!

    Fin De Siècle - Melancholic & underrated!

    Flёur - A duo from Ukraine playing ethereal-gothic-darkwave music with some folk-ish touches "Everything is out of control" is a remarkable album

    Green Carnation - A yet-hard-to-catagorize group from Norway mostly progressive metal with Ambience elements, their latest fully-acoustic album "The Acoustic Verses" is really delicious and somehow sad!

    Hagalaz' Runedance - A pagan-viking folk project which has pretty good ambiance and powerful and mystical vocals.All albums are pretty good but "The Winds That Sang Of Midgard's Fate" is best of all!

    Iļģi - An unknown Latvian band playing Latvian folk, hard to find their music

    In Gowan Ring - B’eirth's nature influenced neo-folk project which has an awesome and totally relaxing atmosphere, close your eyes-just think about lying under the trees beyond the forest, fairies and other fantastic stuff:)! Highly Recommended, also look for Birch Book

    Jennifer van der Harten - Omnia's harpist whose solo project is worth a try "Beltaine" It includes some traditional songs based on harp music & other related inst.

    Karnnos - Portuguese underrated neofolk with a dark ritual ambiance their album "Undercurrents And Lost Horizons" is just a deep effect of brilliance!

    Krynitza - Pagan neo-folk from Russia, if you like Russian folk dont miss their album "Angel", powerful folk songs - quite enjoyable

    Liholesie - Liholesie is an ambient-Neo-folk band from Ukraine, this guy uses his creation in creating natural ambiance in his songs but i wish it's more neo-folk than ambient-still very good. "The Visions" is recommended!

    Loitsu - A promising dark folk project from Finland, some tracks are avaible at

    Marissa Nadler - Marissa Nadler is an American folk musician with a reverbed-echoed voice.Her songs are so beautiful yet strange and melancholic, you can buy any album of her as they are all brilliant, my favourite one is "Ballads Of Living And Dying"!

    Naervaer - Naervaer is an experimental neo-folk group which is very underrated and unique!

    Nest - Oh, the popular "Nest" , Ambience Acoustic from Finland all albums (including demos) are brilliant yet their best is "Woodsmoke"!

    Neun Welten - A German folk band with special for their instrumental melancholic & relaxing songs, their only album is a MUST!

    October Falls - Neofolk from Finland, focused on nature his music is relaxing and mind blowing, "Marras" is probably his best!

    Ogneslav - An underrated NS oriented neo-folk project from Russia, Powerful vocals with simple yet brilliant songs, it's hard to find:(

    Perunwit - A Pagan Neo-folk band from Poland, sound quality isn't pretty good at all but who cares, its beautiful:) "W Kregu Debow" is a masterpiece!

    Poets To Their Beloved - A very good suprise for me, this band is just a perfection in creating strange, melancholic,addictive songs! Very rare release "Embrace the fool" is excellent!

    Sava - A german medieval folk band with quite enjoyable music: "Aire"

    Stormfågel - Ethnic neo-folk with unique sound,Promising & hard to find!

    Tenhi - Oh the mighty Tenhi, is there anyone left who hasn't been in Tenhi's magic, all their albums are masterpiece!

    The Tolkien Ensemble - Unique fantasy-mediaval folk band playing LOTR music! Some songs are so melancholic:)

    Ulver - The legendary Ulver's "Kveldssanger" is probably one of the strongest acoustic folk album!

    Vàli - Acoustic music from Norway yet nearly as brilliant as Ulver's "Kveldssanger", "Forlatt" is truly a masterpiece!

    Ветер Воды - A Russian folk band with a female vocalist, quite enjoyable songs!

    Мельница - The best folk band of Russia, most of their albums are excellent, just can't stop listening her beautiful voice and medieval oriented music!

    Рокаш - Рокаш is a Belarusian folk band, their music is similar to Ветер Воды, they are pretty good and underrated, very promising band!

    Vágtázó Halottkémek - Hungarian rock band with unique ethnic-folk sound, has powerful vocals surely deserves more attention-Especially "A Semmi Kapuin Dörömbölve" is a masterpiece!