10 very cool albums on my mind


26 sept. 2009, 20h28m

I have many great albums. This is not a top 10 of most listened albums.
These albums below are either new, or just new to me, or they are old,
but what they have in common is that these are the albums on my mind
just now! I might mention some songs on every album, although i most
certainly like the entire album...
Ok, i might change it tomorrow, but it will do for now :-)

Porcupine Tree - The Incident

The Blind House and Octane Twisted might be my favorites
on the first cd...

OSI - Office of Strategic Influence

I newly discovered OSI and these guys blow my mind!
shutDOWN (with Steven Wilson) and Set the Controls for the
Heart of the Sun... just WOW

OSI - Blood

Ah, that song Radiologue... <3 and not to forget The
Escape Artist! Just to mention two.

Ours - Distorted Lullabies

Another band i newly found out about. And it is so great!
Fallen Souls and Sometimes... Awesome!

Blackfield - Blackfield Live In New York City

What can I say, I have the DVD and I love it to pieces!
Epidemic and Pain...

Yes - Close to the Edge

This is an oldy! But sheer perfection to me. The
organ music, ooh it is simply the best!

Camel - Mirage

Absolutely delightful album. Nimrodel and Lady
Fantasy. Amazing!

Archive - You All Look The Same To Me

The song Again is so beautiful and melancholic...
Muse - Showbiz

I have not known Muse for very long! I played Unintended
like 40 times in a row, its so lovely :-) .. And Spiral Static is

Riverside - Second Life Syndrome

First album i ever heard of this amazing band, and
Volte-face makes my heart beat faster


  • Highhopes4ever

    Yep, an on-my-mind-list :-D

    26 sept. 2009, 22h16m
  • anesthetize666

    Good list! Looking forward to seeing what makes it on the list later :D

    26 sept. 2009, 22h45m
  • Highhopes4ever

    Oh, nice, thanks :-D .. Yes i am looking forward to that too ;-)

    26 sept. 2009, 22h47m
  • Sal-ival

    Close to the Edge OMG! a classic one ;)

    27 sept. 2009, 0h53m
  • DreamsMerchant

    I love all those albums :D amazing! If you like Camel you should check A Live Record, as it has pieces way better than the studio versions. Showbiz is possibly the one I like more from Muse :)

    27 sept. 2009, 8h16m
  • Highhopes4ever

    Thanks for the suggestion :-) .. Oh yes, i also love Showbiz, as much as the other 2 which i mentioned ;-)

    27 sept. 2009, 8h27m
  • Zantera

    kewl list! needs more Radiohead! :D

    27 sept. 2009, 13h02m
  • DragonReborn

    Great list! all the albums i´ve heard on it i think is awesome, and the ones i have not heard yet is on my check-out list!

    28 sept. 2009, 12h58m
  • Shardzvoskat

    Great list, especially the beginning. :) The rest I haven't really heard.

    2 oct. 2009, 20h20m
  • kall0cain

    Does the band Muse really worth the trip?

    18 oct. 2009, 22h01m
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