• Amon Tobin ISAM Source Video HD

    2 oct. 2011, 23h48m

    Sat 1 Oct – Amon Tobin

    Incredible. Brilliant. I went in with no prior listening or viewing of ISAM, because I wanted it to be a complete surprise. Certainly worth it, especially at the center of the first tier at The Warfield.

    For those of you looking for HD source videos of ISAM (good luck on youtube...), you can find a couple here:


    Piece Of Paper:
  • Favorite Album Discoveries of 2011

    10 août 2011, 4h33m

    I've decided to start a list for my favorite album finds of 2011. These aren't necessarily new releases from 2011, and sure, we're already late into the year so it's a bit retrospective. I usually find my favorite albums many years after they've been released. Here are some questions I might ask myself to determine what makes this list:
    • Are at least half of the tracks on the album really good?
    • Would I pay to buy the album?
    • Should the album be played in its entirety (front to back vs shuffled)?
    • Do I think I'll still listen to these albums in the upcoming years?

    I'll expand on my choices in time. Here we go...

    Radiohead - Kid A 9.5/10
    I've known of the tracks of this album for quite some time, but only recently have I come to appreciate the album in its entirety. Until just a few months ago, I thought OK Computer and In Rainbows were the best of Radiohead, but the amazing design of this album goes to show that there is always something to be found in the band if you listen more closely. Experimentally, I put it on par with Dark Side of the Moon. The album will disturb those who find comfort in the acoustic rock nature of The Bends - at least it did for me. Add in the context of the band's evolution, the inexplicable success in the charts, and it's near impossible to pass this one off as just another Radiohead album. Be advised - This one is certainly best absorbed through headphones in its entirety - Do not allow interuptions!

    Alison Krauss & Union Station - Paper Airplane 9.5/10
    Such a timely album with great relevance. Alison Krauss has the voice of an angel, and Dan Tyminski's voice brings sophistication to a genre of music I never thought I'd really enjoy. This album is far from what I'd expect to find from a country radio station, and perhaps that's why it was so accessible to me. Each track is potent with meaning and beauty, both instrumentally and lyrically. This album is near perfect by design, and I regret not having seen it performed live while I had the chance.

    The Cinematic Orchestra - Remi 9/10
    Excellent background music for studying, or a mellow hookah atmosphere. This is jazz that I can love. Thanks for helping me find this group via my interest in Bonobo. It's very easy to keep this one in heavy rotation.

    The Jezabels - Dark Storm EP 8.5/10
    Power pop with a bit of post rock. The tracks, while being similar in form and sound, have a dynamic that is just right for short drives by one's self. This 5 track EP has more than just amazing vocals and driving rhythmic composition. The progression in "A Little Piece" sets this one above "She's So Hard EP" below.

    The Devil Makes Three - The Devil Makes Three 8.5/10
    Earlier this year, a coworker and I decided to exchange some of our favorite albums. This was the first one he shared with me, and I delved into it enthusiastically. It's an easy one to love with tracks like "The Plank", "Graveyard" and "Ten Feet Tall". This album marked a shift in my music listening for the year, and I look forward to where this new appreciation for folk blues can go. The Devil Makes Three is solid string trio, and as written in their bio, they're 'the best band you've never heard of.'

    The Jezabels - She's So Hard EP 8/10
    Similar in form to Dark Storm, this album is a great alternative to keep from playing out the same few songs. This album has a big sound with powerful tracks like 'The Man Is Dead'. I'm looking forward to new releases from this up-and-coming band.

    Fink - Bisuits For Breakfast 7/10
    See 'Remi' and substitute jazz for soul and organic composition. There's a depth to Fink that I'm only beginning to discover, and I enjoy what I'm hearing. This one inspires me to dust off my acoustic guitar and get back into simple (but meaningful) song writing.

    More to come!
  • The Decemberists 4/30/10

    1 mai 2010, 6h46m

    Fri 30 Apr – The Decemberists: A Benefit for Jessica Schleif

    My girlfriend and I drove up from California to see this event (13 hours, first time seeing the band). The venue was beautiful, and the though we were assigned some pretty bad seats, it didn't matter after the third song in - The Crane Wife 3. Thank you to the 'jackass' that marched to the stage and started dancing. Your Tom-Foolery got everybody to jump from their seats one-by-one and join in, making the event infinitely better for us. We bought the poster before the show, and left it at our seats to join in, and it was well worth it.

    Being at the very front (Just in front of Jenny) afforded a very special experience.
    During The Mariner's Revenge Song, The whale (Chris Funk) approached me and 'ate' me, pulling me almost entirely onto the stage. I was even fortunate enough to have a picture taken by another audience member who brought along his camera. (Brian! I'm looking forward to the upload! Thank you so much for taking my e-mail!). After 'Mariner's', Chris came out and gave me a one dollar bill for being a good sport, and a laugh.

    I'm hoping somebody out there will post the set list. I'm really looking forward to the bands new album. Colin's banter was priceless, and the band brought such an amazing energy in their performance. We waited after the show with high hopes that we would be leaving with a signed event poster, but the band didn't come out. I'm a little bummed there wasn't more band-related merch.

    The band played mostly older tracks - nothing from The Hazards of Love... but it was appropriate to the atmosphere and locale. Astoria is a beautiful town, and the nautical themes of the chosen songs felt right.