• Say something negative about my Top 20

    23 déc. 2009, 0h46m

    1 Jethro Tull - Ian Anderson hasn't had a real singing voice for almost 30 years now.

    2 Isis - I'd like to hear them break away from the clean/distorted guitar motif more often.

    3 Radiohead - Too experimental sometimes.

    4 Rush - Alex, Alex, Alex! When are you going to get back to being, you know, a guitar god?

    5 Boards of Canada - All these electronica bands end up producing a lot of material that I just can't consider music.

    6 Karma to Burn - Um, they broke up? But they're back together now! So, uh, don't try to sing anymore, mmmkay?

    7 Genesis - They went pop just as they were mastering prog.

    8 Solar Fields - If I'm not actually listening to it, I usually can't remember how it goes.

    9 Catherine Wheel - Stuck around one CD too long, and Rob Dickinson's solo stuff is really weak.

    10 Blue Öyster Cult - Should have let Michael Moorcock write more lyrics.

    11 Tool - Probably should have hung it up after Lateralis

    12 Coheed and Cambria - Hah! This one's just too easy...

    13 Monster Magnet - All their best songs tend to sound alike

    14 The Gathering - Bring Anneke back please.

    15 Pelican - I haven't really liked anything since TFIOTWBTT

    16 Marillion - They lost me after Fish left.

    17 Gel-Sol - Hmmm, Andrew is one of my friends so I'll let this one go.

    18 Phutureprimitive - Got tired of this one a while ago so it's slipped a lot over the last 6 months or so.

    18 Fu Manchu - Same criticism I have with Monster Magnet

    20 Stars of the Lid - See Boards of Canada