• 2013-05-05; Mark Knopfler

    6 mai 2013, 18h02m

  • 2012-01-21; Lollobrigida

    22 jan. 2012, 1h50m

  • 2011-12-15; Elemental

    16 déc. 2011, 7h59m

  • 2011-07-06; Suzanne Vega in Zagreb

    6 jui. 2011, 23h31m

    Wed 6 Jul – Suzanne Vega

    Viktorija Novosel was support. I've heard first 2 song,a Paul Simon cover and a folk song from Medjimurje. Thumb up for choice of songs and solid interpretation. The rest of her act I spent waiting for drink because the line was 30 minutes long. The "great" organization by KDZ as always.

    Vega began about 21:45 with "Marlene" (her first single). She was accompanied with a electric guitar player and he was very successfully adding the "meat" to her acoustic song making them closer the the album versions. Next was very nice inclusion of "When Heroes Go Down", classics "Small Blue Thing" and "Caramel" which brought out cheers from the public. Frank & Ava from last proper studio album was next. Good inclusion. ("Pornographer's Dream" would also be nice.) Then there was beautiful "Gypsy". After that there were a block of 3 songs from the play Suzanne wrote about NYC writer Carson McCullers. Funny "Harper Lee" made impression. Next was "Tombstone" preceded with a nice story about Viking funeral of her house cat by her parents. Good guitar work on this one. Next "Blood Makes Noise" in loud and great guitar arrangement. It really went well with the song. The relatively new "The Man Who Played God" was next, but this was the only boring moment in the concert. After that classic acoustic "The Queen and the Soldier" followed by electric Some Journey, very nice version of "Luka" (again great guitar arrangement), Tom's Diner (not a cappella) and unfortunately, concert was nearing it's end. Next was very short encore with beautiful classics "In Liverpool" (which was requested by someone in the audience in the beginning of concert) and "Rosemary". That was it.

    A beautiful summer starry night in Zagreb with Suzanne. I only missed "(I'll never be your) Maggie May" instead of maybe "Man Who Played God" but that's about it. Just hope that it will not take next 20 years for her to return...
  • Bon Jovi, Zagreb, 2011-06-08

    9 juin 2011, 12h09m

  • Gamma Ray u ZG

    25 fév. 2010, 7h49m

    Wed 24 Feb – To The Metal Tour 2010

    Napokon! Car je doshao i do ZG-a! Iced Earth je rasprodao Boogaloo, ochekivao sam vishe ljudi na koncertu chovjeka koji je stvorio Power Metal, chiji skoro svi albumi do negdje 2000. zasluzhuju uchi u Power antologiju...

    Njemachka tochnost. Secret Sphere je pocheo u 20h, Freedom Call oko 20:45h, Gamma Ray u 22h, nije bilo praznog hoda...

    100 minuta svirke, setlista nije bila savrshena, ali da je, koncert bi trajao bar 3h. I neke nove stvari su sad sjele... Ozvuchenje i dalje problem... Kad su doshle kompleksnije stvari (Armageddon, Rebellion in Dreamland...), pol' stvari je pojela buka...


    Welcome/Gardens Of The Sinner
    New World Order
    Mother Angel
    No Need To Cry
    The Saviour/Abyss Of The Void
    Drum Solo
    To The Metal
    Rebellion In Dreamland
    Man On A Mission
    I Want Out
    Send Me A Sign

    Secret Sphere
    Stranger In Black
    Welcome To The Circus
    Loud & Raw
    Dance With The Devil

    Freedom Call
    We Are One
    United Alliance
    Thunder God
    Tears Of Babylon
    The Darkness
    Merlin - Legend Of The Past
    Land of Light
    Freedom Call
  • Setlista

    13 oct. 2009, 23h40m

    Tue 13 Oct – Koncert Đorđa Balaševića

    01. Fina lagana stvar
    02. Neki novi klinci
    03. Ćaletova pesma
    04. Ratnik paorskog srca
    05. Lepa protina kći
    06. Život je more
    07. Vi ste moj medikament
    08. Za treću smenu
    09. Jednom...
    10. Na Bogojavljensku noć (Eleonora)
    11. Nedostaje mi naša ljubav
    12. Divlji badem
    13. Neko to od gore vidi sve
    14. Ringišpil
    15. Mrtvi
    16. Portret života mog
    17: Ne volim januar

    Otprilike. Možda fali koja stvar i nisam siguran za raspored...
  • Setlist

    4 avr. 2009, 10h56m

    Thu 2 Apr – Nightwish, Pain, Indica

    I'm Going In
    End Of The Line
    Zombie Slam
    Just Hate Me
    Same Old Song
    Monkey Business
    Shut Your Mouth

    7 Days To The Wolves
    Dead To The World
    The Siren
    Dead Boy’s Poem
    The Poet and the Pendulum
    The Islander
    The Last Of The Wilds
    The Escapist
    Dark Chest Of Wonders
    Ghost Love Score (bis)
    Wish I Had An Angel (bis)

  • Setlist (approx.)

    28 jan. 2009, 10h51m

    Tue 27 Jan – Blackmore's Night - Europe Secret Voyage 2009

    God save the keg
    Locked inside the crystal ball
    Queen for a day
    Under a violet moon
    peasent's promise
    Streets of London / The Times They Are a Changin'
    Soldier of fortune
    World of stone
    Durch den wald zum bach haus
    Drinking song / Solo spots
    Home again
    Toast to tomorrow
    far far away
    Diamonds and rust
    Wish You Were Here / ocean gypsy
    Wind in the willows
    new song

    Black night / Difficult to cure / Smoke on the water / Woman from Tokyo
    The Clock Ticks On
    all for one
    Christmas tree
    mid-winter night/Dandelion wine

    I probably missed some songs and order is wrong.