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1 août 2010, 22h13m

List 10 musical artists that you like:

1. Brooke Fraser
2. Coldplay
3. Sara Bareilles
4. Aslyn
5. Shannon Thomas
6. Keane
7. Avril Lavigne
8. Girls Aloud
9. Fefe Dobson
10. Karmina

What was the first song you ever heard by 6? (Keane)
I was in my hotel room in London watching TV, horribly jetlagged and waiting for my roommates to get out of the shower, and I think I saw them perform Spiralling at some televised Scottish music festival.

What is your favorite lyric of 5? (Shannon Thomas)
"Higher forces waiting for us to melt / magnetizing the unlikely / eleven courses into this lovely feast / and I'm still hungry" from Unbelievable. It's so ridiculous and irrelevant to the context of the song, which is what makes it terrific.

What are your three of your favorite songs by 7? (Avril Lavigne)
1. Fall to Pieces
2. Mobile
3. Runaway

What are your favorite three songs by 2? (Coldplay)
1. Lovers in Japan
2. Life in Technicolor II
3. Swallowed in the Sea

What are your three favorite songs by 10? (Karmina)
1. Satellites
2. Maybe (Come Along, Love)
3. Colorblind

What is your favorite album by 1? (Brooke Fraser)
Albertine, by far

How did you get into 4? (Aslyn)
I think someone on Nessaholics made a post about her and how much they loved the song Wally, so I checked her out.

What are your three favorite songs by 3? (Sara Bareilles)
1. Morningside
2. Between the Lines
3. One Sweet Love
I'm definitely excited for her new album.

What is a good memory concerning 2? (Coldplay)
Before I started listening to them, I had a string of dreams concerning/involving them. I figured that was as good a sign as any to start listening to them, so I did, and I'm rather pleased with their music. Is that a good memory?

Is there a song by 8 that makes you emotional? (Girls Aloud)
Hahahaha. No.

What are your three favorite songs of 1? (Brooke Fraser)
1. C.S. Lewis Song
2. Hosea's Wife
3. Deciphering Me
I really am not a fan of her debut album.

What is your favorite song by 9? (Fefe Dobson)
Hm. Probably Scar.

1. Of all the bands & artists in your collection, which one do you have the most of?
Pretty sure it's Girls Aloud. They're not my favorite, but they sure have put out a shitload of music.

2. What was the last song you listened to?
Ke$ha - Hungover

3. What's in your CD player right now?
Some mix CD I made that didn't work. It's a really crappy CD player.

4. What is your favourite instrument?

5. Who's your favorite local band?
Define local. Karmina is from around here (East Bay, CA), sort of.

6. What was the last concert you attended?
Heh. I saw Natasha Bedingfield, The Veronicas, and Kate Voegele with my parents last summer. Never again.

7. What was the greatest concert you've ever been to?
Considering I've only really been to two, I'm not saying much when I say that that last one was probably the best.

8. What's the worst band you've ever seen in concert?
I got dragged to a Dave Brubeck concert once. Three hours of uninterrupted jazz is nowhere near as fun as the dancing octogenarians across the aisle made it out to be.

9. What band do you love musically but hate the members of?
The Veronicas seem like they'd be dicks in real life. All they ever tweet is their horoscopes, veganism, and inside jokes. Also, I don't think I'd get along with Christian bands, 'cause I'm a gay-loving pro-life atheist heathen.

10. What is the most musically involved you have ever been?
band camp

11. What show are you looking forward to?
Unless we're talking TV show (I can't wait to see Rubicon! CHASE FROM 24!), I don't have any. I'm not a big concert-goer.

12. What is your favourite band shirt?
Don't have any.

13. What musician would you like to hang out with for a day?
Lesley Roy and I have the same first name and last initial, plus we're somewhat close in age and she seems okay. I don't know. This was a tough question.

14. What musician would you like to be in love with you for a day?
Graham Colton. I have a little crush.

15. What was your last musical "phase" before you wizened up?
Disney pop. I mean, I still like a lot of it, but I'm talking pre-Dignity Hilary Duff type pop, which now I've most definitely outgrown.

16. Sabbath or solo Ozzy?
No preference; neither?

17. Did you know that filling out this survey makes you a music geek?
No, but okay.

18. What was the greatest decade for music?
2000's. In my humble opinion.

19. What is your favourite movie soundtrack?
I don't know. I don't listen to soundtracks as a whole.

20. What would you be without music?
More sophisticated.


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