after months of ignoring amor anthems art for my ears artists ballads to replay beautiful voice beautifully made best of the best best ost on the damn planet best song on the entire damn album bob your head like this body rolling into the sunset booty soundtrack bursting at the seems with potential chest pumps and sexy hair tossing choreographed my own freaking routine how much i love this collaborations of beauty cpop thats too hot dance like a maniac dfd though eh engrish and so sexy sexy girl favs of all time feel good music flipping my hair like a rich bitch fun girl power global generation hair tossing pop rock happy tunes harem how did i learn all the damn words so fast hwanngggggggg i know the entire bloody choreography i liked this surprisingly i need a chair and hair to whip all sexy kitten like i think i love you seriously go girls go in a mood just flow just right rock keeping sane know every bloody word kpop that is simply amazing leading the wave legends of rock legit jpop light and fluffy loud fangirl screams everywhere loved 20 secs in memories of yester year mind blowing my babies no seriously hwang stop not calm not freaking calm oh hell yes when soshi raps oh i lub your engrish oh my sexy kuu ok one of the few inst i will ever play one of the only songs from this artist i will listen to pedonoona pure awesomeness pure genius of hyde queen hyori rappers i love love love reasons why hikki is amazing remixes that actually work scream it out scream out the lyrics like a psycho in the middle of broadway set list of my shower concert sexy wave inducer shopping tunes simple and nice singing my life better than i could ever slow sexy grind tunes sneaks up on and before you know it your addicted and know all the damn words soshi favs soundtrack of my heart soundtrack of my wedding spanking rookies started it all strut tunes super vocals talent talking to me randb that bass that guitar is so epic the beat is sick the brillance of ayu the freaking best the lovelies the power of 48 the things your voice does to me toss that hair and belt it out baby walking to class music way back when wedding songs why tvxq is king writing tunes