• Hey Everybody

    21 oct. 2006, 16h57m

    No it's not Doctor Nick, it is your friendly mathematician programmer.

    So I should introduce myself. First, I listen to my iPod, using a neglected list. A neglected list is a list of songs which meet the following criteria:
    Listened to at least once
    Rating of 3 or more (all songs I add to my library I rate as a 3)
    Last played is not in the last 5 days

    Using this setup I nice distribution. Furthermore I split up songs based on beat. I used kdj-bmp to find the beats and then split accordingly. Seems easy huh? It actually has taken multiple days to get my library of 3000+ songs sorted tagged and ready to run.

    Now that you have an idea of how I listen, perhaps I should explain where I listen. I work for a hardware company, and I write software. Despite the gap between the two, things work well and I love my work. Although I should mention, White and Nerdy matches surprisingly well. I'm out for now.