35th installment of the DJ-Kicks series featuring Apparat.


23 oct. 2010, 0h23m

Artist: Apparat
Album: DJ-KiCKS: Apparat
Label: !K7

[Excerpt from our review on Groovemine.com]

What do you get when you combine “the most important DJ mix series ever” (Mixmag) and the recipient of the 2009 Electronic Music award’s Quartz Dancefloor? The end result is the 35th installment of the DJ-Kicks series featuring Apparat. The Kicks series has been going strong since 1995 allowing a huge variety of DJs and producers to take us on an auditory vision quest of sorts. Telling a story, track by track. Apparat, or Sascha Ring, is the German born star of this compilation and he does...


1. ApparatCircles
2. 69Rushed
3. Telefon Tel AvivLengthening Shadows
4. ApparatInterlud
5. Luke AbbottMore Room
6. Oval – Legendary
7. Patrice BämelSub
8. MartynMiniluv (Original Mix)
9. RippertonEchocity
10. Cosmin TRGTower Block
11. ScornFalling (Autechre “FR 13″ Remix)
12. Born RuffiansI Need a Life (Four Tet Remix)
13. Pantha du PrinceWelt am Draht
14. Phon.oIntervall
15. Burial + Four TetMoth
16. Vincent Markowskithe madness of moths
17. RamadanmanTempest
18. Thom YorkeHarrowdown Hill
19. SpherixLesser People
20. OvalTV Power
21. Joy OrbisonThe Shrew Would Have Cushioned the Blow
22. ApparatSayulita (DJ-KiCKS)
23. T++Worn Down
24. Tim HeckerBorderlands

Entire review on Groovemine, PLUS FREE MP3 'Sayulita' HERE
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  • neoterica

    This is an amazing disc! Great selections and very nicely sequenced.

    13 fév. 2012, 7h38m
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