• From Crust We Grind Till Death (TOP 2009/2010)

    27 déc. 2010, 18h10m

    Here we go! Check out the lists and go to grind to grind to grind

    Magrudergrind - Magrudergrind
    Parlamentarisk Sodomi - De Anarkistiske An(n)aler
    FistFuck - Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare
    Neuropathia - Neuropathia
    Afgrund- Vid Helvetets Grindar
    Pitbull Terrorist - White House Tapes (ep) / Contraband International Audio
    Abaddon Incarnate- Cascade
    Brutal Truth- Evolution Through Revolution
    Hatred Surge - Deconstruct
    Attack Of The Mad Axeman - Scumdogs Of The Forest
    Antigama - Warning
    Mumakil - Behold The Failure
    Napalm Death - Time Waits For No Slave
    Inhumate - The Fifth Season
    Defeatist - Sharp Blade Sinks Deep Into Dull Minds
    Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Agorapocalypse
    Wormrot- Abuse
    Regurgitate / Dead Infection - Yyyaaaaaah / Heartburn Result
    Dead - In the Bondage of Vice
    Atrocity - Let War Rage
    Blood I Bleed - Gods Out of Monsters
    Epitome- supeROTic experience
    Nashgul- El Dia Despues Al Fin De La Humanidad
    Squash Bowels - Grindvirus
    Instinct of Survival - North of Nowhere, South of Somewhen
    Critical Madness - Panoptikum

    Powercup - Renovate at All Cost
    Bloody Phoenix - Death To Everyone
    Archagathus - Atrocious Halitosis From Nauseated Disgorging
    Utopium- Conceptive Prescience
    Cellgraft - External Habitation
    Nails - Unsilent Death
    Neuropathia / EpicriseSplit
    Gadget / PhobiaSplit
    Bruteforce Attack/Painful Defloration Split
    Mesrine- Obsessive Compulsive
    Profesor Lefebvre - 70% Lefebrin
    Ratos de Porao / Looking for an AnswerSplit
    Neuropathia / Putrescence Split
    Psychotic DespairPersonal Identity
    Deathbound - Non Compos Mentis
    Hayaino Daisuki - The Invincible Gate Mind of the Infernal Fire Hell, or Did You Mean Hawaii Daisuki?
    Beyond Terror Beyond Grace - Our Ashes Built Mountains
    Infanticide - From Our Cold, Dead Hands
    Internal Damage - Blindness And Denial
    Defeatist - Sixth Extinction
    Fuck the Facts - Unnamed EP
    Inhume - Moulding the Deformed
    Sayyadina - The Great Northern Revisited
    Fitcage- Pigumanity
    Rotten Sound - Napalm
    Eardelete - Scalpelogy
    Embalming Theatre - Unamused Rancid Flesh
    Exhale - Blind
    Sodomy Torture - Exterminamorgue
    Machetazo - Necrocovered
    Leng Tch'e - Hypomanic
    Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire - Songs of Ill Hope and Desperation
    Circle of Dead Children- Psalm of the Grand Destroyer
    Rubufaso Mukufo- ReMoLAB
    thedowngoing - iambecome
    Gaf - Cultivate Disdain
    Inferia - No Sperm Shall Be Spared
    Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay - Devolution
    Aggressive Tyrants - Pripady plne zenske krve a muzskeho spermatu
    Kill the Client- Set for Extinction
    Magrudergrind - Crusher
    Murder Construct - Murder Construct
    Phobia- Unrelenting
    Painful Defloration - Antihuman Antisocial

    And the results:
    2009 was pretty solid. Definitely best:
    Brutal Truth - Brutal return of The Kings with real evolution.
    Antigama - Unique, higly promising band and their first really monumental record to date.
    Mumakil - Solid, long, consistent death/grind and their first record with actual titles :D
    Hatred Surge - powerviolence that works like hurricane, but Tanz Grosny Tanz is still unbeaten.
    Attack Of The Mad Axeman - pretty fun and double beast
    Abaddon Incarnate - nice comeback, fourth album and sounds not like previous efforts. If "The Last Supper" sounds a lot like early Cryptopsy, "Dark Crusade" more like Sweden Grind (yes, Mieszko was here). "Cascade" looks more like back to their death metal roots, but still grinding.

    2010 is not great as 2008 and 2009. A lot of records, even most of them i still didn't hear, but i still in search of real killers. For while, the best is probably:
    Kill The Cient - they gets more solid, noisiest and varied (you would don't believe but that is), that should be awared
    Rotten Sound - i'm biggest fan of this finnish grindmachine and i happy to hear something new from them. As "Scum" there are side A and side B, that recorded in different time with different production. Previous ep ("CTC") was slightly better, though.
    Exhale - another finest sweden grind on the road, pretty well produced and written, needs attention.

    And our Russian/Ukrainian scene mades big step onward. There are:
    Painful Defloration - for Nasum fans
    Internal Damage - for Phobia/Insect Warfare fans.

    What we can expect for upcoming 2011 year?:
    Rotten Sound - Cursed (and + DVD)
    Wormrot - Dirge
    Afgrund - Corporatocracy
    Gridlink - Orphan (the winner of Grind and Punishment Bracketology 2010
    Pig Destroyer - TBA
    Napalm Death - TBA
    Gadget - TBA
    Abaddon Incarnate - TBA (dunno, but they said that they have contract with label and we can wait for two follow-ups to "Cascade", i expect it will be 2-year cycle)

    Happy New Grind, kids!

    P.S. Sorry for all that shitty grammar mistakes, and much of dumb phrases here, but now my english is better than two years ago :-p
  • TOP 2008: GRIND

    2 jan. 2009, 11h31m

    TOP 2008: GRIND

    Rotten Sound - Cycles

    Nasum - Doombringer (Live)

    Jig-Ai - Katana Orgy

    Venomous Concept - Poisoned Apple

    Napalm Death - Time Waits For No Slave

    Destructive Explosion Of Anal Garland - Cutterclit

    The Berzerker - The Reawakening

    Coldworker - Rotting Paradise

    Neuropathia - Satan Owns Your Stereo

    Cliteater - Scream Bloody Clit

    Ass to Mouth - Kiss Ass

    Birdflesh - The Farmer's Wrath

    Anarkitran - ...Donde Quedo Le Igualdad

    Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation - S/T

    Agenda of Swine - Waves Of Human Suffering

    Extreme Noise Terror - Law Of Retalitation
    Cripple Bastards - Variante Alla Morte
    Gridlink - Amber Gray
    XXX Maniac/Coffins - Split
    Haemorrhage/Dead Split
    Spasm - The Paraphilic Elegies
    Maruta - In Narcosis
    Phobia - 22 Acts Of Random Violence
    SpermBloodShit - Polar Torsion Syndrome

    Best albums: Rotten Sound, Jig-Ai, Neuropathia, Napalm Death (but it will be officially released in February 2009)
    Best debut album: Ass To Mouth, Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation
    I was disappointed with: The Berzerker
    I waiting for new releases by: Antigama, Brutal Truth (new tracks fucking awesome)

    P.S. to be updated, 2008 was great year