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16 avr. 2006, 9h20m

Post your top fifteen bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite.

First song: Finished Symphony
Fell for: Finished Symphony
Current fave: Kid 2000

2. Death Cab for Cutie
First song: Tiny Vessels
Fell for: Marching Bands of Manhattan
Current fave: Soul Meets Body

3. Brand New
First song: Seventy Times Seven
Fell for: sic transit gloria (glory fades)
Current fave: Guernica

4. Cruxshadows
First song: Winterborn
Fell for: Return (Coming Home)
Current fave: Jabberwocky

5. Red Hot Chili Peppers
First song: By the Way
Fell for: Don't Forget Me
Current fave: Midnight

6. Tragically Hip
First song: Escape Is At Hand For The Travelling Man
Fell for: Nautical Disaster
Current fave: My Music At Work

7. Barenaked Ladies
First song: If I Had a Million Dollars
Fell for: Tonight Is The Night I Fell Asleep At The Wheel
Current fave: Light Up My Room

8. David Usher
First song: Black Black Heart
Fell for: In This Light
Current fave: Blinded

9. Matthew Good
First song: Weapon
Fell for: Avalanche
Current fave: Fated

10. Frou Frou
First song: Must Be Dreaming
Fell for: Breathe In
Current fave: Shh

11. Imogen Heap
First song: Come Here Boy
Fell for: Daylight Robbery
Current fave: The Walk

12. Jealous Sound
First song: The Fold-Out
Fell for: Hope for Us
Current fave: For Once In Your Life

13. Ladytron
First song: Playgirl
Fell for: Destroy Everything You Touch
Current fave: The Last One Standing

14. Eisley
First song: Trolly Wood
Fell for: One Day I Slowly Floated Away
Current fave: Head Against the Sky

15. Pilotdrift
First song: Elephant Island
Fell for: So Long
Current fave: Caught in My Trap


  • Shakoriel

    fab list! (yaaay ladytron!) how do you make song links like that? i haven't figured it out yet. *is doofus*

    16 avr. 2006, 19h56m
  • Shakoriel

    i have figured it out! i will post a list like this soon. XD

    16 avr. 2006, 21h32m
  • Greysnyper

    You're brilliant, a genius! :3 You ought to make a character list and when I eventually get to read your epic, I shall listen to the music that is appropriate. Hah. We're such geeks.

    16 avr. 2006, 22h58m
  • Shakoriel

    i have character playlists already and i shall definitely share when the time comes! (i was editing again today. we are getting close.) *geeks around with you*

    17 avr. 2006, 2h47m
  • Greysnyper

    I'm pretty much procrastinating on the Rome bit. I did finally figure out it's ending when I tried talking it through with a friend. I'm pleased since nearly every part of the story screams themes from history lessons. I've got Cicero to Virgil to Homer mucking around in the story. And some <<Assembly Women>>, too.

    17 avr. 2006, 20h51m
  • Greysnyper

    I'll set aside a week/weekend for your story when it's ready. ZOMG!

    17 avr. 2006, 20h52m
  • Shakoriel

    i'll probably send it to you chapter by chapter, and you can just ask for the next one when you want it ^_^;;;

    17 avr. 2006, 23h52m
  • Greysnyper

    That works great. Shall be a summer of reading. :3

    18 avr. 2006, 2h22m
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