"Midweek Crisis" - 3rd December 2008: Five Kids Go


3 déc. 2008, 21h00m

Hell Is For Heroes
The Neon Handshake
Five Kids Go

Having this week decided to Cut Down on journal entries from daily entries to less frequent journals, I am so far keeping the recent Wednesday fixture of "Midweek Crisis", though it's making its first appearance in the actual title this week. When I pick a "Midweek Crisis" track it will fall into one of three categories, either: (1) it's a cover, (2) it's humourous, or (3) it's a song I like from a genre or subgenre that stands out from the vast majority of my listening. ...In this case I'd put this one in category 3.

Hell is for Heroes are a British band tagged on last.fm as "post-hardcore, rock, emo, alternative, alternative rock ", so you can see why they don't fit in with the majority of my listening. The reality of it is that if I came across the band for the first time today, I probably wouldn't like them at all. As it is though, I've had The Neon Handshake in my collection since 2002. [edit: actually, it might have been 2003] At the time I bought it, I even considered it the heaviest record in that rather small collection.

By all means, I encourage people to go and check this out (full streaming on last) if they're open-minded. Retrospectively, I think the release has a few elements in common with the old NWOBHM, there's an energy to it and the sound certainly has some rough angsty edges to it. It wouldn't surprise me though to hear feedback from people saying that you probably need to get into them as a teenager to really enjoy it. It's yours to take it or leave it. I'm not forcing anyone to listen to it. If you're on the fence though, I can say the vocals are mostly 'clean' singing (not necessarily clean lyrics though, if you know what I mean), though they're a little droney, not exactly the operatic singing you'll see in most of my library. Very unusually for anything in my library, a total abesnce of guitar solos - I don't think there's a single one in either of the two albums I own by these guys - and the songs are mostly constructed from power chords with plenty of detuned drop D tracks. Oh and there are quite a lot of effects, like samples and vocal echoes and such-like.

Alternatively, you could check out their second album Transmit Disrupt, which I still think should be spelt Transmit Disrupt_ with an underscore at the end. It's slightly more laid back and mature sounding, perhaps even better songwriting, but the energy had almost completely disappeared, and it was veering closer to a Britpop/Indie sound. Thing is with that though is you've goto hunt it down somewhere other than last.fm, try youtube for the singles like One Of Us, Models For The Programme and Kamichi. Of which Models for the Programme is probably my favourite. Since I'm such a nice guy: (youtube)

Feedback and discussion welcomed as usual, but remember I didn't guarantee you'd like it - that's why it's on Wednesday.


  • GrantRS

    Unsurprisingly, I guess, I'm not totally that familiar with all the bands you listed in the comparison there. If I was, I guess this wouldn't have been a 'Midweek Crisis' pick. I think I know one song by The Cure and Pixies, and I'm sure I've heard something by Joy Division, as I have a general idea what they might sound like, but I couldn't name any of their songs right now. The other three I am a little more familiar with as we're bombarded by them on the radio over here. I don't know how many tracks you listened to, but I suspect you'd see a distinct increase in similarities when comparing the second album as opposed to the first. I still agree that there are similarities on the first album though. The main differences being the driving distorted power chords and energetic drum beats. Vocals and 'lead' guitar lines have a lot in common though even from the outset, (though if you listen through all their stuff you'll find a few verses of yelled vocals that are about as melodic as growling). I think a lot of the Franz Ferdinand/Bloc Party style bands started to hit the mainsteam in the gap between HIFH's first and second album, which probably influenced the increased similarities on the second release. Still haven't checked out there third album though. I think it came out last year, only heard one track (probably the first single, I'd imagine) didn't really love that track so I didn't bother with the rest. It's fully streamable on last though, just a question of whether I get round to it when there's so much other stuff to check out here. Note: sorry I tagged the album wrong. I've corrected this now so if it was trouble finding the full streaming of the album, it should no longer be. Post Script: Speaking of the Cure, I remembered that HIFH did two covers as b-sides for Retreat. I knew Changes was Black Sabbath (Changes), but turns out when I looked it up just now Boys Don't Cry is The Cure Boys Don't Cry, there ya go then. Looks like you were spot on with identifying that influence.

    6 déc. 2008, 13h34m
  • GrantRS

    Oh confusingly enough I tried to add to my comments and then merge them all into one post evidently just as you were replying so now our posts are out of order. Drat. I thought I could get away with that, but obviously not. Now it's just really confusing. Not to worry though, everything I originally posted is still here, with extra post script amendments for good measure. [quote]Am I missing something? Where? [/quote] At the top of the original journey I missed the letter 'd' from the album title linking instead to "The Neon Hanshake". I've edited the original post to read "The Neon Handshake" and actually link to the album page. So if you wanted to stream the full album for a listen, it's now just one click away. Otherwise you would've had to have got to the album page via the artist page or the track page or something. Anyway, the album IS on the last.fm database and IS fully streamable, unless there's a geographical restriction on it. Wow...confusing.

    6 déc. 2008, 23h14m
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