• -MARKED AS SPAM - Stolen journal alert!

    28 fév. 2010, 15h52m

    1st one to come with this idea seems to be my friend os_teriyaki and than another friend of mine nDroae stole it. I'm nice, so read the originals here (to see how weird ppl they are):
    os_teryiaki's here and Andro's here, under the big sign TWO

    Originally it was based on your Overall Top 10 artists and the main principle was to find your 3 most scrobbled tracks, then search them in the charts of the artist's page and decide how weird you are, cause you seem to be weirder and weirder the lower your favourite track is in the "everybody's" chart. Very good idea! :P Let's see if I'm as weird as I think myslef... But as you know I like long things, I made even THIS a bit longer, so let us look at Top 10 artists and 5 most scrobbled tracks.

    LATER EDIT: I totally forgot this and - everything's changed xD So there's no particular reason to finish THIS JOURNAL. Maybe it was too soon to even start writing it, because that all changes so fast xD So possibly in my 2nd year here on last.fm, I would be able to write it again.

    1st half

    1. 30 Seconds to Mars
    Jared isn't gay, doesn't even look gay and - what the hell makes you think so?!

    Proud of them finally being in my top 10 ^_^ (Ehmm, on my TOP). By the way, I know this is a very old pic, but on the current line-up of the group I miss a few band members and - Jared's hair...

    1. From Yesterday - number 1 xD OK, very mainstream taste.
    The truth unfortunately is this might be their best song ever. Think about it.

    2. Kings and Queens - number 6, but only because I'm using the "Last 6 months" chart which seems to be more objective to me. (Numer 1 in the weekly chart though, so slightly mainstream again.)
    This is past tense even now, because I have slightly mainstreamly enough of this song.

    3. tie between The Kill and Night of the Hunter but it's just one play from Kings and Queens so I don't find it very meaningful, because to me it's quite clear that both Kill and Hunter are going before Kings and Queens maybe later this afternoon xD - so a tie between number 2 and 12 - between mainstream and not so mainstream...
    The way I see it, I'm quite proud to have Hunter so high. Not just cause the song is so awesome, but... It should be the 2nd single I think. A video would be very amazing :P

    4. A Beautiful Lie - I don't even have to look and I'm sure it's mainstream as well... BINGO! number 4!
    Hmm, maybe it's neither about ME, nor the other listeners. What if it's just that they actually choose very good singles? - No, I'm not trying to make up an excuse! xD

    5. This Is War - number 10, but the cruel weekly chart says 6 again :'(
    OK, it IS a very good song and the 2nd single in the end. See? Maybe THEY are right and the rest of us is wrong :P

    Conclusion: I am a VERY mainstream listener this time. Shame on me xD

    2. Nightwish
    My long lost love...

    Love this photo soo much ^_^

    1. Dark Chest of Wonders - number 13... I will smile and consider it a very big success...
    The truth about this song is that it's just too perfect for singing, so empty heads like me cannot resist...

    2. tie between The Siren and Live To Tell The Tale - so numbers 29 and 81 *chuckles*
    Especially Live to Tell the Tale is extremely "underrated and overhated" (nDroae said that once, but it was about Hans Zimmer....). Even The Siren is surprisingly low...

    3. Bless the Child - number 10.
    Too good for singing again! I give up!

    4. Two for Tragedy - number 56! Duh!
    C'mon, ppl, it's such a masterpiece!! ^_^ Euh - no?!

    5. Sacrament of Wilderness - number 24.
    Just cause Marco once said he hated it?! Come on! Absolutely awesome piece of music...

    Conclusion: I think I'm a true listener, because... Well I would go Nemo, Amaranth and stuff if I didn't know NW for abou three times longer than last.fm. It seems that I'm laughing at the biggest hits a little, which isn't true at all. I've gone through that, too! xD

    3. Kelly Clarkson
    Sometimes I think her voice is too good for pop...

    We all know I love Kelly with dakr hair ^_^

    1. The Day We Fell Apart - number 37... It's actually a B-side, so...
    And it's a very good B-side! And terribly addictive. Should've been part of the album instead of - well, almost any other track...

    2. Whyyawannabringmedown (nah, terrible word!) - number 26 *somehow surprised*.
    OK, this is a terrible smash. You can't go even crazy during the song, because it's so short! xD

    3. what would it be with no tie between Don't Let Me Stop You and If I Can't Have You - numbers 14 and 15.
    I have fun on that. Even I always listen to those two together and - everybody seems to do it as well xD

    4. Can We Go Back - number 60! O_O Oh c'mon ppl!!
    OK, I know this is the most B-sidish B-side, but it's such a SMASH! xD It was the last song from All I Ever Wanted I found but still it climbed into my top 5!

    5. Ready *surprised by having it in her top 5* - number 24.
    What the hell is it doing there?! Well, anyway... It's still 4 plays from the one below, so... it has to have a reason. Dunno what though...

    Conclusion: I'm a weird listener of the currently most mainstream album. Fair enough xD

    4. Stream of Passion
    Spanish in metal \m/

    Marcela's hair <3 (always, not just now)

    1. Burn My Pain - number 18 O_o eh?! Everybody I know is obsessed with it!.
    Surprisingly low. But still: ppl think that their older album is better, so...

    2. A Part of You - number 24 O_o O_o ???!!!
    Surprised for the very same reason! I wonder: Is that because I know only weird ppl?!

    3. Games We Play - number 17.

    4. Now or Never / Let Me In - numbers 15 and 22.

    5. When You Hurt Me the Most / Haunted (finally something "old") - numbers 10 and 5.
    Why do you ppl love that old stuff so much?! Really! One has a single track from the old album on the list and immediately looks like a mainstream listener!! O_O

    Conclusion: Hm, quite good in the end. No Passion or Deceiver xD

    5. Robert Downey Jr.
    Insania Americana with terrible accent ^_^

    I'm not afraid of you, man! xD OK, 4 me the best actor ever. Totally mad and - maybe too mad...

    1. Hannah - number 9.
    As you can see on my Overall Top 50 of tracks, this is the very first one. I don't know why, but I still like it. Sometimes it happens that when you play the song 30 times, it's enough... definitely not this time.

    2. Kimberly Glide - number 5.
    Funny story with this track: it was the one I always hated the most. Suddenly I started loving it and it might soon climb before Hannah, cause it's really awesome ^_^. It didn't really make any sense to me for very long time. You know when you listen to something for about 10 times and still you aren't able of even humming the melody along xD

    3. Details - number 7.
    It's a very very beautiful song. Really. Love the lyrics! Read it if you're willing ;)

    4. Little Clownz - number 8.
    If I remember right, it was my 2nd fav as I started listening to the album. It's surprising that it's 8th I think, cause - well, I found it very catchy xD This song has a very special summer feeling, because I wanted it to have it. It has such a "special summer" ending and I used to listen to it while on a very long walk leaving the town. I always looked at the sun going down when the ending was playing. I think that since then I dared to play the song only twice :P

    5. 5:30 - number 10.
    Now it's starting to be very fuzzy, these charts... Maybe the difference may be still big between this track and the following ones but - not in my heart. The ones I love slightly more than the others have already been here. About this song I love especially the beginning it's - weirdly funny xD

    Conclusion: I'm weird only because I actually have him in my top 5 artists when he's released only one album xD But seriously - ppl tend to prefer Broken (and stuff) over the other songs which I don't.

    2nd half

    6. The Bird and the Bee
    The greatest discovery through Grey's Anatomy

    I have a very serious crush on Inara's voice and the way she dresses xD

    1. Loveletter to Japan - number 6... Wow! O_o
    I had a feeling that... this song is sooo popular. I was wrong, cause - well, the songs featured on the Grey's Anatomy soundtracks are naturally the first ones in both charts...

    2. My Love - number 7
    I can only say that this song is totally perfect :P Such music is especially good when you're depressed. Check it out! Oh, YT says the song was featured in a 5th season's ep of Grey's Anatomy. No wonder it was...

    3. The Races - OK, let's go dooooooown! - number 31 ... Wow! O_o
    Such an awesome song so LOW?! Omg... "Call me honey, I don't mind. I guess I feel the same..." They really have REMARKABLE lyrics. And I think that my charts are totally right. Surely my 3rd most favourite song by them.

    4. Polite Dance Song - number 3... Oh! I suck so bad xD
    That used to be one of my big favs, but it isn't anymore cause it got a bit overplayed. But "Would you be nasty with me?" still rules. xD

    5. What's in the Middle - number 25, but it's supposed to be 18, because almost half of the listeners actually tagged it "Whats in the Middle" which is obviously wrong, but they were so many that I did a little bit of maths this time :)
    I'm glad it got to the top 5 actually, cause it's something like my current favourite though I haven't been listening to The Bird and the Bee recently. I bet it's going higher soon, because it reflects my very common mental state: " I must empty up my skull of all this useless chatter" - you know xD

    Conclusion: OK, so I AM a true listener, because I'm not a "Grey's Anatomy" listener - my top isn't Again & Again (though it used to be, but HUSH!) or Carol of the Bells about which I've heard for the very first time today. ^_^

    Suddenly ended xD
  • The things I love about... 30 Seconds to Mars

    19 fév. 2010, 22h50m

    Ok, I'm not mentioning idiotic things like "music" as it is kinda obvious xD

    1) The This Is War album
    It's clearly one of the Top 5 albums of 2009 (according to Grace and her charts) if not the very Top one. It's wonderful - beautiful - and I'm mad about it! Oh yes...

    2) The whole business of From Yesterday
    Their best song ever! With a very good video:

    I just can't help loving this song. Don't even know why. I maybe love when Jared's shouting at me but - that's another story...

    3) This thing:

    I have it on a bookmark xD I know it's kinda poor proof of being a fan but I can honestly tell you that when *I* have something on a bookmark, I gotta love it xD (No tattoos, sorry!)

    4) Jared Leto
    Oh yes, I knoooow. A guy to adore maybe for 13 years old fangirls with no brain! Yeah, blah, blah... Please accept that my opinion about him is: when he isn't looking like a lumber-jack at the moment, he's really handsome. (See the From Yesterday vid and... my current avatar...) He's just a sugar with way weird accent...

    5) That they don't seem to be boring me
    I made some 100 plays this week again. That's really something, because I only play the music when I'm actually listening to it (or I'm typing silly journals or something...) so it's not likely for me to have about 1000 weekly plays. I'm actually proud of my 700 that I've done so far :P I should maybe stop now or they really WILL start boring me... xD I love them but, there are bounds that shouldn't be exceeded.

    Staying just a fan wishing to have one of these one day *sighs*

    See? The "owner" of the pic is a greedy beast. I'll have to send you to - hell: >> which is here if you are interested :P

    [Hihi! OK, let's end this and finally go to bed!]
  • The Big Change

    15 fév. 2010, 20h29m

    Today, on 15th February 2010, my top artist changed from Nightwish to 30 Seconds to Mars. ... Nothing big, just wanted to remember this day... xD
  • The Great Trio

    21 jan. 2010, 19h06m

    I'm talking about three songs by Nightwish that especially today, on 21st January, have certain meaning together.
    I never play The Poet and the Pendulum, Creek Mary's Blood and While Your Lips Are Still Red one after another, because I risk a heart attack. xD But today, I risk it gladly, because today it's been 2 years since I fell in love with Mr Holopainen, his beautiful music, eyes and - OK, think I'm crazy xD

    I just wanted to celebrate this day D - open gates to my most favourite genre of music.
    So: thanks Tuomas and - MOVE ON with the new stuff!!
  • My top 10 female vocalists

    17 oct. 2009, 19h45m

    • covers more or less all of my favourite vocalists from both the "sides" of music I like
    • I KNOW that I might have not so many plays of e.g. Gjallarhorn, but it has nothing to do with admiring their vocalist
    • the simple answer to "Why this and that isn't here?" is that I did NOT consider it necessary = I don't admire her that much though I maybe have many plays of her / her band's music, cause again this is NOT about that
    • of course, they are many more I like but I said this will be a top 10 and so it is
    • please keep your pointless comments for yourself - I erase crap like "too long, didn't read", I DO NOT write SHORT journals!

    One side of my musical taste:

    Kelly Clarkson

    (Too big for the journal but totally kicks ass!)

    I think she's cool (and also quite mad, see e.g. in the I Do Not Hook Up video here) and nice (especially with dark hair, don't know why).
    Of course I like her voice, too. She sounds very good "live" and her voice is kinda powerful in a way I absolutely love.

    Since when?
    Well, I used to like Kelly's Breakaway when I was younger. I've been addicted to her since about this June when I found out about her new album.


    Inara George also of The Bird and the Bee

    (I agree that she’s no big beauty, but who cares, she sings perfectly :P)

    She cannot reach high notes (as many others my favourite singers), I just love her cause her voice is kinda sweet and nice and perfectly fits with the songs by The Bird and the Bee... (By the way, SHE is supposed to be the Bird and I agree, she really is.)

    Since when?
    Since hearing Again & Again on one of Grey's Anatomy's soundtracks. I knew Fools In Love but I didn't like it that much.


    Ingrid Michaelson

    (This photo always makes me smile, really. It’s quite Ingrid-like I’d say...)

    Euh... Cause she's gorgeous and absolutely adorable. (See the water melon pic above, you can't deny it!) Her lyrics sometimes reminds me of something childish and sweet, for exemple check this particular one that proves it quite well: >Overboard

    Since when?
    This time, last.fm remembers almost all my listening history. I met Ingrid for the very first time on Grey's Anatomy again. In some episode I heard Breakable. Then I quite liked The Way I Am but after listening to her album Boys and Girls, I didn't find anything really special about her and that was one of my biggest mistakes I managed to fix :P This spring/summer, I decided - god knows why - to giver her a second chance. I think it was because I fell in love with Breakable again... I will never leave her :P

    • Ingrid, one of my top artists here, the list just misses about 100 plays of Breakable from Fall 2007 :P
    • My heart's beating really fast when I'm recommending something like Ingrid, really xD But if you know what's good for you, listen to Breakable, Die Alone, Overboard, You And I... and if you are depressed and stressed all day long like me, Maybe might save your ass as well as it has saved mine about five times...
    • As I don't have very much time to listen to everything I'd like, it happens that I've heard her new album only once, but I'm sure it's pretty good, so Everybody and aslo Girls and Boys cause it's amazingly dear to my heart :P
    • If you wanna die happy, watch

    Maria Taylor, ex-Azure Ray

    (Something is exotic and scary about her face. She reminds me of a witch, I don’t know why...)

    Her voice has a strange power to carry you someplace far in a Dreamland :P - No, I'm not drunk. I just think that the melodies and harmonies in her music are like from another world. She sounds very "typical" and her songs are really nothing for everyday's life... (Though some of them are pretty obsessive...)

    Since when?
    Since Grey's Anatomy again, to be precise the first soundtrack. The song Song Beneath The Song was there and it sounded quite nice and I didn't have many things to listen to, so I tried Maria. She one of the first artists in my library.

    • I think she will always be around the top then aritist...click
    • Now I might sound quite strange, because both the songs I wanna recommend you on the first place are the first on their albums; Leap Year, because that's a totally EPIC song and A Good Start, because it's simply awesome!
    • The best album is Lynn Teeter Flower, imo 11:11 is... well, strange.
    • I don't know any other vids than A Good Start, but I like it...

    Jenny Wilhelms of Gjallarhorn

    (I love her hair :P)

    I admire her for singing in various Scandinavian languages because that is very often something written, something else heard! xD I love her high notes - she sounds like a pixie or something xD

    Since when?
    Since seeing something about Finnish (or better Scandinavian) folk music. The first band I heard was Gjallarhorn (which is kinda difficult to spell right xD ).

    • Very lame plays due to well-know reason of being obsessed with them centuries ago, here
    • I think Sjofn is full of songs worth recommendation: Hjaðningarima, Suvetar and what really shows the pixie-thing about Jenny: Dejelill och Lagerman. Also I adore Kokkovirsi.
    • To everybody that likes or seems to like folk, I would recommend Sjofn. It was with me during last winter and it was really beautiful - listening to it and walking in snow... Really, try it, it's wonderful! xD
    • In my very quick search, I didn't find any clips, but it seems like they exist, so if I search more someday, I might add later.

    The dark side of the force xD :

    Floor Jansen of After Forever, R.I.P.

    (I really wonder how tall she is, because she’s always taller than anybody else xD )

    Simply because her voice is in a word MAGNIFICENT! :P Sometimes I think her lungs are as big as this planet and her throat is made of gold, but back to Earth... This is a woman with THE VOICE that I respect and listen to with my mouth open.

    Since when?
    That is hard to say. I think I know them since I know Within Temptation, because I listened to Beyond Me because it was with Sharon. I tried to listen to some of their stuff, but I probably didn’t find the right things, because I didn’t like it at all. The album After Forever opened my... EARS! but that’s also quite long ago...

    (This might be very long...)
    • Quite nice (now) 130 plays here. It says pretty much about the stuff I like :P
    • If you asked me to recommend one song, I’d say Emphasis because in a way, you’ve never heard something like that before :P Musical and singing masterpiece! Speaking about singing masterpieces - Face Your Deamons and Strong that is an unbelievably beautiful song – real pleasure to sing it.
    • Now the funny thing. I’ll be telling you which album is the best... Hehe, no offense, but - can I decide this?! Prison of Desire, Remagine, After Forever - as you can see yourselves, it’s no recommending, it’s a list of their albums! The only thing I haven’t understood is Invisible Circles because even when I try really hard, the songs just doesn’t have sense! (By that, I mean that I barely recognize chorus from verse!) It’s a bit "difficult“ album for my ears.
    • Though I haven’t seen all the vids by AF (yeah, I’m already ashamed, don’t worry!), I like

    Lacey Mosley of Flyleaf

    (Nice girl, don't tell me she's not...)

    I can only say: What a VOICE! The falsetto-things she's able to do made me love her on the first listen. Also songs by Flyleaf are terribly addictive. Don't know if they are so catchy or it's Lacey's voice's fault xD

    Since when?
    I think it was some vide on youtube with somebody's favourite bands and as I said - love on the first listen :P When I played the whole album, I was blown away.

    • Flyleaf plays prepared to grow with the new album here
    • As I said, most of the songs are catchy, so I tend to love them all :P But try Again. Then I can only say: Try ANYTHING else! It doesn't even take so much time as their songs are very short and also they aren't so much (yet!!!! <3 )
    • As they have only one album released, Flyleaf, I can only expect Memento Mori to be at least as good as this :P
    • Oh videos... Many videos they have. Almost for every song or what xD But Again is very nice:

    Helena Iren Michaelsen of Imperia and Angel, ex-Trail of Tears

    (You would say that this can be anyone, that’s why I chose it, cause, unfortunately, Helena always looks like a bitch. Well, sorry for that, but check the pics here and you will see :S )

    Though I have quite strange opinion about HER, I have a very positive opinion about her voice (though sometimes, I think she sings everything how it - strangely - comes on her mind, but it's just her style I guess). It's something like Floor: very powerful, very BIG voice I can only silently admire.

    Since when?
    Thanks to last.fm, I met Imperia about 200 years ago and I didn't like it at all. It took very long time till the moment I re-discovered their first album.I've got issues with the second one, because songs like The Calling kinda scared me! xD Helena was too much "opera-like" for me that time, I couldn't really bear it, but now I consider her to be one of the biggest voices.

    • I expect some new album by Imperia here. I don't listen to anything else with Helena. I've tried the first album by Angel but I - kinda didn't like it.
    • To name real masterpieces of Helena's singing, I cannot forget The Calling, because it's a song like nothing else before. Also The Lotus Eaters. I didn't believe it is possible to sing THIS, but it really is xD
    • People say that Queen of Light is 100% better. I must confess, I don't really know. Imo, both the albums are "worth listening".
    • Exspecially because of this, I searched for some videos. I've never done it, because I don't like Helena (I know, very childish...). I found only two of them. You can search yourself, my opinion is that you don't miss anything when you won't see them...

    Anette Olzon of Nightwish, ex-Alyson Avenue

    (One of the very few Anette's outfit I ACTUALLY DO LIKE...)

    To be honest, I don't know! There's something about her voice (in Czech we call it "colour" - don't know if this has any sense in English though...) - that can be heard in both AA and NW - that I really adore. Therefore I'm allergic to the crap people say about her because I don't get it. IMO Anette is a very nice person, she smiles on the stage and so on, but I totally dislike the way she dresses on concerts. OK, not always, but mostly yes. I was very pleased with her outfit on Masters of Rock where I saw Nightwish for the very first time, you can find one of the photos here, it used to be very high-rated pic on NW last.fm page, but I haven't found it on the first five pages so I gave up and found it elsewhere :)

    Since when?
    I guess since I heard Amaranth, my very first song by Nightwish. I'd never heard about Alyson Avenue before, of course. By the way, I've liked her since the Amaranth video. And - as I am a girl - I say Anette's pretty :P

    • Dark Passion Play plays (that's quite odd, isn't it? xD ) here but it's pretty lame as I was listening to all the songs thousand times before coming on last.fm. Alyson Avenue plays here but they are a bit lame, too, for the same reason as above.
    • Stuff worth recommendation by Alyson Avenue might be When Dreams Fall Apart and Every Now and Then. I don't know the others so good to say this particular one is better than the others. (They also sound quite all-the-same, imo AA is nothing really original...). By Nightwish it would be a little cliché, but still The Poet and the Pendulum (which is a total - both singing and composing - masterpiece, though I would ban Anette to pronounce "choose" like "shoes" next time xD ), Cadence of Her Last Breath and check out also f****** good song (unfotunately very f***** record) of The Heart Asks Pleasure First e.g. here
    • The best album with Anette is surely Dark Passion Play as Alyson Avenue cannot be compared to Nightwish. But the better album by them would be the newer called Omega as it has a way better sound.
    • About the video thing, I think Amaranth is just fine:

    Tarja Turunen ex-Nightwish

    (Nothing really original, sorry, but I totally love this photo! She has just GORGEOUS eyes, though some people feel unworthy to even look at her...)

    Cause Nightwish is my favourite band and somehow Tarja just came with it. Don't get it wrong, I DO like her but - it's just so long ago that she's more like a part of my live... On the album, she sounds very good, but I have some problems with her live performance, because the language she sings in I call Finglish.

    Since when?
    Since hearing Nemo or something.


  • Kelly Clarkson: videography

    12 sept. 2009, 19h01m

    I'm not sure the word videography actually exists, but - anyway!

    I make this pointless journal because I wanna put the thing together - just for myself. It might have happend you accidentally read this, so what!

    A Moment Like This (2002) (featured on the album Thankful)

    Before Your Love (2002) (featured on the album Thankful)


    Miss Independent (2003) (featured on the album Thankful)

    IMO: Great video - quite funny. I love Kelly's hair and clothes, it fits her really good. + I love the song. HIHGLY RECOMMENDED ;)

    Low (2003) (seems to be featured on both Thankful and Breakaway, but should be on the first one)

    IMO: Quite a good song, the vide is not THAT extra (except for the beautiful American road xD and the moment when Kelly kicks the car down from the hill :P

    The Trouble with Love Is (2003) (featured on the album Thankful)

    Breakaway (2004) (featured on the album Breakaway)

    IMO: I love Breakaway, it gives me nice memories, I don't exactly kow of what are they, but at least it's a good feeling (highly connected with my writing hobby). I love the parts when she watches the film in the cinema. Don't know why... :P

    Since U Been Gone (2004) (featured on the album Breakaway)

    YouTube vid disabled, please use the (wrongly tagged) vid on http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=22937246
    IMO: I've never been into the song very much, but I must admit that the chorus is bloody catchy. Anyway, a great video. I love the "demolition parts". I thought it was HERS, then in the end I realized I was wrong and that was even more funny. xD

    Behind These Hazel Eyes (2005) (featured on the album Breakaway)

    IMO: Gives us some facts about Kelly: 1) She likes long-haired boys (as some's appeared in third video so far) 2) She likes making mess (see in the end). This video has much stronger story than the previous ones. Runaway bride IS a really strong story. + Kelly looks great in both the wedding and black dress she wears :P

    Because of You (2005) (featured on the album Breakaway)

    IMO: Gosh, people, it made me cry! xD I've always known the song is beautiful, it has to be the video then. Stron story again. But now I quite hate her hair. Maybe the darker fits her better. Btw, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED again ;)

    Walk Away (2006) (featured on the album Breakaway)

    IMO: Shows how much ve can love Kelly xD Very catchy song and the crazy people just look to much like I do when I hear for exemple Whyyawannabringmedown. Unfortunately I hate her hair again xD

    Go (2006)

    IMO: Smells like advertisement. But I appreciate Kelly with dark hair again! xD

    Never Again (2007) (featured on the album My December)

    !!! Portuguese subtitles warning !!! xD
    IMO: To be honest, I didn't really get this video. Poor paranoiac, obsessed with Kelly xD Maybe I should watch it again some other day, maybe after less studying physics. After all, the song is great, one of the best on My December. I still somehow can't find my way to the CD - maybe I listen after studying maths or something. xD

    Don't Waste Your Time (2008) (featured on the album My December)

    Video on YouTube is a bit stupid, so please use the link below. The quality here is fantastic!
    IMO: I've never realised how beautiful the song was till now :P Kelly looks really beautiful in the dress and with ther dark hair back again :P Also I've been listening to the lyric quite a lot now... I don't know, maybe I haven't done this so far... I think that the songs is going to get to my loved very soon - maybe a key to open whole My December, who knows...

    My Life Would Suck Without You (2009) (featured on the album All I Ever Wanted)

    Kelly's official channel on YT seems to be whole disabled for my country, so I cannot recommend you the videos from there, because I don't bloody know WHERE is possible to watch them. :S
    IMO: Kelly seems to be a real tragedy for relationships. She destroys everything. But I appreciate they saved the fish before she threw the fishbowl out of the window (and probably killed somebody else). Seems like MY life would suck withou Kelly as well. Without her and her crazy videos xD

    I Do Not Hook Up (2009) (featured on the album All I Ever Wanted)

    IMO: Totally crazy video! First some odd imaginations and the the fall from the table... I wondered: "What the hell?!" and then she got up and yelled and I was rofl! But still I don't get how can she sing the "I do not hook UP UP!" part... I cannot do that xD

    Already Gone (2009) (featured on the album All I Ever Wanted)

    IMO: OK, OK, the song IS maybe interesting but... I don't really get why Kelly (or whoever) chose it as a single... I'm really a bit disappointed with the video as well. I don't know why, but Kelly reminds me of an elephat in the black dress. I think slower songs are kinda risky singles :S

    I wish it could end better that with I vid I don't really like :) Anyway, I expect something better from Kelly soon :P

    I hope you enjoyed watching (if you watched). The making was exhausting xD
  • Summer / Fall 09: Current top 5 by Nightwish

    10 sept. 2009, 20h15m

    I always wondered if it is possible for me to choose some "top things" by Nightwish. Even today, my answer is still No! I cannot, I'm sure. But! there is nothing bad about current top 5 songs, because when you have your most favourite band, you are likely to be obsessed with a certain song in a certain time. (At least I've seen this many times...)

    I've already been obsessed with most of those songs. It's really interesting that it came back after (about) 1 year xD

    1. Dark Chest of Wonders
    The song: Dark Chest is one of the songs by Nightwish I know the best . I don't believe it was always my favourite. I'd say it was one of those you need to "make your way" to - through the other songs on the album you might like more. When the moment you say: "What a SONG!" comes, you'll love it forever - maybe longer than the songs you fell in love wiith after the first listening.
    The song & the album: I think all CDs by Nightwish are good, but Once is "the best" for me (though it's really hard to decide, but it has always been...). Dark Chest, as the first song, "opens" the album quite good I guess. At least as good as it opens the Once-era (and also some of DPP-era) concerts. (I hope I'm not mistaking now, I'm quite exhausted...) Though for exemple on End of an Era it doesn't sound so good, it IS a good opener :P
    The lyrics: Speaking about Mr Holopainen's work, he'd feel insulted if I didn't mention this :P. Not only the melody and (how to say it...) "mood" of the song opens Once so good, also the lyric does. Especially this part:

    It's time to cut the rope and

    Fly to a dream
    Far across the sea

    which is, imo, totally awesome. This + the melody really feels like opening the Chest and beginning a fairytale, flying to a dream, whatever, but surely it reminds of some flight across the sea. (Sorry, I'm maybe too excited as I fell in love with it again...)
    I've written many times that I am a "highly non-professional singer". I guess many people like to sing along with their favourite bands. I'm obsessed with it. And as I need to share those emotions as well, I'm adding
    Singing the song: because THIS brings the strongest emotions connected with a song for me. I've written the most of this writing about the lyric. My favourite part (see above) is my most favourite in the whole song (not only in the lyric). Going from the "cut the rope and" to "fly to a dream" is so bombastic that I can't really express it. I just LOVE to sing this. I wonder what would Tuomas (or maybe Tarja) say hearing me. xD I don't think it's so bad with me, but... somehow you always doubt.

    2. Bless the Child
    The song: In this case, it took some time to fall in love with this song as well. I think I always liked e.g. End of All Hope better. Now I would say that End of All Hope is nothing extra but Bless the Child is terribly bombastic... Everything changes!
    The song & the album: Again, it is the first song (on Century Child). Imo, for this particular CD, very good first song. It might be nice in the very end as well, because of the last part:

    "Where have all the feelings gone?
    Why is the deadliest sin - to love as I loved you?
    Now unblessed, homesick in time,
    soon to be freed from care, from human pain.
    My tale is the most bitter truth:
    Time pays us but with earth & dust, and a dark, silent grave.
    Remember, my child: Without innocence the cross is only iron,
    hope is only an illusion & Ocean Soul's nothing but a name...

    The Child bless thee & keep thee forever"

    What else about Century Child? Maybe my second most favourite album by NW (and the first I bought). I found really strange that people dislike the Forever Yours-Ocean Soul-Feel For You part of the album. I'm shocked - for me it's a "heart" of the album and no other album has this...
    The lyrics: Without thinking of the whole song, I have two parts in the lyric I love:

    The 1st is this line:
    Think of me long enough to make a memory

    The 2nd might be the whole ending, especially this part:
    Remember, my child: Without innocence the cross is only iron,
    hope is only an illusion & Ocean Soul's nothing but a name...

    Singing the song: One of those you, as a highly non-professional singer, simply NEED to try. I guess the most emotional part is the second:

    Why am I loved only when I'm gone?
    Gone back in time to bless the child

    (makes me mad :P )

    3. The Siren
    The song: Never liked it that much again. Too small part for Tarja which is pitty, because more Tarja like this would be fantastic! The opening and the ending is very beautiful and End of an Era version kicks ass, especially the siren-like part which Anette quite destroys. She doesn't sound like a siren at all :( but Tarja... Oh! :P I always imagine her eyes (do you know she's got VERY beautiful eyes...) and I understand why Tuomas called her Siren oncer or twice. Kind of a "Tarja's song" I guess...
    The song & the album: Whole Once is totally bombastic and The Siren just belongs to its middle :P I can honestly say that after beautiful Creek Mary's Blood, another beautiful track comes.
    The lyrics: The story of the lyrics is very interesting. I remember Tuomas saying somewhere that he heard about a lady with a violin really playing on the shore and then the seals came... Really interesting. At least one lyric by Nightwish that was explained to us xD
    Singing the song: Oh, I lack more Tarja :( But the two small parts in the beginng are probably enough in Tuomas' (very wrong) opinion xD I love them and I can't really love anything else to sing... But the siren-part of course ;) but THAT is a real business xD

    4. Two for Tragedy
    The song: is beautiful! I used to hate the sad songs, especially from Wishmaster. The worse problem wasDead Boy's Poem, but this is not about THAT. Again it was a hard way through e. g. She Is My Sin or Wishmaster. I think that this (and also Forever Yours) were the first two songs that made me really love sad songs... I'm thankful ;)
    The song & the album: I must admit that I really hate how after this emotional sad song comes the beginning of Wishmaster, it always scares me! xD I think that this particular track isn't really well placed... but to be honest, I can't imagine where else to put it as I got (more or less) used to it where it is...
    The lyrics: is just WOW! :P I'd say one of my most favourite lyrics (together with Forever yours again that I maybe like a bit more)
    Singing the song: Oh yes, please. Ten times a day! :P Once my music teacher told me my voice is good for such melancholic songs. Then I realised that I LOVE to sing them :P Especially I love this one (for unknown reason, I just do.) Favourite part, definitely:

    Beneath the candle bed
    Two saddened angels - in heaven, in death

    Sometimes I have to play it twice to do Tarja's job as I imagine it :P

    5. Live To Tell The Tale
    The song: I think all the NW's B-sides are good, I don't really get why people don't like them. Especially White Night Fantasy and Nightquest if I remember right. Really strange. Live to Tell the Tale was the last song I "met". For very long time I just didn't know it existed. The more thrilling the finding of it was :P
    The song & the album: Funny thing, it's not on any album I know but it BELONGS to Once though my Once doesn't have it. It could be nice if it HAD it :(
    The lyrics:
    Favourite part, definitely this:

    Dark chambers of my mind
    Locked around the neck of my love
    None of you understand
    And it doesn't matter
    To a broken marionette like me

    Singing the song: I like almost everything. But somehow I like the verse better than the chorus. I also like the without-lyric-part (you know what I mean..) that only Tarja seems to be able to sing xD My stomach always hurts when I try it!
    Also this:

    And it doesn't matter
    To a broken marionette like me

    asks for very desperate tune that I really love. Oh, and I almost forgot the part when Live to tell the tale somehow "collapses" in the end... It's like something falling down from someplace high and breaking. Hm... sounds like me seeing some nice picture of this song's author :P
  • Playing with Top 50 artists xD

    6 sept. 2009, 10h14m

    On the first place, I thank Synthetic_Engel for giving this idea to oxidising_angel who gave the idea to me through a journal connected to a group which name I don't remember. By the way, this is an exemple of how your journals can be read by VARIOUS people xD.

    1. What's your favorite song by 14?
    I actually have 2 artists on 14th position.
    by Sugababes I like Side Chick
    by Within Temptation ... well, I loved WT so much that I had a BUNCH of favourite songs. As I see it now, I don't love them that much anymore. But still I can name one and that is Jillian

    2. How did you get into 20?
    Atargatis on the 20th position... Well, I must admit, QUITE HARD! I'd had really strange feeling about the music, especially about the vocals that I like now. I think I was trying for about three times. The third time was when I was travelling listening to Nova and I realized this might be quite a good band!

    3. Who is your favorite member in 8?
    Hehe, I don't have 8! xD

    4. What's your favorite lyric by 29?
    Favourite lyric by Deathlike Silence, I guess Trapped in the Night

    5. Have you ever seen 22 live?
    My 22 is Imogen Heap. Well, no. And though it might be interesting, I probably never will.

    6. What's your favorite album from 10?
    Lovex - Pretend Or Surrender

    7. Do you own any merchandise from 3?
    From Stream of Passion no. But a T-shirt might be nice. xD

    8. What is a good memory you have of 7?
    Two sevens again...
    good memory of The Ditty Bops can be holiday 2007 when I found out about them. It was a great summer ;)
    good memory of Leaves' Eyes ... hehe, my "FF metal" beginning and my Last.fm friend nDroae who is obsessed with them xD

    9. Is there a member of the same age as you in 2?
    I don't believe Kelly Clarkson is 17 years old xD

    10. When did you first get into 1?
    Into Nightwish? On 17th November 2007 xD

    11. Who likes 4 along with you?
    Well... who likes The Bird and the Bee witm ME?! I probably know only one fan of them, my friend (and also Last.fm friend) Brusina

    12. Which song did you first hear from 15?
    Three Days Grace (probably) Riot on a school corridor xD

    13. What song made you fall in love with 5?
    My five is Qntal and I guess it's Flamma, my most favourite till now.

    14. Which song do you not like by 18?
    By Imperia? Gee... I don't know the CDs so good to say whether I hate some song or not...

    15. Why do you like 14's songs?
    Sugababes and WT again, god! xD
    I like Sugababes because of the catchy melodies I guess. I think their lyrics are mostly VERY lame, but I don't really care that much this time.
    And WT, I like WT because they are an awesome band, what can I say? xD

    16. Where did you first hear 6?
    Krypteria... I believe it was here, on Last.fm.

    17. How long was 19 a musician before you liked them?
    Apocalyptica For about 13 years I guess.

    18. Does 13 have a song that gives you a bad memory?
    Ingrid Michaelson, god, NO! Only the best memories, though qute holiday-connected and sad. The "worst" is probably Breakable as it makes me cry.

    19. When did you get into 17?
    Into Lacuna Coil? Wow, I don't really remember this... But I'm sure it was in 2007 (my "FF metal" beginning again)

    20. How long have you been into 1?
    Nightwish, seems like forever, but it's about 2 years. - 2 months maybe.

    21. If 9 have a concert 300 miles away, would you drive there to see them?
    I like Maria Taylor quite a lot, but I don't think I would go there, I'd only search for some videos or something. I'm not interested in her in the "concert & T-shirts" way :P

    22. How many CDs do you own of 11?
    Robert Downey, Jr. None. I guess I will never have unless I have some dollars xD

    23. Does 21 have a song that makes you cry?
    Song that makes me cry by Delain? I don't think so... Though Nothing Left might be...

    24. Does 27 have a song that makes you happy?
    Gosh, such a nice question and I don't have 27!

    25. Does 23 have a song that makes you smile?
    I played "Nothing Left" by Delain and Delain moved on 23rd place xD. I won't fix that, really. Nothig makes my smile by Delain, I just love them...

    26. What's the last song you've listened to from 28?
    Luckily I remember this. By Bare Infinity it was Always Forever Part I

    27. Is there a song by 32 that you've listened to more than 30 times?
    By Natalie Imbruglia nothing on Last.fm, but I guess we've all heard Torn for MORE THAN 30 times! xD

    28. What is a song from 50 that you've only listened to once?
    Don't have 50 again...

    29. Is there a song you are sick of hearing by 24?
    By Sirenia? I don't really know, I'm not so much into their older stuff yet... Something might be there, I'm not sure.

    30. What song got you into 40?
    Dark Moor - The Emperor

    31. What is your favorite single by 37?
    [no 37]

    32. If 49 hated you, what would you do?
    Nobody dares to hate me. No 49 xD.

    33. What would you say if 42 or one of the members from 42 asked you out?
    [no 42], I will be alone again xD

    34. Would you care if 41 had a boyfriend/girlfriend?
    ROFL! Natalia Oreiro's boyfriends, or probably husbands are really nothing terrible for me! xD xD

    35. Who has the best voice in 30?
    Nobody, Harry Gregson-Williams is a film music composer.

    36. Do you think 26 is/are good looking?
    [no 26]

    37. How many times have you listened to your favorite song by 36?
    My most favourite song of all my 36s is Timo Rautiainen - Hiljaisen talven lapsi, played 16 times.

    38. How many CDs do you own of 30?
    Only one, the Kingdom of Heaven soundtrack.

    39. Is there a song from 38 that makes you mad?
    [no 38]

    40. Which member from 33 do you want to see go solo? If 33 is only one artist, what would you do if they joined a group?
    [no 33]

    41. What does your favorite song from 48 remind you of?
    Lullacry - Fire Within reminds me of the Spanish course I had last year, Evanescence] - Good Enough reminds me of me and my friends singing the song in a dark room and David Shire - Avery & Graysmith, Toschi & Armstrong reminds me of Zodiac both the film and the soundtrack (which are both great) and - of course - of the scence where the song plays in the film.

    [b]42. Did you hate 43 at first?[/b]
    no 42

    [b]43. Does your best friend also listen to 33?[/b]
    [no 33]

    [b]44. Do you think your parents would like 23?[/b]
    My mum liked Delain - Stay Forever xD

    [b]45. Does 47 have a song that makes you want to dance?[/b]
    [no 47], sorry, no dancing.

    [b]46. Have you ever seen 34 in person?[/b]
    The Birthday Massacre are too far away for this!

    [b]47. Do you like 44's name?[/b]
    John Williams is actually an own name. But I need to answer, because I HAVE this number (finally). I think his parents might have been more original... xD

    [b]48. Is there someone in 48 that you want to go out with?[/b]
    I think I'd like to ask David Shire about the psycho soundtrack for Zodiac he wrote... Cup of tea might be nice xD

    [b]49. Do you know anyone that hates 3?[/b]
    Not HATES but my friends both told me Marcela Bovio (Stream of Passion) has a terrible voice. That's a thing I can't really understand :S

    [b]50. Have you ever danced to a song from 35?[/b]
    No... but МакSим - Пам-парам might be good for that xD

    1) I don't know what happend with the formatting. I don't really get why the [b] thing doesn't work xD

    2) Why I didn't erase all the numbers I didn't have? - I wanted to let all the questions for the case somebody wanted to do this as well. You know, use the idea of all those people before me... xD I can reccomend this, it's interesting. If you don't have 4 aritsts under 25 or 3 under 48 xD which I have as you can see, because I have only 8000 tracks played.
  • Masters of Rock 2009 (in a bit DIFFERENT way)

    30 août 2009, 11h02m

    Odd title for odd journal. Prepare to (my) madness xD and don't expect any serious opinion about the festival, only my own emotions... *expects 50% of readers to leave* Sorry, I'm not able to speak seriously. (And this IS serious! xD )

    Imagine it's 7th July and you are going to see Nightwish for the very first time (after being a fan for about 2 years). You don't really wanna wake up early. Why the f...?! It's holiday! But then! THEN always comes the problem!

    I don't really like traveling by bus, train, whatever (when it is longer journey) and I was pretty nervous few days before. But THEN, at about nine a.m. (which I considered to be terribly early), my friend midrose woke me up. She sent me sms and wated me to switch on the computer immediately and talk to her. Sleepy, I did what she wated me to and - - - she told me she was sick and wouldn't go with me to MoR! I was like: "Omg, you can't be serious!" Unfortunately she was. I thought I was gonna be sick as well. Vizovice - it's not so far... But I remember that I had never gone somewhere all alone. I always think something will happen to me, I'll suddenly die or something like this. I'm a very funny girl! xD

    I bet you can imagine my mum when I called her (almost in tears) that "midrose can't go, but forget that I will give up"! I think, in the end, my mum was much more nervous than me xD. But what else to do? I wasn't really prepare to give up my first (and for very long time last) chance to see Nightwish. Not me! I had two days for putting my nerves together and go on the "longest" journey I'd ever been to.

    On 8th I was really busy. I was buying new notebook (which didn't work in the end and I got another one which - luckily - has been working till now and hopefully is gonna hold on a bit longer. Machines in this house tend to break very often...) and also I was making this:
    You already know that I'm a funny girl, so you won't have any problems to understand this xD. I'm really not ashamed for it. I terribly wanted the towel! xD It was actually created more like a joke with me, midrose and two my friends from Hungary, but of course, the towel would be nice xD
    I was listening to You And I by Ingrid Michaelson. I guess I played it about 20 times. (I wasn't even putting this on Last.fm... But it might look nice in my charts as well as in currently playing tracks)

    On 9th I was / wasn't - who knows - ready for the journey :P. I packed all my things and nervous mother drove me to the bus station. I was prepared to arrive there in one piece but... I doubted a little, of course. I remember that the only thing that was in my mp3 player was my complete Nightwish discography and (maybe) full After Forever. Yeah, and of course "You and I" xD. I got on the bus, played "You and I" to heal my nerves a bit and I hit the road. Long road. First I was listening to From Wishes To Eternity and then Made in Hong Kong (And in Various Other Places). Before the end I started with Century Child. The day definitely needed the "NW atmosphere".

    We got stuck in some traffic jam (that seemed to be never-ending) but I arrived to Zlín in one piece. (Thx God!) I had about one hour until the bus to Vizovice. (It maybe seems to you like I'm totally helpless and unable to do anything alone. But you have to understand I really felt that way. xD ) I was sitting before the hotel Moskva where (as Anette wrote on her blog) they were. I didn't expect them to come out but - who knows :P I had to sit somewhere anyway.

    Quite an ugly house, ain't it :S
    I was bored so I took some other photos of the "neighbourhood" xD.

    I really don't know what is this supposed to be, but to me it seems like nuclear power station xD

    You can see it's getting a bit cloudy. Stupid clouds were gonna complicate the situation few hours later.

    Well, Nightwish didn't get out of Moskva xD and it was also time for me to move on. I almost missed the bus, because I thought THIS one isn't the one I wanted to take, but I joined some metalists and thanks to them I didn't miss anything. The bus stopped many times. I almost got off on the station with all the campers. Luckily I jumped to the bus again xD because it was quite far from the place I actually wanted to go. Anyway, the journey from the station I was supposed to get off was very long too. Again the metalists helped and I didn't get lost (on a straight way... But I'm nuts, I'm able to get lost in my own bedroom when I'm nervous.)

    The security guys wanted to steal my bottle with water in the entrance, but I saved it from them. xD Then I was meeting a friend of midrose's, Kapinnka, but she was terribly late. I arrived at about half past one and she told me she was gonna come at four (maybe, I don't remember it exactly)! I was prepared for everything... I spent three hours in searching for toilets (because it's always good to know where they are xD ) and exploring everything else in case that - whatever. I was also quite boder and didn't have anything else to do.

    My famous picure of Edward Scissorhands with no head xD. Tuomas doesn't care about him properly... :S

    Early after Kapinnka arrived (and after I showed her where are the toilets xD ) we went to stand to the crowd. Smartly we were getting throug it and we reached 3rd row during the concerts of Fleret

    (Btw, the singer was 70 few days before the concert and she was awesome xD )

    and Vypsaná Fixa (which is, imo, one of the most terrible Czech bands xD.)
    We were really suffering of back ache after those two concerts. It felt impossible to stand there for next 4 hours. Actually, after the end of Vypsaná Fixa we thoutght we were gonna die. Luckily In Extremo came. They really "moved" with all of us in the crowd. They were fantastic and had great special effect (though we almost got baked xD but it was a nice change after cold rain during Vypsaná Fixa.) Until now you can see En Esta Noche in my top 10 songs. (it has fantastic pipes parts :P ).

    After the end of In Extremo, the crowd started to be terrible. Everybody was pushing everybody (and most of the people were a bit drunk since Fleret, fortunately the boys behind us were sober, though hungy xD). My back didn't hurt anymore, because there were so many guys around me, that I didn't really have to stand on my own xD. It was a bit worse with my legs. Then Rage came. Not really my cup of tea. I was pissed-off and everything hurt and... I couldn't wait till NW. Guys before us left after Rage and we got (so called) second row. You can imagine what happend NOW with the crowd. It was totally impossible - the worst crowd I've ever been in xD. It was clear that in front of me, behind me and all around are Nightwish fans that want might want MY place. I didn't wanna let them. I was precisely in front of Tuomas' keys behind a girl who was very small and I couldn't imagine a better place. So couldn't the girl on my left side. We were pushing each other durig all the concert. (If she reads this, I apologize! xD xD )

    And now, more pix. I believe NOBODY is as tallented photographer as me xD

    The only "Overworked and Underfucked" thing on this photo is the photo itself.

    Now, you can guess twice who's that! xD I think that it was Jukka xD. You can see he's a wizard, because he can be invisible....

    And the last picture before the security guys told us to put the cameras away... (I wonder why... Sooo many people says it was because Tuomas told them so. I say it's not nice of them to blame him for everything xD )

    I really enjoyed the concert. I don't remember what they played. I know all the songs so well that I can't really say anything. Also I was very excited and out of senses because of the crownd and the girl next to me that wanted my place (or somebody maybe wanted hers)! I only remember Escapist was wonderful, as well as 7 Days to the Wolves and that Dead Boy's Poem made me cry. Though Tuomas didn't look like having the keyboard set right (as I read somehwere, he hates festival because of that), he was smiling all the time :P That was the best thing of all the day :P I also liked Anette's clothes (but not ALL of that she was wearing). I didn't see so much of the band because (except the smaller girl before me) all the people were quite tall, at least taller than me. But I saw Tuomas, a bit of Marco, sometimes Anette, I was glad to stand that close.

    Unfortunately "Tuomas, your towel..." was in my bag. No chance for me to use it, I was glad to move my arms... That means I didn't get the towel. Tuomas had to throw them someplace I didn't really like. It was too far and too left and - - - He really disappointed me, but at least he was happy, smiling and - - - OMG... <3

    The journey home was also really funny. My dad came for me but I wasn't able to find him. He told me he was standing at some petrol station, but - where the heck was that?! Luckily some people were sitting in the garden. I couldn't catch my breath (because I was running as I hate dark and night and I was alone again) and I asked them where was the place. It was quite far. I was nervous again, running again. I thought I might suffocate after getting to the car. "I - can't - breate!!!!" I complained but my dad thought I'm just being nuts again (as always).

    Two days after, I couldn't hear a single sound. Even the sounds of a keyboard (when I was trying to write some mails) was unbearable. I was only lying in my bed and reading.

    I wonder when we will see NW again. I hope they are comming back to Czech Republic :( They had one concert in Prague in February 2008 (and I wasn't bloody there!!!!!!!!!!!) and that was all. But the concert was really big, I heard some interview with Tuomas where he was saying that it was very bing and that he was a bit afraid. (Of what the hell?!) So, maybe he won't be so afraid after releasing the new CD to which I'm looking forward as hell (and worse).

    Thanks for reading and (hopefully) some comments. But don't tell me I'm helpless, hopeless or everything. I'm not afraid of this kind of travelling anymore. :P
  • How I became "metalist" (a.k.a. part of my listener's history)

    28 août 2009, 12h16m

    First of all, I have to say I don't consider myself a "metalist" (or whatever). I don't listen to strictly of-that-kind-of-genre bands and my favourite colour is NOT black ( xD ), to be precise, it's white. I don't wear only black clothes to pretend something or to tell everybody WHO I AM ACTING LIKE. I like (almost) all colours and funny T-shirts with crazy pictures. xD I DON'T dye my hair black to be black from head to heels. I actually DO dye my hair black, but only because I like it and I begane with it before listening to any "metal" (* see the note below) anyway... I don't say people who are wearing only black are bad / strange / odd / idiots. I only say I don't do it because myself, I find it odd and I would die withou colours (and I really mean it. If you saw my school books or things I study, you would understand... I need colours really everywhere!)

    The first "metal" song I've ever heard (let's say it like this...) was Ice Queen by Within Temptation, which is, imo, the best known (and most overplayed) song by WT. To be honest, I didn't like it at all. But it wasn't because of the music and / or Sharon, it was because of the song itself. I actually remember myself having problems with Ice Queen until the concert on 17th January 2008 in Prague where IQ was the last song and I was totally blown away. Maybe a "concert euphory", who knows. Since then I like IQ, BUT I almost stopped listening to WT. Anyway, back to the beginning...

    I heard IQ, don't really know when, but it was at least a year before I fell in love with WT. I believe I remember the exact date as it was on 12th or 13th February 2007 and it was Jillian. It's quite long ago but I still do consider this song one of the most beautiful WT've ever done. It's very fascinating and very... high *can't resist and has to play Jillian right now* It was on Youtube and (I really don't understand why) it was together with the Bring Me to Life video by Evanescence. I liked EV very much that time, but I don't say EV is (some kind of) metal, because you people here might want to kill me. BUT I have to say I came to "metal" from pop THROUGH Evanescence and you can say whatever crap you want...

    Jillian was totally awesome. Then I tried some other stuff from The Silent Force. I believe it was See Who I Am, Pale, Stand My Ground, It's the Fear and maybe some others I'm not sure about. WT were my most favourite band since then which ended with the concert in January 2008.

    My WT-loving period overlaps the beginning of my NW-loving times. The first song I've heard by Nightwish was Amaranth. It was "recommended" to me by my friend, midrose. I was blown away again. You can tell me Amaranth is poppy song. I can ask you to kiss my... DRUM! xD I loved Amaranth and then Nemo if I remember right but this was only autumn 2007. I was listening to many other songs. I remember loving She Is My Sin that winter and also Planet Hell and End of All Hope (for unknown reason).

    (One evening I was bored and as I am a member of NW official forum, I made a small research in discussion about "the songs you don't like by NW". The most POPULAR ones - means the ones almost nobody mentioned - were End of All Hope and Planet Hell - unknown reason again.)

    I couldn't bear e.g. The Pharaoh Sails To Orion or The Poet and the Pendulum (and even Dead Boy's Poem or Two for Tragedy that happen to be my favourities now). I have to say that my ears weren't used to such vocals that are in The Pharaoh. I honestly HATED it.

    The real "ice breaking" (as I would call it speaking Czech) came very early after the WT concert. It was 21st January 2008. (Yeah, I always remember the dates as I love to celebrate things like: "OMG, look, I have Nightwish anniversary today!") and the song of my destiny was Creek Mary’s Blood, to be precise the End of an Era performance. I only thank to Tarja that I didn’t understand something she sings in the lyric! I went somewhere to find about about the lyric and whether I’m mad or just deaf and I saw the EoaE video. Guess what happend – I WAS BLOWN AWAY! xD The live version somehow kicked me into loving Nightwish. It was the first time I told myself Tuomas Holopainen IS a damn genious! (And also the first time I realized he’s handsome xD and somehow totally adorable!) Till today, I’m not really sure if I LIKE CMB. I don’t really know. It’s just the song that made me to love all of Nightwishes and Tuomases but – Do I really LOVE it that much?! The answer is surprisingly NO. I don’t really know what I feel, but CMB IS a very special song and not only for me. It has the spirit of Indians and John Two-Hawkes and the beautiful poem in the end. I wasn’t able to realize WHY this particular Indian language until I saw „Dances with Wolves“ this summer. I found the language kinda fascinating but yet sounding a bit „all-the-same“.

    So I had WT and NW that time but – is this enough?! The answer is again NO, but it was really hard for me to find other female fronted metal bands, which I was searching for. If I remember right, the others were Lacuna Coil and the album Karmacode and Leaves‘ Eyes with all their albums that we know so far, but mainly with Elegy, because this song is (again) awesome and high :P Then there were guys from After Forever. I didn’t like AF that much. I didn’t know their After Forever which made me to love them later.

    In summer of 2008 I came on Last.fm for the first time. It helped me a lot with searching for another bands like those five. I believe I got to know with Angtoria, Delain, Krypteria, Imperia (that I didn’t like that time), Sirenia and maybe some others I can’t realize. Most of the other bands I „met“ in summer/autumn 2008 on various blogs and forums. I remember I was blown away by Katra and Hb.
    Here the metal history ends, because as I have more and more bands (almost every day or what) I’m losing in it...

    BUT! if you look at my charts, you really CANNOT even THINK of me as of a metalist. Who’s on the overall artists 2nd place? Kelly Clarkson! And what about the others? Sugababes, The Bird and the Bee and The Ditty Bops. I’m not ashamed for this and I have a simple explanation: it’s summer. Summer’s really NOT a time for listening to very much metal, I don’t exactly know why, but I feel more comfortable with happy songs by The Bird and the Bee when it’s hot outside. Of course that sometimes I listen to NW or something but definitely not so often as during the other seasons. Also it might be because I have so much free time. I’m online all day long and I listen to something for about 14 hours per day (if I’m not reading, watching something...). If I was listening to the (more or less) same genre all day, I’d surely go mad! I really know what to do with my free time on holiday. xD I can finally WRITE which is my most beloved hobby of all. I got used to listening more to pop like Kelly or The Bird and the Bee and I get much more inspiration from it (though I consider „metal“ and Tuomas‘ lyrics that nobody undersnads VERY INSPIRATIVE). I bet this is fault of „Grey’s Anatomy“. I used to like it very much and I met e.g. The Bird and the Bee on its soundtrack. I stopped watching it due the lack of time during school-year and also it got kinda „stramge and overplayed“ as every series sooner or later gets. Series and sitcoms, oh yes, I love to watch this xD. Absurd and really odd stuff like „The Nanny“ will always make me laugh even when I saw the whole thing for about 4 times. I simply love this kind of fun. To me it’s „pop fun“. As I love to write this „pop fun“ the best, it’s hard not to listen to the music doing it... I also mustn’t forget FROM WHERE I came to listening to metal – from listening the radio! From listening pop and r&b ALL DAY LONG.

    I really think I have done a long journey so far. xD But still Kelly stays in my charts (because she has a wonderful voice and say whatever you want, the new CD totally kicks my summer-mooded ass!) The journey hasn’t ended yet. Still I mostly do listen only to female fronted bands. I like to sing along with them and with male vocals it is not so easy. Maybe I just like the „girlie“ sound, who knows. The true is that I’ve been recetly „slowly starting“ with exploring also male fronted bands. I simply cannot resist Lovex because whatever my waiting-for-soprano ears say, songs like Take A Shot or Ordinary Day do – What with me? Yeah, blow me away xD.

    I’m sure that (if you really made it and read through all this) you are blown away as well (and probably not very positively). Always, when I start writing something short, it ends up like being three-Word-pages long (because my internet suddenly died and I necessarily HAD TO finish writing this). I’m glad you cannot hear me speaking. It’s impossible to stop me xD but still I prefer writing (and writing in English). I hate when people write most of their journals in their language, I can’t read them then :( (But of course, when they don’t wanna write them in English – or possibly can’t, I cannot be angry with them) I can go through some French (with difficulties) and Spanish (which is really surprising since I study it for only one year, but maybe it’s thanks to seven years of French before...). I love to practise – writing and speaking about the things you like is the best way though I understand I can’t be perfect after (only) seven years of studying it (only) at school.

    Anyway, now I really wanna thank you for (maybe) reading (maybe) whole my musical history. I’m really ashamed for the lenght xD and for the mistakes I’ve made (as I suppose).

    * I write metal like "metal", because many people don't consider this metal a METAL and "female fronted metal" - as I heard - is no genre. So how the f... shall I talk about the music I like, then? I don't really know...