The ultimate Album or something


17 mai 2011, 14h51m

Day 1...The Opening Track (something attention grabbing, a song that really made you take notice of it)
Mr Brightside

Day 2...The Memorable Track ( A song you never tire of, no matter how many times you hear it )
It's My Life

Day 3...The First Single (the first 7inch or cd single you ever bought)

Day 4...The Dance Track ( a song that always gets you moving)
Temple of Love

Day 5.. The instrumental ( Favourite track with no vocals)
10 in 01

Day 6...The Poignant track ( A Song with Lyrics that are important to you, maybe reminds you of a place, or someone, or Something)
A Line Allows Progress, A Circle Does Not

Day 7...The Cover Version ( post your favourite cover version, kinda self explanatory really !)
Desolation Row

Day 8...The New Single ( Your favourite Song at the Moment )

Day 9...The old Track ( A song you’ve loved for a very long time, and never seem to tire of)
Let U Go

Day 10..The Dedication..( A song you dedicate to someone...reasons do not have to be posted if you do not wish)
Till Kingdome Come
i do not wish to post the reason or person :P

Day 11..The Soundtrack Song ( A song you love featured in a film)
Lux Aeterna
especially in Requiem For A Dream

Day 12..The Song From Beyond the Grave ( a song by an artist that is no longer with us, can also be a dead member of a band that’s still with us)
Killer Queen

Day 13..The Live Track ( favourite live song, off a live album, a song you love live)

Day 14..The secret Track ( A song you think not many people know but might really like )
sad robot


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