No lameness at concerts please! Signed, Management (aka: me)


17 oct. 2007, 1h58m

Tue 16 Oct – CéU

Ok, I just came from this show, and let me tell you. CéU is definitely one to watch. What talent! I think that her debut was one of the best to come out last year. I'm in the states, so that's when I got it - I know it really came out in 2005. However, I feel like I should write her an apologetic note...for all the lame people at this show. Oh. My. Goodness. They didn't dance at all! First of all, this was my first time at this venue, and I have to say that maybe this show should have been at the Aud instead. Christ, anyplace else would have been better. There was a great view - you can see the stage from everywhere in Pasant Theatre (I was in the third row), but it's really not conducive to dancing. Still, when there's a will, there's a way! Come on, you can still groove. So, it wasn't the fault of the theatre. The crowd was mostly older people, but that's still no excuse for being lame. Older people do dance. I have seen it before. lol.

What's that? Am I lame? Did you dance, you say? Well, thanks for asking (lol). I went by myself, so I was already a little self-conscious. But, I bobbed my head and moved in my seat to practically every song. If I had stood up, the people behind me wouldn't have been able to see, and that would have been rude. Even so, I don't understand this phenomenon. I know there were Brazilians there (not dancing either - it's not a crime, but hey) but despite that, I have come to the conclusion that the crowd was just wrong. I figured that out when the lady next to me chuckled at the sound of the cuíca.

CéU and the band definitely noticed the lack of movement; I saw them looking at each other like, um...what's going on here? Yes, it was perplexing. But, like professionals, they didn't let that detract from their show. I've been ranting so long that I can't remember the first song, but she sang Malemolência early on with her 5-piece band after announcing that this was her first show in the area. A bit later she also mentioned the different influences in her music by giving kudos to Jamaica and mentioning an eternal favorite,.Bob Marley. Obviously because she covered a great song, Concrete Jungle. Now, I love Bob, and as with any artist that you love, you're wary of people doing covers of their music. But, she and her band really put their own stamp on Concrete Jungle. I love it on the album, and I loved hearing it live. I even sang along.

Before she sang that, though, she did a ragga (not on the album) that was pure fire. This is the point where I should have been out of my seat,not caring about the world. Then she dropped a little afrobeat when she did Rainha, at the same time, mixing in a little.Fela Kuti. The percussionist was grooving HARD on this one. I mean that. The entire song bumped too hard for the audience, I think.

Giving another nod to her musical influences, she did a song by Martinho Da Vila. I need to look up the name of it, although I heard capoeira mentioned. Other people that have seen her will probably know what it is. Basically, there was a chill vibe, despite the people that were frozen in their seats, and all the music that CéU loves - Brazilian and non-Brazilian - shined out through her performance. Her voice was like velvet, and she looked like she was having fun because she danced throughout the show. Maybe I should ease up on the crowd, they did love her. She came back out to do an encore, Bobagem. It's one of my faves from the record. The band accompanied her with a little samba music. And then, they were done. She thanked us for coming, and said it would be ok to dance next time!

I take my user name seriously - I think I bring good vibes, and I like artists who do so as well. So, I'm glad I went to this show. I just need to see her in a venue where people are really *feeling* the music next time.


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