• Closer to reality

    11 oct. 2006, 14h43m

    This weekend I noticed that more and more of my original CDs become harder to read for my home music system, so I began ripping most of them and from now on I'll be forced to listen it in the digital form. This means, charts calculated by LasT FM should become more exact to my real musical taste ;)
  • Back to charts ;)

    23 août 2006, 11h57m

    OK, at last I solved my player problems after the last system crash, and now I'm getting back to Last.Fm.
  • Krisiun

    10 mars 2006, 9h04m

    Only now, when Krisiun show at Vilnius is cancelled, I realized what have we lost :/

    Great band. Great mood. Not an ordinary or usual brutal death metal band.
  • Diablerie

    30 jan. 2006, 12h02m

    Hell, I don't like elecronics. Especially in "heavy music". But... first brain-gale came when I first intently listened to The Kovenant. Most incosistent geres - black metal and that-eletronic-beat-thing joined in one consonant flow.

    Now that happened again. Diablerie. Man, that blows you off. Strong appreciation and recommendations.