• 1st entry - thought id try one.

    26 mai 2011, 5h49m

    okay, first things first. i am sick of (oh sorry my journals may be bitchy) my goddamn computer not f**king scrobbling my iPod properly, if at all.
    i need some advice on getting it to scrobble correctly all the time.

    actually that was really my only point in this journal entry.
    i plan on posting journals on musical obcessions and questions.
    i am currently listening to Aretha Franklin, love her.
    gonna listen to some Etta James next.
    can you tell i love vocalists, especially old soul, jazz and r&b.

    yeah im done. tired as hell, sick of staying up late doing school work. get distracted to easily and take forever to do it.
    made all the more annoying that i have everything due next week.