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15 mai 2007, 16h17m

Last night I went to the ever odd Pigalle Club to see the incredible Foy Vance.

First up was the support. Sadly I've forgotten his name, but he was certainly interesting. Introduced as a 'spoken word artist' and coming on to a mix of Johnny Cash and 'An American Werewolf in London'. The first piece was something to do with weed, though i can't be quite sure what. The others dealt with a range of different stuff. The audience didn't seem to know what to make of him at first, but generally seemed to warm to him as he went on. I liked him, though he certainly isn't the most accessible performer!

Onto Foy. I'd seen him in January (review) but thought that this gig would be different because he'd have a much fuller band. And so it proved! Backed this time by an additional Double Bass and drummer (to augment Mrs Vance on vocals and the piano/keyboard player). What was very impressive was that this was their first live gig together, and i was seriously impressed with how tight they were.

The gig was also different in that it was in support of the upcoming new album, so I was expecting some new tracks as well as some off the previous EPs.

The set consisted of almost entirely new material, and all of it sounded very good. Indiscriminate Act Of Kindness was the one of the 'old' originals, but that was more than made up for by the fact we got it twice! The first was the original version. It was a good performance, maybe missing something of the recorded version and the last time i saw him do it, but still great. As Foy said, it's like bottling mist.

The second version was a real treat though. Clearly it was the first time they'd performed it as Foy had to tell the band the key, and there were a few glances as they sorted themselves out, but it was a completely different version: different key, different tempo, different feel. If you want to do a cover, this is the way to do it, even if it is your own song!

The other 'old' song was Gabriel and the Vagabond, and was recognised by some of the diners, presumably on the back of Grey's Anatomy.

We also got the classic Foy covers:
Michael Jackson's Billie Jean
AC/DC's Back in Black
Tom Waits's Come on Up to the House
We also had a treat cover of Jacko's Man in the Middle, which clearly shows Foy to be a big fan!

I took a hatful of pics, so hopefully i'll get them up soon and link them to here.

Yet another magnificent gig for 07!
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