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DarkherGHOST TEARS Hier 20h49m
DarkspaceDark 4.18 Hier 20h17m
Black RainbowsThe Cosmic Picker 30 mars 5h19m
Black RainbowsKiller Killer Fuzz 30 mars 5h15m
Black RainbowsJesusJudge 30 mars 5h10m
Black RainbowsWaiting For The Sun 30 mars 5h09m
Black RainbowsHYPNOTIZE MY SOUL WITH ROCK N ROLL 30 mars 5h04m
Black RainbowsNo Fuel No Fun 30 mars 4h59m
Black RainbowsHawkdope 30 mars 4h50m
Black RainbowsWolf Eyes 30 mars 4h46m
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  • amniocentesis


    20 mars 16h54m Répondre
  • amniocentesis

    Nuttin new here much. Oh. My girl moved in -_- Sendin dat ass to culinary school. She's got the talent but not sure about the passion for it. Maybe that'll come. Uh. Oh. Gotta fest in oslo in a few days. Deep ass line up. 4 or 5 Icelandic bm dudes / Dødheimsgard (excellent new album btw) / Behemoth /and interestingly, Arcturus. Should be a hoot. Not much else babe: work sleep eat poop. Oh shit! Was that a Cuban Link verse? Hahaha let's see ....... "When I was five I arrived in America. Made it alive, survived a hell of a trip kid I'm tellin ya. Sellin the freedom town to put my feet on the ground. See whats around, then lock shit down like Nino Brown. I'm bound by yana and down for drama like Tony Montana. Ya'll clowns don't wanna fuck around pawdna." " This how it feels to be on top of the world. Up in the pearl white drop just cruisin the barrel. Keepin it thrill from the beginning to end. Do it yourself, ain't no friends in this envioust world we livin in."

    20 mars 16h41m Répondre
  • amniocentesis

    SUGAR!!!!! OMFGawdThat'sSoAWESOMEEEEE!!!!!! Fuck me that's great news. Congratulations!!! Haha now you'll never get out of NY xD Seriously, I feel like celebrating. Meebee we'll has a few xtra bevies this evening :D Yeaah maths suck because if not used (and why would anyone normal?) that shit just evaporates. Maybe post to a local uni message board for a cram tutor. No worries though. They'll take you just based on your incredible work history. Can't teach that shit. Fuck I'm so excited for you C. W0ooO0Oo0oOO0TTTTT!!!! XXX000<3<3<3

    20 mars 16h17m Répondre
  • amniocentesis

    Oh. I can use the stimulation so go ahead and send those nudes naoh xD

    14 mars 19h27m Répondre
  • amniocentesis

    CAMMY!!!!!! I miss you love :( So ... uuuh ...project?? Think you can be anymore vague hun??? Haha. I get it. Don't want to jinx anything but ... surely you can spill a bit moar. Do you have to learn lines? Is it videography? Stripping?? What the hell? ;D Me, no, work hasn't calmed down one iota. Frankly I buried in the shit. I need to get up outta here for awhile (stackin dat paper doh). Hit me up bitch!

    14 mars 19h26m Répondre
  • sacredserenity

    Listened to any good new stuff? The Leviathan album is very good. Other good recent albums of note: Taran - S/T (Polish BM), Ruby the Hatchet, Death Karma, Ufomammut, A Forest of Stars. // Also, check PM

    12 mars 18h30m Répondre
  • sacredserenity

    I marathoned House of Cards as well. I thought this season was decent. It was more fun watching Frank manipulating the shit out of everyone and everything in order to become president. Now that he is one, it's not as good. Watched all of Better Call Saul as well. I like it. This week's episode was good with the Matty story arc. This anime sounds interesting but I've never watched any anime ever. It's probably an acquired taste. There is so much that it feels a little daunting to get into. This Lovecraftian one I'll give a shot.

    12 mars 18h27m Répondre
  • sacredserenity

    Congrats on getting accepted into the program!! I don't know how big a deal it is but I hope it's a very big deal and that it's something cool for you to be in. // My Europe trip is THREE weeks. Pretty excited about that :) My visa application has run into a minor snafu - I applied for a tourist visa via the German consulate but they want me to apply via the Dutch consulate because they feel my trip is mainly for the concert, not tourism. There's a decent amount of truth in that but I am spending most of my time in Germany while in Europe. I'll be in 3 countries - Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium.

    12 mars 18h23m Répondre
  • pandymcfy

    Thanks for accepting! I love your charts! I hope to find some new amazing music through you. :D

    4 mars 21h12m Répondre
  • sacredserenity

    Yes, I listened to that album and I really like it. Iceland has been coming up with some really good black metal over the last couple of years - Sinmara, Svartidaudi, and now this one too. How have you been? I'm still quite caught up in work. Also figuring out stuff for my Europe visa. I've now extended my trip from 2 weeks to 3. I was trying to draw up a tentative itinerary and I realised I'd have very little time after Roadburn to properly see stuff. So I spoke to my boss earlier today and asked if I could take an extra week and she granted it. So that's cool. Did you watch anything good recently?

    23 fév. 18h34m Répondre
  • amniocentesis

    Oh! The new Negură Bunget leaked. Some beautiful tracks ...

    5 fév. 7h28m Répondre
  • amniocentesis

    Oh I hate that freezing rain crap. Haha not only "I won't be helping you today" but 'I can't believe you'd even let me!!" Haha. We had some weird stuff when I was home for the holidays. Heavy snow that slushed out on the way down and kinda refroze. Really dense and just together enough to stack up on the trees. All night long it was like SNAP! POP! CRRRRAAAACCKK!! as the big ol' branches couldn't take it. What a mess. Pretty much been a Winter wonderland over here lately. 2-4" of snow every 3 or 4 day with lows in the high 20s and highs in the low 30s. It's fucking gorgeous! Yeah that was the new Bjork. It's on the spot. Kind of a return to straight up triphop. It's nice. What you been listening to dollface? <3 <3 <3

    5 fév. 7h23m Répondre
  • amniocentesis

    On second thought it sounds like crap. Musta been extra high xD

    27 jan. 22h22m Répondre
  • amniocentesis

    How's my favorite snuggle bunny? :D I see you (and 8 milli or so other inhabitants) dodged a big ol' bullet. Thank fuck for that. Can't even imagine 3' of snow on NYC. What a mess that would have been. You got some though. How kVlt is that?? xD Yeah hun ... Ive been into some psychedelic of late. MBTWind, Kikagaku Moyo, and such. I stumbled across this one (Strawberry Window) from 1967 that sounds like it was recorded in a dumpster on a cell phone but ... uh ..there's something about it that blows me away. Let's see if I can find a YT ....

    27 jan. 22h17m Répondre
  • sacredserenity

    Darkher is gorgeous music, isn't it? :)

    27 jan. 19h13m Répondre
  • sacredserenity

    If you do like doom with female vocals, join my group. There are over a hundred connected artists there you might like. I've been super busy with work so even though I've come down to my parents' for a couple of weeks, I barely have any free time. There's a new service being launched at the end of this week and things are going to be pretty chaotic until then. I haven't had a chance to watch or listen to anything at all. Still need to get the Fen album. I'll probably be able to listen to it once I return to Bombay on the 7th

    27 jan. 19h12m Répondre
  • amniocentesis

    v Surely. So the 2cd Fen is designated 'Brown Woodbox Edition' and the 2nd disc has three tracks: Coffin Soil, Trilithon, & Twilight Descends. Time 37min. I'm rocking that wshit as we speak xD Yeah boo, need to keep those co-worker wheels greased. Never know whom I'll be asking for a job at some point 0.0 So darling ... do you eat much fish? Pescatarian is a nice alt to meatless 'cause killer protein. Easy for me to say as shellfish & seafood are my reasons for living. Jus a thought. ||| Imma check that vid in a minute ...

    12 jan. 20h39m Répondre
  • sacredserenity

    Yeah, I know of Second Grave. They are very good. I came across this artist a couple of days ago: Sort of ambient drone folk with ethereal female vocals. Quite interesting. Somewhat similar to Darkher - I don't remember if I've shared Darkher with you before. // I'll get that Fen album since both you and Charlie like it. Has to be worth a listen, surely.

    12 jan. 18h11m Répondre
  • amniocentesis

    That's easy: Come over here for a few and we'll take the long way back to NY. Sounds tiring but we just have to take a lot of naps. Thing is, isn't now the good time to be in NO? Late Winter/early Spring? NYC we talked about yeah? Not sure I could live there long. Too busy over the long haul. Too much excitement :P Bidn't do much for NY. Me and a friend went to a co-workers party for long enough to be polite. You know, painting inside the boundaries and not tipping too many. Home by 11, drinks for real, then we tipped over. NY rez?? Pffft! Oh I guess pledging moderation. That's worked so well in the past .-. What's yours Cammy? ||| The Fen is excellent. Did you get the one with 2 discs? <3<3<3 that 2nd disc. Nah, that vocal was fine. Nice tune! One I've been digging I missed out when it released in '13: Domovoyd - Oh, Sensibility <3 Awesome psychedelic doom but not gimmicky ya know? ||| Miss you :3

    9 jan. 7h04m Répondre
  • Nehebkau

    I mean, i'm more or less a roaming raised brow of messy hair. It was alright, thanks Cammy same to you. Though to be frank, i'm glad that stretch is over :P. Schweeeet there are a few things to check out! How did new Fen escape my radar?! Thanks!

    8 jan. 4h24m Répondre
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