200748 Female-fronted Bands Ownage


4 déc. 2007, 10h08m

What a total domination by chick-fronted bands last week!

Unique Artists: 87
Total Tracks : 600
Total Plays : 1151

Top 10 Artists last week

09. No Doubt
Chick: Gwen Stefani
Top Track: Just a Girl

09. Theatre of Tragedy
Chick: Liv Kristine
Top Track: Image

08. The Cranberries
Chick: Dolores O'Riordan
Top Track: Zombie

07. Flyleaf
Chick: Lacey Mosley
Top Track: All Around Me

06. Paramore
Chick: Hayley Williams
Top Track: Emergency (Crab mix)

05. Within Temptation
Chick: Sharon den Adel
Top Track: Ice Queen

04. Garbage
Chick: Shirley Manson
Top Track: Push It

03. Metric
Chick: Emily Haines
Top Track: Empty

02. Nightwish
Chick: Tarja/Anette Olzon
Top Track: Swanheart

01. Evanescence
Chick: Amy Lee
Top Track: Understanding

Top Album last week
Metric - Live It Out
*** Holy shit, an album from a chick-fronted band lol ***

Top Track last week
Within Temptation - Ice Queen
*** Beautiful, owning just like 2 weeks ago, and hey! it's from a female-fronted band ***

Top Artist Mover last week
Everybody Loves Irene (△ 64)
*** Aww Female-fronted band too ***

Top Album Mover last week
Everybody Loves Irene - The Very first thing you must learn about flying is gravity (△ 100)
*** Man! this band again ***

Top Track Mover last week
Republica - Ready to Go (△ 191)
*** Noooo, a track from another chick-fronted band ***

Losers :

Wicked sick wicked sick wicked sick
No, they're shits shits shits
I think I said I'm open to any music, and even my OMI has just increased (from 121 to 125), but why were those shits owning my charts? awww fuck 'em all


  • Shyntwyss

    Evanescence's old stuff was amazing, in my opinion lots of emotional lyrics. I listened to Understanding 10 times in a row once because I couldn't get enough of it. But since I did a reset I don't really want any Evanescence in the way, they're getting away from what I liked about them over time.

    11 mai 2008, 11h14m
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